*Please note I have written the following because I care…

second language

Kids cannot be expected to successfully study in a language that they cannot effectively read or fully comprehend.

It’s no surprise to some of my Egyptian friends that I love helping children with their English.
I must point out here after holding in my frustration for quite some time in the hope of making all Egyptian parents who educate their children in English speaking schools that is it ESSENTIAL for your children to read and comprehend English well if they are to achieve their best in their studies.

Repeatedly parents ask me to help children with their English reading and comprehension when after only one or two reading and conversation sessions I become the homework doer for these children who then don’t do as well as well as they could in their quizzes , tests and exams simply because they can’t read an understand the questions correctly.

A high homework mark is part of an exam result but only a small part and in actual fact is worth nothing if a child didn’t do it alone.
I love helping kids but this attitude of many parents I connect with is definitely not allowing me to do that, and at the same time it is holding their children back from being the best student they can. Kids who can’t read and comprehend English well struggle so much that they give up and get labelled as lazy of inattentive students.
Parents Please Remember…
To study in any language a person irrespective of child or adult, must first study and understand the language or they will never fully understand the lesson!

Yes my Arabic is only noos wa noos as we say here, but it is good enough for me to survive in Egypt but if my career and future depended upon my Arabic it is most definitely not good enough for my survival! Please make sure your children’s English is good enough for their survival and if you speak English yourselves please at some stage of each day speak to your children in English. Also I urge those parent who don’t speak English but expect their children to understand and study in English to get at least a basic understanding of the language as well.

Thank You
Kerry Guy

Every Day I Speak to God & Every Day God Speaks to Me

When I Speak to God, God Listens -When God Speaks to me I Listen!

For as long as I can remember I have spoken to God knowing He was my unseen ultimate friend ever at my side.

God speals to me

God Speaks in Countless Ways

I grew up as an only child spending many hours alone which was the perfect way for me to discover that I was never alone even though to the world around me it appeared as though I was! I spent as much time as possible outdoors in nature as soon as my infant legs would carry me out of the house.  Before I was five years old my parents owned a home that backed onto a river and my mother was an avid gardener so I had a wonderful setting in my most formative years to connect with life. This is when I began talking to God. Of course back then as a highly inquisitive toddler was unaware who I was talking to and simply spoke and played with God as children do simply assuming that He was my imaginary friend because that’s who adults told me I was speaking to any time I mentioned Him.

Adults who would see me happily playing and talking to someone in my small world in the joys of nature far removed from their reality generally asked me who I was talking to, and I would answer that I didn’t know, wondering why it was was so important to know who my friend was, as my friend had never asked me who I was! My friend loved and accepted me without needing to know anything more about me other than the fact that I was there to talk to and to play with. Naturally my behavior brought about either direct  or indirect  comments from adults about the foolishness of my imaginary world and my ‘imaginary friend’. Yet this friend, who has ‘chattily  remained with me throughout my life was at the time, and still is very real to me!

Kids trust life

Children taste and trust life in a differnt way to most adults.

I paid no mind to these ‘imaginary’ opinions of adults as in my heart I knew my friend was a very real friend whom I trusted completely. My trust in my friend grew as I grew, and whenever I questioned – as kids do – the wisdom of my parents of in fact any adult who tired to tell me how life was to be lived I conferred with ‘My Friend’ about these opinions and always tended to trust his opinion above the opinions of adults around me, which over time has presented me with quite a few life challenges. Sometimes however my friend’s opinion would match the opinion of the adults I questioned which instantly simplified my life!

It was many years later before I realized that my ever present friend was God, but when I did that soul awakening knowledge centered me in a depth of peace about life and my life choices that I can find impossible to describe effectively in human words.

Feelings say much more that words ever can!

Every day I speak to God, and God has been instrumental in all my major life decisions which have often been ridiculed by others around me; but what has been frequently been classified as the ‘rebel’ in me always – but always placed more credence in God’s opinion than that of well meaning bystanders – especially when their opinions have not been sought! When God and I chat with me seeking a life choice decision I trust that when I center in peace with my thoughts that this is God’s way of smiling at me and saying ‘Yes -that’s the choice to make!’

