Pollution is Life Threatening Poison

Pollution is Poison – Pollution does Kill! 


Pollution may not kill in the same manner as a weapon, but it slowly and surely kills the quality of life and threatens all future life on earth…

The pollution around us that we breathe and see only came into being because of an equal mind view of life many humans have been seeing…

Polluted thoughts lead to polluted words which give birth to polluted deeds…

Such is the flow of Thought Word and Deed…

Pure Thoughts Create a Pure Environment – It can be no other way…

Kerry Guy

Encourage Kids to Dream

As a child I was never encouraged to dream. No adult ever spoke to me about their dreams or said to me, ‘If you really wish hard and believe in yourself then all of your life dreams can come true.’


Because I wasn’t encouraged to dream; I didn’t. I grew up having no big secret hopes or dreams except for wanting to get married and live a happy family farm life. My auntie and uncle had a farm and I just loved farm life so living like them I envisaged to be the ultimate way for me to live, but never did I dream beyond that – I had no idea of the infinite life possibility that dreams offered!

My dream as I dreamed it was never realised as I had hoped. I was married – more than once, and I have two daughters and I had a farm. But as I look back I have to wonder if my family/farm dream was really a dream or was it something I settled to dream?

Life in its Divinely designed flow has taken me on a life journey I honestly would never have had the courage to dream for myself! Life itself over time has taught me not only to dream, but also to dream BIG!!!!!


Now I dare to fearlessly dream way beyond expectation based on my inner feelings – my gut intuition, and as I dream I trust with my whole heart that my intuited feelings are given to me directly from God, for in all honesty they must come from God because He/She/It is the ultimate omnipresence unseen power force and source of life.

Now that I dream without limit in accordance with my feelings rather than within limited mind parameters of possibility miracles simply become a recognised every day aspects of my life. It’s only ever when I let mind sourced doubt creep into my being that I block miracles from manifesting into my day.

I have no regrets that I wasn’t taught to dream as I child as I’ve had a truly incredible journey of life adventure discovering the power of a dream. I’ve had extreme high and lows and midway between both extremes I’ve realised life perfection purpose.

However, I truly believe that myself and many others like me are the pioneers of the power of dream and that it is our soul responsibility to share this magical miraculous power with kids of today. The more we share the Power of  Positive Dreaming with today’s youth the sooner we can bring Love and Light back into its perfect heavenly balance in life on earth.


God created a Garden of Eden on earth to serve humanity eternally – Human’s minds however have almost choked that heavenly garden with noxious polluted fear based power hungry negative thoughts.

It’s time for a new love based collective dream – its time to dream Heaven or as we better know it the Garden of Eden back into living life reality.

Mind fear in many areas of life has almost managed to create loveless areas desert on earth but love heals, nourishes and rebuilds everything that fear in its ignorance destroys. It’s time to trust the power of love and to encourage kids to live the Power of Love and to Dream Big Positive Life Healing Dreams.

We can heal the world and I believe that it is our adult responsibility to both teach this truth to the children of today and to encourage them to live it fearlessly.



~ The Healing Centre We all Seek In life Resides Within the Self~

Kerry Guy

#All photos of my home town where I initially dared not dream big but now every time I visit this  magnificent place I am reminded of the power of dreaming….. KG

Waste Not – Want Not





Here’s something revealing about me that I’m going to tell

And that is that I really don’t handle greed and waste well

My words by some may be considered to be in bad taste

But on this day I won’t be silenced about greed and waste

I see it far too often from people of all levels and walks of life

Who then later complain that life just isn’t treating them right

The rich who waste later say that they need more money be able to comfortably live

While the poor who waste claim they are victimized; that life to them doesn’t enough give

But both who complain must continually take more than they in the moment need

For if they didn’t’ waste and want in their lives would be eradicated with great speed

Now when it comes to greed and waste I’m not just talking about money, food and water

There are many more aspects of life that greed and waste do energetically destroy and slaughter

We human’s waste love in countless ways all the time

And honestly, this is really human’s ultimate crime

To waste love offered, or to greedily take it without in genuinely giving it in return

Immediately creates a hellish way to be living – it’s one that we each do openly spurn

Yes love by many has been repeatedly taken for granted, misinterpreted or misused

These are loveless actions which effectively leave a soul tortured and abused

The Creator created life and all humans in the Divine Essence of Unconditional Love

And The Creator continually rains on all life infinite abundance from heaven above

How I wonder have so many of us humans over time lost sight of this fact?

How I wonder have so many of us fallen victims to fears mind born attack?

Why I wonder can’t we see, what waste and greed are doing to life both individually and globally?

