Does Curiosity Fuel the Never Ending Cycle of Life?

The more I question the more I find to question, and the more I question the more I discover the infinite limitlessness of life possibilities.


Do I have proof or scientific evidence for all I write? – No I don’t.

How then do I dare write about that which can’t be proven? I dare because none of us, not even the greatest scientist in the world can disprove my inspired thoughts. Inspired thoughts come from the formless world of spirit – the eternal humanly inexplicable miracle sourcing base home in which every one of us eternally lives our eternal soul essence of self.

Transforming from formless soul to human form cannot be explained by any scientist. All that is known is that two opposites; a male and a female, must essentially come together as one as a means of fertilizing the miracle of a new human one. We know the physics of conception, but the actual miraculous process that takes place between the two physical ingredients known by humans to miraculously create and germinate a  seed of new life into being to this very day remains a Divinely ordained mystery.

I dare write about that which can’t be proven because I believe in the limitlessness of life; I dare because I believe The Divine fuelled me with curiosity so that I would inquisitively look beyond all I see before my eyes into the infinite realms of limitless possibility contained within the unseen world from which we all came. I dare because I sense that delving into the unknown is an integral part of my life purpose, and in fact everyone’s life purpose. I dare because I feel it is my Divinely Given Right and I share because I sense it is not only my responsibility but is everyone’s responsibility to encourage curiosity within others because it is only by seeking that we can find and the more each and all of us fine and share the greater understanding of life we all have everywhere! Life is a journey not a fixed destination and finally I dare because trust that the journey of life is meant to be as interesting and informative as it possibly can be!


Curiosity creates an interesting and exciting life – Apathy creates a routine and mundane life.




Perhaps Curiosity Does Fuel the Never Ending Cycle of Life!

Everything within the universe is sourced from the energy of Divine intention. Each and every one of us was Divinely conceived by the energy of Divine intent and born into being by the Divine force of the Divine Source, therefore in essence we are each and all Divine beings temporarily housed within human form.

Because The Divine is heavenly celestial perfection so too, in essence are we – it can be no other way – however, how we utilize our Divinity on earth is a matter of free will. Our earthly manifestations are as Divine or Earthly as we intend then to be. Divine manifestations are fuelled with good, or God intention – I consider God and good as being synonymous. Earthly intent in this context is fuelled with man-mind made intent, often called the ego.

Please note that I personally have a problem with the constant use of the word ego as a one-sided negative word. I believe that everything has a dual aspect, I don’t believe ego is an exception to this rule for if it were I would not have the confidence to write and publically speak as I do. I sense that self confidence etc is born of positive ego whereas control and the need to be right is the result of negative ego – Positive EGO Embrace God’s Omnipresence whereas negative ego Edges God Out. I apologise for digressing from the topic at hand but I could not have peacefully continued had I not mentioned my thoughts on the ego. Now back to the topic at hand…..

Enquiring Minds

No-one was born without a soul desire to be born – a desire to learn and grow – a desire to gain greater understanding about all that is! Yes, as strange as it may seem I believe that in our soul reality of formlessness we have one overriding question despite our state of peacefulness, and that question is, ‘What more do I need to humanly experience in order to more soulfully grow?’. I believe in soul formlessness we fully accept and comprehend our limitless infinite reality and eternally seek to learn more in order to be more of what we essentially are which an integral part of Love Divine. I believe that in soul are fully aware that we can only learn more about Divine Love by experiencing more of life, thus we crave to be reborn and experience that which is necessary to enhance our ever expansive soul growth.

By nature humans we are curious beings, and because as is above so is below, my logical mind deduces that its equally as feasible that a soul is equally as curious as a mind. Something has to fuel the never ending cycle of life, so maybe just maybe it is curiosity. Maybe, just maybe that was the Divine intent of curiosity within the Divine scheme of creation – maybe curiosity didn’t kill the cat – maybe curiosity inspired the cat to live again?




Kerry Guy

People Power

Our world is our home.


Peoples Power fuels our home – one by one and as a collective one.

The purity of the People Power fuel depends upon the purity of people thoughts not God thoughts!