Some of my peace guided choices have invariably led to challenge but every life presented challenge I have encountered instigates a new conversation with My Friend and He always explains that I must trust the purpose of the challenge and promises that it will lead me to exactly the right outcome in my life which of course it always does.

God speaks through nature

As I Center in Peace I Trust I that have God's approval regarding My Life Choice.

These days most morning on waking the first thought that pops into my head is, ‘Good morning God welcome to may day!’ I usually follow this thought with either of two questions. Question one is – ‘ God how can I serve you in life today?’  Then I trust that I will be led lead me into a day of service to life. My second question is – ‘God what message do you have for me today?’ Both questions are always answered in my every day.

This morning I asked God what message He had for me and His reply was immediate and strong. When I receive a reply as provocative as I did this morning I know that I have to ask a following question which is, ‘Do I have to share this with others?’ I only ask God this unnecessary question when I am hoping for a ‘No’ answer because they way God speaks is very clear and I am always aware if I’m to share His morning message with others or not even when prefer not to – like this morning!

Generally I convey God’s message in a subliminal poetic way or indirectly in a quote but there are occasions when He asks that I share his His messages more directly. Today is one of those days and I couldn’t peacefully get on with my day until I shared His message.

Today God posed a question to me that I myself often ask, and have in the past asked others who have been desperate to have a child of their own! God’s question was a thought that hadn’t crossed my mind for quite some time as I know its not my right to try to steer anothers thoughts in life in any way as we all have the right to think and live as we choose. Nonetheless this morning I  immediately knew that God wanted me to shed light on this issue. God Himself of course knew the answer but He simply wanted people to question themselves regarding this often over-looked issue.

God asked, ‘Why do so many still  feel the desperate need to create children of their own when there are already so many created loving children in the world in desperate need to love and to be of loved?’ –  God continued that so many valuable life serving aspects of life are today being wasted by so many in search of new and better ways to live. Today, He added is a day to remember Love and to Appreciate that all is Here and Now. Sadly those who choose to continue waste love will one day feel that all love is lost in their lives. Remember that love is never lost – Love is merely forgotten by some, but Love’s presence is eternal and must be believed to be lived and experienced.’

love is

Many abandoned babies are found dead.

After God  finished speaking I could feel Him smiling at me as He was wondering just how I would deal with what he said, and how I would convey his message to others. Well I tried to push His message aside as He knew I would, as there will be those who would prefer not to hear this message and will probably voice objection at my right to deliver it. But My Friend has never in my life let me down and so when He asked me to be His Voice I could not peacefully get on with my day until I shared His provocative message.

God asks so little of me and gives so much. He is an amazing friend.  He has shown me that Love simply IS and that Love is not bound by, or limited to blood, culture, race, creed or even to humans. Love freely given from the heart is always returned in greater immeasurable ways.

Love is Ever-Present
Love is the Essence of Life

Love is the core of each human being, but unfortunately some humans aren’t being Love simply because they have forgotten that love is what they are and that love resides within them as well as all around them.

My Friend and I wish you all a Love Filled Life
Kerry Guy

Good Intentions Meet Suspicion – or Candidates or Spies?

How often do good your intentions meet suspicion?

Never – Ocassionally – Always!

Good Intentions

Q: Why are good intentions greeted this way?

A: I suspect people only see others as they know themselves!

Q: How does it make us feel when we are suspected of housing ulterior motifs?

A: I can only speak for myself but suspect others feel the same.
Initially I feel offended but then I am grateful for the revelation.
Revelations such as this are escape avenues from a potentially
unpleasant challenging situations and possible unpleasant

Good intention quote

This subject is fresh in my mind as my well-meaning friend and I offered out services to a new local kindergarten in Cairo only to be treated with utmost suspicion after sending introductory emails to the kindergarten in question. Normally I would simply dust off behavior such as we received from this establishment – which for obvious reasons will remain nameless, but because kindergartens guide and shape our young children’s minds I felt compelled to speak out about this incident.