Why I wonder don’t we take time look into life more deeply so that we can see the effects of this negativity?

I could go on asking how and why fear greed and waste questions indefinitely

But I prefer to close this negative topic and flow back into love and positivity

Today I just had to express my feelings rather than repressively hold them in

Because often held in feelings are where life depression and frustration does begin

I trust that if we each share our inner feeling with each other in love from the heart

That world healing heightened life awareness will occur of we which we can all be a life serving effective part…




To GREEDILY take more food than we need at any time generally leads to either waste, feeling bloated, ill or overweight and then we WANT to either feel well or to lose weight.
To GREEDILY take love offered from another without equally returning it generally leads WANTING love as a person can only give so much love to another without having it returned from another.
To WASTE water, clean air, fertile land by either over use or pollution leaves humanity wanting in countless ways.



Our world is abundant – this is an undeniable fact – there is more than enough of everything on Planet Earth to meet everyone’s needs but there is not enough to meet everyone’s greed. No-one in our world is hungry or homeless because of lack of food water or shelter; people are only hungry or homeless in our world because of a lack of love, which I find completely ironic considering the fact that love is what we are.
Once we come to believe we are love and live the love that we are greed and waste will be a thing of the past and we will be living a state of heaven on earth.

I could go on and about the positive effects of love as opposed to the negative effects of greed and waste but feel its best that I end now with a famous Native American Indian Cree Prophecy which has always sprung to my mind every time I see examples of greed and waste before me.

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.


Kerry Guy




Thoughtless or Thoughtful -These are two foundational thought options continually available to everyone in regard to serving life.

Being Thoughtless lessens the value of life not only for the self but also indirectly for everyone else and everything else.

Being Thoughtful on the other hand increases the value of life not only for the self, everyone and everything else.

Every thought we think causes either a positive or negative effect directly on our personal lives, and indirectly on the lives of every other and on life in general.

Thoughts either help to build a stairway to heaven on earth or dig a tunnel to hell on earth.

It’s that simple – as simple as black and white, day and night or wrong and right!

Our thoughts consistently either fertilize life or pollute life – which virtually means that we are either positive energy life givers or negative energy life takers – we are always either adding life to life or taking life from life.

Thoughts have the power to either Negatively Kill-off Present Life or Positively Sustain Present Life in the process of Creating Positive New Life.

Our thoughts are always creating either life or death situations.

This is what I think……


Negative life killers or positive life creators is what we each and all thought by thought be
Our every thought has a high or low value frequency that to life we energetically set free
Because of this we are all either Thoughtless Life Saboteurs or Thoughtful Life Saviours
Our mind powered thoughts produce immediate positive or negative effective life flavours
What we each think day by day and moment by moment as we live and be
Either increases or lessens  life on earth’s overall living standard and quality
Thought effect in life is something we all should take time to regularly consider and address
Because thought quality decides whether or not  life is lived to the full or is a mere existence of  less….


Kerry Guy ©

Ordinary People House the Power to do Extraordinary Things!

EveryBody is SomeBody- NoBody is a NoBody and when
NoBodies Collectively come together in joint purpose as the ‘Sum of One Body’
they form an unstoppable collective SumBody-OneBody Force that can in an instant change the course of the world.

It’s the collective NoBodies of the world who house the Amazing Human Power to begin the World Healing so desperately needed to restore our planet to its original healthy life serving state.

It’s the collective NoBodies who house the Collective Human Power to Lovingly and Acceptingly Break Down every present Separating Human Border on Planet Earth.

It’s the Nobodies of the World who choose to see EveryBody as an Equal SomeBody that house the Power to band Humanity together as ONE Family Body on our One Global Home to get Life on Earth back into Divine Order.

Yes, some present ‘Somebodies’ do care for Mother Earth and Humanity as a Collective One – but obviously as yet not enough – for if they did more awareness would be brought to those who are now ignorant about how we as ONE are collectively killing Life on Earth.

Mother Earth Will always survive; Humanity as a living species on Mother Earth however will not if it continues to pollute and disrespect the four natural elements gifted to us to nourish and sustain human survival on earth.

Nor will humanity survive if it keeps showering aggression in the form of indifference and war on others simply because they live different beliefs or social statuses.

God created many species of insects, flowers, trees, birds, animals, and sea creatures all of which cohabitate and serve each other as one collective flora and fauna kingdom. It is only humanity in its mind created disconnection from nature who has disrupted the balance of nature and life on earth.
It is only humanity who can right this wrong and bring balance back to life on earth.