People can pray endlessly if they choose too but ultimately it is personal people thoughts that power life on earth. Good loving thoughts fuel goodness whereas evil or fear fuelled thoughts fuel badness. Prayer does connect people to God, but only the fuel of loving thoughts energizes and maintains a constant God connection.

Love and fear in this regard equal the on/off button of a light switch. Loving thoughts, words and deeds keep  a God goodness connection turned on, while  evil, fear filled thoughts words and deeds immediately turn a God goodness connection off – it’s that simple – no coal or solar powered energy required – just pure, honest, optimum power soul-power instead!

God goodness thought power can create heaven on earth for everyone – it begins one by one until its mass energy affects everyone.  Evil fear filled thought power is equally as effective, except that it has the opposing potential of creating hell on earth for individuals one by one until it also has a negative hellish effect on everyone it touches.

People power is quite democratic – the mass energy input decides the final energy output.

The Creator most certainly did create our universe and all that is housed within it but in doing so, He, She, It or The One simply supplied a vehicle for humanity to fuel, chart and drive.  All life routes are basically mapped, fuelled and chartered by the thoughts of humanity.

Of course there are times when Acts of God give humanity a wake-up call, but sadly they only wake up those who are ready to wake up!

Basically all I am trying to say here, because of so much unrest throughout our world today is that positive change in any country of the world depends entirely on positive change within its people. Remember that indifference leads to nothing different – if we want to see a different world then we have to think in a new way – after all,  the same thoughts always lead to the same results!

Until people change countries don’t.


It’s time to recognise the simple truth that Me and We are purely reflections of each other

Kerry Guy

#Please note that I constantly consider God to be Love, not an entity to fear. The only thing I believe any of us ever have to fear in life is the illusion of fear we each, or all as one think into our living reality.

Adults Present Struggles Can Become Children’s Future Struggles

In  Nature Kids Naturally Live the Peace of Being 


As adults most of us are aware of the life serving worth and inner joy gifted to us by observing regular moments of silence and stillness; yet still today my personal observations show me that the majority of parents, grandparents and child carers alike are overlooking undeniable fact in the upbringing of children.

I still see it being far more common more for parents and other carers by way of reward, and the accompanied suggestion of pleasure predominantly taking children to busy noisy place rather than into the still wonder of nature and the self.

How many adults today because of the mind made conditioned beliefs of joy  and pleasures  outer reality struggle to find their God Gifted Inner Peace, – I believe far too many!


If I had been given 10 cents every  an adult asked me how to still there, mind, or to meditate, or to find joy in  nature, or feel at peace in the midst of our outwardly troubled world I would have a very substantial bank account by now.

Our present struggles become our children’s future struggles – It’s up to us to help ease that burden not created and even larger one.


Peace is a personal pathway.  No-one can create a pathway of personal peace for any other but everyone can help make another aware of the presence of inner presence of peace which resides at the centered core of every living being – especially our children included.

Have you ever noticed a still baby silently gazing at the wonder of life? Have you ever noticed its peaceful cooing sounds that accompany these special moments together with the added light of amazement that shines from its eyes? I believe that the light and sound in these moments is born from what a baby feels within – not from that which it observes outside of itself.


We adults one and all are all children’s role models; some of us more directly that others – I am simply asking in these words, what lifestyle are we as role models exemplifying and teaching our children our children.

Maybe, just maybe the nest time any of us consider a day at the movies devoid of sunlight, or crowned indoor café under fluorescent lighting, or a noisy fun park as being the most beneficial reward our children, maybe we should think again!


Those who meet silence converse with the voice of eternity.
Those who are still feel life purposefully move them.
Those who know nature believe in life’s natural magic.

Kerry Guy


No Ticket – No Flight

All air flights require a ticket. None of us can board a ‘plane with the intention of reaching a desired destination without a ticket. Some tickets are First Class, some Business Class while others are Economy Class (sometimes light-heartedly referred to as cattle class). Irrespective of ‘Class’ everyone on the same flight arrives at the same destination.


Some people, for various reasons live their entire lives without ever having taken a ‘plane flight – some for financial reasons, others because of no desire to travel and then there are those who simply fear flight.

However there is one Life Flight we are all destined to take from the very moment we are conceived – yes even before we are born this flight ticket is securely in our hands. It’s our ticket ‘home’.