I personally have worked as a teacher, teacher supervisor and principal in both kindergartens and primary schools. I love working with kids because as well as continually inspiring me they also keep the kid in me alive. I love adding new flavors to teaching and inspiring kids about life while  building their self-confidence. My friend once worked for me and she is one of the most gifted talented effective loved teachers I know. We both interact  with children from the heart and sent emails from our hearts to this new kindergarten.

However until an employer meets a possible employee I know that he or she cannot possibly assume to know how competent or incompetent a prospective employee is. I did many interviews myself throughout my career and so can vouch for this. Of course no-one could know our value until they met us so I had no problem with normal suspicions about our abilities until were met.Seeds of the future

Both my friend and I were only looking for casual work simply to help the kids as we both realize how important the kindergarten stage of education is. All we wanted to do was help as we both see older kids struggling with their school lessons  due to a weak foundation in English and life understandings. The seeds a good teacher plants in small children grow and remain with them throughout their lives – we all know this from personal experience.

Suspicion grew toward us because we wanted to know the address of the kindergarten before committing ourselves to any work connection with the establishment. The address to this very day remains a secret ???!!!???

My initial introductory email which was sent over a month ago had received no reply and so I simply dismissed the entire issue even though a non-response showed bad business etiquette! However my friend who also had not received a response to her email and is as equally as passionate about helping young children as I am, and a little more stubborn than I decided  to send  a second email on behalf of both of us asking once again for the address of the kindergarten.

This time she received a response offering a phone number contact plus requesting a CV from me before a meeting could be arranged, however unbeknown to the sender he had also included an email that had passed between himself and a fellow administrator which revealed the true nature of both administrators.

Here is that internal email which found its way to us ……

What do you think? Spies or possible candidates?

Kerry did contact us however it never made sense to reply. (I am Kerry)
trust is a must
My friend and I were flabbergasted – SPIES?????? Of course neither of us wish to work at this establishment as we both feel so very strongly that suspicious attitudes such as this are not at all suitable role models for children, and neither are they worthy of building a solid foundation for a credible business.

Children trust and love people so openly. Children don’t become suspicious in life until they are let down and learn to mistrust others exactly as the administrators of this kindergarten do. I’m sure these administrators were once trusting as children who were let down and this is very sad.

One day I pray that this cylic form of suspicion ends and that good intentions are more readily recognized but as my answer states to the first question of this piece; ‘I suspect people only see others as they know themselves!’ This means that to be the moral and ethical role models we hope to be for our children that we adults have got a lot more personal work to do!
I have always believed that the truth always reveals itself and the mistakenly sent email to my friend most certainly showed this to be correct.
Oh, and by the way the sender of the ‘spy suspecting email who felt it made no sense to reply to my email’ did receive a responding email that should awaken him to the cost of his carelessnees and unfounded suspicions.Parents always please take care who you leave you kids with. Caring for kids means a heck of a lot more than just feeding them and making sure they bet the the bathroom as often as necessary. Every Kid Care Person is a role model and as I said the seed planted in young children remain with them a life time.
kindergarten kids

Kerry Guy

TRUST- Why is it so difficult?

TRUST- Why is it so difficult for so many?

When I trust that which I cant see suddenly I will trust all of me.

Trust in God it seems for many is far easier than trust in man – I have to consider why, when we are all God creations?

Any child is immediately accepted as having the traits of his or her parents so why aren’t humans accepted by each other as all housing the traits of God – the One Father of All?

the faith  of a child

Children trust until they are taught not to!

God we cannot see, yet in God most humans say they have complete trust – and that I must trust .

Is this because we humans allow ourselves to see God only as perfection?

If we are created in God’s image then we too must house the same perfection?

And can’t perfection only be fully experienced by first meeting imperfection?

All light houses shadow – this is a constant element of life as shown my night and day.

Everything has an infinite dual flow to perfectly express its fullness.

The cycle of life is perfect but we must note that it goes downward before it goes upward.

the night and day of being

We Trust the Dark and Light aspects of Day to house each day’s Perfection …. Why then cant we Trust that Dark and Light aspects in each of us are also a perfection reflection?

We all repeatedly claw our way out of hellish –downward situations in life before we head on upward toward heavenly joyous situations and this flow or cycle is constant as long as we live.

The fact cannot be denied that we are All Children of The ONE Creator who is the EnerGy of All that is – The EnerGy that is so fast that is cannot take solid form even for a moment!

We are each simply slowed down sparks of that energy, like sparks that fly off of metal as it is being ground into its smoothness.

God doesn’t need to be ground into smoothness or perfection but humans need to distance themselves from God’s perfection in birth – or as sparks of God,  in order to see they are a part of God perfection.

I think perhaps that for humans to fully trust each other they must begin looking to the Unseen aspects of each other for they are the Pure Essence of God.

Maybe, just maybe mistrust has grown to such a great level on earth because of a human minded fear of not conforming to human expectations rather than living Soul Inspired Knowing  of God being.

Just thoughts that floated into my being and sat peacefully with me as I woke this morning.

Maybe they work for you and maybe they don’t but I feel we are all given thoughts of this type at times and that we should share them for thoughts such as these come from the Unseen aspect of the self – or in other words God for us to ponder in our hearts.

I endlessly embrace every life possibility the EnerGy of The Unseen presents to me for it keeps my zest for learning, living and loving life alive.


Kerry Guy

in love I trust

I cannot see love, but I trust love and I can be love.

Life Building Blocks

What are life building blocks?

Life building blocks are beliefs. Everyone has there own beliefs. Not everyone lives their own beliefs!
How can this be?
This has been happening since time began when Eve believed it would be OK to take a bite of the forbidden fruit.Adam however did not believe it would be OK but took a bite anyway! And since that time someone has always been influencing another thoughts trying to align their beliefs with their own as a means to confirm their beliefs are right!

But who is to say what is right or wrong when one thought leads to another.Maybe Adam and Eve were meant to journey out of the Garden of Eden to explore the infinite possibilities of life?

We are all born with natural instincts which remain an integral part of our being throughout our lives.Our natural instincts work perfectly well to Life Buidling Blockssuccessfully guide us throughout our lives but beliefs of every kind are offered to us from the moment of birth which confuse us leading us to doubt the credibility of our natural instincts.

We hear our parents and grandparents beliefs, our educating teachers beliefs, our political leaders beliefs, our religious leaders beliefs and so on and so on. The media exposes us to its interpretation of the  beliefs of every culture arond the Globe. Internet access delivers a doorway which invites us to explore the beliefs countless races, religions, cultures, traditions, personal identities and more.

We can explore varying belief patterns everyday of our lives. But to shape and build our  lives successfully we need to discover what beliefs best suit our individual lives. How do we know what belief best suits our personal life? How do we choose beliefs that create a solid foundation for our lives?

My personal belief is that we need to build a flexible foundation, which means that we always be open minded to either extending or retracting old beliefs while continually being open to accepting new beliefs as life is ever changing. Life is a constant process of change. First we are not here – then we are here, and then we never know how long we will be here or exactly when we will not be here once again! Life has endless variables so how do we begin to choose our beliefs? How do we discern whether or not others beliefs do or don’t best suit us  to structure our lives in this ever changing experience of life? Dare we choose beliefs of our own? Do we have that right not to conform to existing traditional beliefs?

The wondre of an open mind

The more I open my mind to Life's Wonder -The less in life I stumble and blunder!

The greatest gift that was given to us all at birth was free will. The Creator made us all different to be different, not to be the same. People offer us their beliefs based on their life experiences and we should listen with open minds to their beliefs; after all they like us have free will!

Once we have heard their beliefs and have them settled in our minds we should drop them into our hearts, for our hearts filter all they hear and see through the soul and our soul is our direct link to the Creator. If an offered belief then settles us in peace we can assuredly trust that it will fit well into our floating or flexible Life Belief Foundation. This however that does not mean that it nor all of our own present beliefs will remain as a part of our belief foundation forever. Life as I have previously mentioned is a process of change and because of this our beliefs must accordingly change to best serve us in our life experience. Peace – inner personal peace I consider to be the best guide as to knowing what beliefs do and don’t sit well with each of us – even the slightest inkling of discomfort indicates to me to choose again.

What I have come to fully accept, based on my own life experiences is that when I filter any uncertainty of any kind in my life in my heart I will undoubtedly either arrive at personal peace or personal discontent – discontent I trust tells me; Choose Again!