 Again these tickets seem to have a ‘Class’ system in place. I feel perhaps the ‘Class’ ticket we are designated depends upon personal Karma -both past and present. I further believe that we may be born into life with one ‘Class’ ticket but have the ability to either up-grade or down-grade our ticket in accordance with the way we each live our life; in the very same way some acquire an illness during life which is considered to be a sudden ‘ticket home’ which they manage to miraculously reschedule.

Some people absolutely refuse to accept this ticket at the time it is offered to them sensing that their flight time is most definitely not ‘now’.  Some people instead decide to journey deep within themselves to discover an alternative life route which charters them a longer on earth life journey – many succeed.

There are also people who ‘fearfully fight’ accepting their ticket even when it is the right time to accept it. These are those who fear what awaits them at their ticketed destination for reasons best know by themselves.  Fear of flight, when the time is right causes more personal ‘life turbulence’ and discomfort than any actual storm ridden life flight even can.

 Of course everyone knows that one day will have to accept a ‘ticket home’ that cannot be rescheduled or fearfully refused.  In life, every day through our thoughts, words and deeds, we each and all purchase coupons for our inevitable ‘home flight’.  Our attitude and actions as we live and breathe, I sense, determine the ‘class’ in which we travel.



Life is an endless journey; however, life on earth is not.



We are born into form from formlessness knowing that to formlessness we will return

But I instinctively trust that no fiery hell awaits our formlessness in which to eternally burn

In formlessness I sense that we are eternally the spirited essence of Divine Love Light

But I also sense that we in form we live our Love Light when guided by our inner sight

Love and Light is what we one and all in both form and formlessness authentically be

Being open to our eternal Love light engages the Divine Being that we are for all the world to see


Kerry Guy

Encourage Kids to Dream

As a child I was never encouraged to dream. No adult ever spoke to me about their dreams or said to me, ‘If you really wish hard and believe in yourself then all of your life dreams can come true.’


Because I wasn’t encouraged to dream; I didn’t. I grew up having no big secret hopes or dreams except for wanting to get married and live a happy family farm life. My auntie and uncle had a farm and I just loved farm life so living like them I envisaged to be the ultimate way for me to live, but never did I dream beyond that – I had no idea of the infinite life possibility that dreams offered!

My dream as I dreamed it was never realised as I had hoped. I was married – more than once, and I have two daughters and I had a farm. But as I look back I have to wonder if my family/farm dream was really a dream or was it something I settled to dream?

Life in its Divinely designed flow has taken me on a life journey I honestly would never have had the courage to dream for myself! Life itself over time has taught me not only to dream, but also to dream BIG!!!!!


Now I dare to fearlessly dream way beyond expectation based on my inner feelings – my gut intuition, and as I dream I trust with my whole heart that my intuited feelings are given to me directly from God, for in all honesty they must come from God because He/She/It is the ultimate omnipresence unseen power force and source of life.

Now that I dream without limit in accordance with my feelings rather than within limited mind parameters of possibility miracles simply become a recognised every day aspects of my life. It’s only ever when I let mind sourced doubt creep into my being that I block miracles from manifesting into my day.

I have no regrets that I wasn’t taught to dream as I child as I’ve had a truly incredible journey of life adventure discovering the power of a dream. I’ve had extreme high and lows and midway between both extremes I’ve realised life perfection purpose.

However, I truly believe that myself and many others like me are the pioneers of the power of dream and that it is our soul responsibility to share this magical miraculous power with kids of today. The more we share the Power of  Positive Dreaming with today’s youth the sooner we can bring Love and Light back into its perfect heavenly balance in life on earth.


God created a Garden of Eden on earth to serve humanity eternally – Human’s minds however have almost choked that heavenly garden with noxious polluted fear based power hungry negative thoughts.

It’s time for a new love based collective dream – its time to dream Heaven or as we better know it the Garden of Eden back into living life reality.

Mind fear in many areas of life has almost managed to create loveless areas desert on earth but love heals, nourishes and rebuilds everything that fear in its ignorance destroys. It’s time to trust the power of love and to encourage kids to live the Power of Love and to Dream Big Positive Life Healing Dreams.

We can heal the world and I believe that it is our adult responsibility to both teach this truth to the children of today and to encourage them to live it fearlessly.