Perhaps it would have been more fitting for me to have titled this piece ‘Desert Grains of Sand’ instead of ‘Life Building Blocks’ for a grains of sand which are God made, naturally shifts and flow with the changes of life, whereas blocks which are man-made have a sense of permanence and solidarity about them – they are not easily moved – they do not reshape as required to support new growth into better life serving ways -they do release old weary non-serving belief patterns -they are like a dog that won’t let go of a bone! One such belief is the one that war or violence will bring peace! This can never be and it is time that building brick was smashed into smithereens.

In closing I must add on the subject of the belief of the worth of violence and war that if a person holds this belief in publicly warring times that they hold it in every avenue of their life not just in times of political protest etc. It is simply that at these times they feel absolutely no shame at having a belief in violence and in fact feel quite proud that they do; some people in these times are briefly seen as heroes. But this is just a fleeting glimpse of heroism for he or she will soon be forgotten. The people who are real heroes in life are not the ‘Hitlers’ or ‘Gaddafis’ or ‘Bin Laddins’ of this world, The real heroes are the ‘Martin Luther King Jrs’ , the ‘Malcolm Xs’ the ‘Mother Thersas’ the ‘Anne Franks’s’ and the ‘Gandhi’s’ of this world! These heroes had beliefs that bloomed into Humanity Serving Attitudes and serving life and each other is what life is all about – This is what I truly believe! This is one of my most unshakeable buidling block of life! Yes we need some solid buidling blocks to shape our life foundation but we also need grains of sand.

Life is ever changing but life always is, which means that life is constant so therefore we need some solid immovable foundational building bricks together with some movable grain of sand foundational beliefs as a means to bring our life experience into perfect balance! We also need to respect all others and their right to their beliefs when they too are centered in peace with their beliefs and live their lives harmoniously and peacefully with everyone.

beliefs shape attitude

Life Beliefs Bloom into Life Attitudes

Life is presently in a huge, clearly obvious process of change. The beliefs or attitudes we each and all live with as this unstoppable increased level of change proceeds will determine how smooth or bumpy this ride of change will be for us each individually and collectively. My belief is that PEACE based attitudes which are fuelled by LOVE – which is the highest power on earth – are the most serving ones to hold at this time. Its a proven fact that Anger weakens us while Love strengthens us.

attitude cahnges everything

Our Attitude Shapes Our Life




The Egyptian Revolution Effect as I See It
by Kerry Guy

Change Must Come

January 25th 2011 – A day none of us who at the time were living in Egypt will ever forget!

Is Egypt the same as she was before that memorable date? Of course not – but then again no woman once pregnant is as she was before pregnancy and nor is she ever again irrespective of whether she has a miscarriage, an abortion or a healthy delivery. Pregnancy changes lives forever!

Pregnancy doesn’t only have an effect on the pregnant female – pregnancy has an effect on every member of a pregnant woman’s family, her friends and her work environment. In fact, the biological physical and emotional changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy have an overall effect on all life around her!

Egyptians Stand One

Egyptians Stand One

I see Egypt as presently being pregnant. I consider The Revolution as the conception point of this pregnancy. In mass lusty euphoria and heated passion Egyptians impregnated Egypt with a massive spark of hope housing the potential to give birth to the fairer more honest Egypt her people so heroically sought.

All pregnancies represent hope for new life. Egypt’s conceived HOPE for new life was confirmed on February 11th – the day Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Egypt was electric with excitement that day. If one can imagine the feeling of joy and excitement of prospective parents when they receive confirmation of a long awaited pregnancy being multiplied by millions maybe, just maybe a hint of the euphoria that swept through Egypt at that time can be imagined. Yet I honestly I doubt that imagining the powerful electrical energy buzz that filtered through Egypt that evening is possible unless you were here!  That night was amazing. That night I am sure I lived the highest natural fleeting high I will ever experience in my lifetime.

Egypt's Hope

Seeds for Hopes Standing up for Hope

So Egypt is now living the pregnancy she long dreamed of but pregnancy is a delicate state. Not all pregnancies are successful and all pregnancies have good days, bad days and even life threatening days. However in patient committed loving care most pregnancies run full term and end in a healthy delivery.  Family support and understanding are vital for the soon to be mother during the happy yet precarious time of pregnancy.

Egypt now in her pregnancy requires this type of patient committed supportive loving care from all her family members. Egypt is Egyptian’s Mother Land and in this land where the priority on families, but especially mothers is so high I feel this point is an important point to stress.

Support Egypt

We Patiently Commit our Support to Egypt's New Birth

I trust a New Egypt will be born but naturally the length of Egypt’s pregnancy is undeterminable because of numerous unpredictable human factors. Egypt’s pregnancy depending on how it is supported and cared for by its family members has the possibility of being either short term or long term.

The celebratory birth of the New Egypt is undeniably in the hands of her people. Egyptians have to stand together as one patiently supporting Egypt’s pregnancy just as they proudly and patiently stood together as one to bring about the monumental transformational moment of her conception during the final days of January 2011.

Let’s hope Egypt’s family both birthed and adopted follow doctors advice as how to best patiently support their Mother Land in her time of  pregnancy in the very same way they would support and care for pregnant wife sister or mother  in their direct family.

Egypt's Freedom

We Will Live Our Dream

In closing I would simply like to add a tribute to those who bravely lost their lives during the revolution. Young men and women courageously died to bring about this conception. Let them not have died in vain. It is the duty we who are left behind to honour them by supporting Egypt’s pregnancy in the best way possible to successfully bring it to full term.

Egypt Mourns

We Honor You. Rest in Peace.

Most pregnancies begin with a state of morning sickness. Egypt’s pregnancy heartbreakingly began in a state of mourning for these incredible heroes – may not one of their names ever be forgotten and may they always rest in peace.

Revelution Hope

Egypt Awaits New Birth


Does EnerGy = GOD ESSENCE?

Let’s look at God and EnerGy…
Oh that’s right we can see neither!!!!
So are the two ONE???


Does EnerGy = GOD ESSENCE?

I consider that understanding EnerGy is synonymous with understanding God!
For some time I have preferred to write ‘EnerGy’ this way…
I pondered why for some time then te light went on!!!!
An Epiphany Hit!!!
The Message was Clear….

EnerGy is…’God Essence’


Intuition always leads me to a greater understanding of Life
Intuition always guides me how to best live my greater understanding of life
Intuition always speaks to us all in supportive guiding ways –
We simply have to listen to the voice of intuitive EnerGy or perhaps better put – to the voice of God Essence!

~Religious Faith -God is the Trusted Unseen Creator from which we are all born.
~Scientific Belief- EnerGY is the Accepted Unseen Frequnecy from which all Life creations take form.

Kerry Guy©

Two Rainbows Not Always Visually Present - One Light Source Unseen But Ever Present!.





A good friend once mentioned to me that watching a movies   was a form of meditation.
OK,  I thought maybe this is possible but doesn’t a movie add to thoughts rather than diminish them?

 Last night I answered my own question! Last night, not a movie, but a downloaded full season television series took me into one of the deepest meditations I have every experienced!   

Last night suddenly turned into the early hours of this morning without me even realizing how far out of perceived 3D reality I’d been taken!The tiredness I was experiencing – which was clearly telling me that I should sleep – when I began watching the series dissipated instead of increasing after 5 hours viewing! And this morning after only a few hour sleep I am energized and inspired in a new heightened way!

I had by focusing my complete attention on a series lifted my consciousness way out of my time framed reality. I lost time – I lost all concerns – I lost all thought – I wasn’t even thinking about the series – I was in NOW – I was Present in NOW 100% and in NOW 100% I was nowhere and everywhere at the same time – I was in both timed and timelessness – I was fully present yet not present – IT WAS GREAT!!!

I had fully allowed the series to offer me a point of focus that took into the fullness of reward of wholeheartedly allowing!

It truly is amazing where life will take us and how life will get us there when we hold steadfast to a point of focus and simply surrender to the EnerGy Flow of Life or n other words God!

When we Focus Surrender & Allow we will most assuredly always be led to  our Divine Pot of Gold in Life

I also now agree with my friend’s statement –


Kerry Guy