~ The Healing Centre We all Seek In life Resides Within the Self~

Kerry Guy

#All photos of my home town where I initially dared not dream big but now every time I visit this  magnificent place I am reminded of the power of dreaming….. KG

To Step Out of Love is to Step Into Challenge



The Foundation of Love – not merely the idea or hope of love but real love- is an unmovable rock – all else is but shifting sand…..

Every thought, thought, every word spoken and every act acted upon fuelled with the pure intention of unconditional love, flourishes into life lasting Divine purpose and service weathering every life storm that comes their way….

This applies to every aspect of life not just that of home and family….

Life was created in Love by The Creator….

We are Loving creations created in form to go forth and multiply the love that we are in all that we do….

Life challenges begin on the journey of life the very moment shy away from the pathway of love…..



LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE that we one and all in essence are….
LOVE IS THE POWER LIFE FUEL that ignites the love light that we one and all essentially are…..
LOVE GIVES BIRTH TO LOVE – Love can recreate and manifest no other way….
LOVE IS THE IMPENETRABLE FORTRESS that guides and guards our life living way…..
To deny that we are LOVE Essence is a self-denying, debilitating thing….
To deny that we are LOVE Essence immediate struggle to our life does bring….
LOVE is ours to each be and live every day that we in human form be….
LOVE is the one and only master key that sets our spirit life purposely free….

Kerry Guy ©


Quality of life and life appreciation are sourced from the within the mind!



When health is good and spirits are high

To life there is no desire to say goodbye

But when health wavers and spirits are low

Joy is lost for this on living earth show

High spirits can only be self-achieved

Irrespective of what by some is believed

No one person can raise the spirit of any other

Nor can they make them feel equal to every other

Those in high spirits take care of their emotional and physical health

Trusting that balanced mind and body health of is ultimate life wealth

When health is good an spirits are high

Its easy to dream and live with desire

But when spirits are low and health wavers

Joy for live isn’t easily accessed or favoured

Mind thoughts are generally the self-inflicted pointless reason

That some don’t live a healthy high spirited life reality season

Often many human cravings based on a monetary material need

Can effectively kill ones high spirits and health with steady speed

Quality of life and life appreciation are sourced from the within the mind

It’s only through thoughts that the pathway to inner peace any of us can ever hope to find

Those who think that joy for life can be sourced any differently will always by life feel let down

And walk through life more often than now wearing an disheartened wrinkled frown.

Kerry Guy ❤




I’m really sorry to mention this as I try to avoid such topics for I don’t want to fuel them with any further negative energy BUT today I can not remain silent and peacefully get on with my day….

We all know the worth of accepting our fellowman…

We are all created equal by One and ONLY One Creator….

SURELY People can’t deny this!!!!!

So when I see and hear of people being denied in any way by their fellowman because of their religion – which I might add – most are born into -I am deeply saddened especially as so many voice that this is not how they think but when called upon to prove this with action they cannot  back up their words…..

Oh dear, how little some journeyed forward on the path of Enlightenment….




In Love
Kerry Guy



Repeatedly I’m asked what it exactly is that I do.

Often I reply – for want of a better expression, for I’m not sure that there is such a thing– I’m a Spiritual Psychologist!

However, very simply put I’m a person who helps people to help themselves.

None of my Group Workshops, Private Energy Reading or Healing Sessions alone can ever heal anyone.

But what my every workshop or private session do offer everyone is new approaches to life.

No-one ever seeks me out or comes to hear my words if they aren’t seeking a new more rewarding approach to life.

New life approaches require a new thoughts and that’s where I come it.

I help open doorways of new thought within all those I meet.

If your thoughts are stuck your life will also be stuck.

Your mind thoughts may try to convince you that you are open to the new ideas but you energy will reveal to me whether or not this is true.

Energy does not lie no matter how hard we may try to disguise it.

No- I am not a healer – I am merely someone who introduces others to their own healing ability.

No-one can heal the wounded emotions of the self but the self!

Festering emotional wounds causes emotional dis-ease which if left untreated will eventually lead to the manifestation of a correlated physical disease.

Healing emotional pain is a sure way to either healing or avoiding physical pain.


Kerry Guy ©