If the majority of recognised ‘Somebodies’ are not presently inspiring the mass of the so called ‘NoBodies’ as how best to do this then the ‘No-Bodies’ must band together as a collective ‘Sum of OneBody’ and lead the way back to a Healthy Unified Global Home which has the ability to sustain not only our lives but the lives of all future generations to come.

The Future of Humanity is In Humanity’s Hands -There are no other hands it can be in.


Human Life is in Human Hands

One by One Humanity Must Come Together as One if the saving of our planet is to be effectively done.

Only Ordinary People House the Power to do Extraordinary Things!

If the present recognised ‘SomeBodies’ on Earth aren’t Inspiring the unrecognised ‘NoBodies’ on Earth to Band together Peacefully and Acceptingly as One and to Care for Each Other and our Precious Planet then we the Nobodies have to take matters into our own hands.

With joint effort and faith we can and we will Heal our Planet, and with joint effort and faith we can and we will restore Peace Love and Unity throughout mankind!

There isn’t AnyBody on earth who is NoBody – EveryBody on Earth is SomeBody – and EveryBody on Earth was Divinely placed here as an Individual Body with a Specific Life Purpose that Serves EveryBody as a part of the Authentic Collective Human OneBody of Humanity!

This is what I truly believe.

Kerry Guy ©

Pollution Be Gone So We Can Carry On……

Kids are born trusting that parents and adults will keep them safe but sadly, environmentally the majority of us are not presently doing that.


Welcome to a Present Day Typical Sunny Cairo Morning

I live in Cairo Egypt so I am centering my illustrative photos focus on Cairo’s present pollution problems but I know that Cairo not alone with this man-made murderous problem so my thoughts and words apply to everyone even if at present your pollution problem is slight, for the effects of polluted air earth and water are essential life serving elements that man-made borders cannot separate.

An Up Close Clear Pyramids View – Some days because of smog distant Pyramid views are impossible

Come On Cairo People We Need Each Take Action in as Many ways as Possible Way to-


 We need to SHOW GOVERNMENTS AND BUSINESSES that we MEAN BUSINESS – and to do that we need to TAKE ACTION proving that we DO MEAN BUSINESS!


Some Cairo Citizens are Making Positive Tidy-up Moves

When we SHOW GOVERNMENTS AND BUSINESSES that WE MEAN BUSINESS by TAKING ACTION, then they WILL make it their business to SUPPORT OUR ACTION because without our support they have no purpose!

The purpose of both GOVERNMENTS and BUSINESSES is to SUPPORT PEOPLE – Without People Support they fall and crumble.

The effort needed for positive transformation is so worth it!

Business supply our needs – We need to show businesses what we need and to do that we have to stop supporting that which we don’t need – and we don’t need any factories or products which are not Environmentally Friendly.

When the people stop supporting that which is wrecking our environment, businesses and governments will have to find new ways to support the people!

How dare any of us use any of our rivers given to us by God to support and nourish our lives as dumping grounds!
Where has respect for life and The Creator gone?


No Environment – No Business for anyone – No-one to Govern!

And so it is!

For our every problem that surrounds us there is a solution – We simply have to find it instead of dismissing it as the responsibility of another – We can’t wait for others to find it for us! That which is in our direct environment is our direct responsibility!
*ONE by ONE We Can make Life Better for Everyone*


The time is NOW for each of us individually and communally the show Businesses and Governments that LIFE COUNTS – MONEY DOESN’T.

Sure we can count money but money alone does not saves lives.
For money to be of benefit in our lives must be used in collective healthy ways – not in individual greedy ways.

The Creator – however we choose to see Him/Her, and by whatever name we choose to call Him/Her – God – Allah – Jehovah did NOT create life without enough to supply our every need in a healthy unpolluted atmosphere!

Yes, we may have to do a little more physical work than we presently do but we will have a lot more energy and enthusiasm for to do that work than we presently have, and we live a lot longer and healthier, and we will build a healthy safe environment for our future and future generations.

Why do Cairo citizens have to escape the the Red Sea or Desert for clean air?

Come on schools please help by creating Environmentally Friendly projects for students.

Help them help the world – SHOW THEM – TEACH THEM – forget about money for a while focus on life, for without life there is no need of schools either!

PARENTS, SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES, GOVERNMENTS, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT Kids are the HOPE of the FUTURE – Let’s SUPPORT and Finance this HOPE by showing them how to productively live Hope so the HUMAN LIFE on earth WILL CONTINUE.

Smog of this magnitude does not create healthy living!


Let me repeat that kids are born trusting that parents and adults will keeps them safe but sadly, environmentally the majority of us are not presently doing that.


Cairo People this Graph Says it All. Enlarge it to see Cairo’s appalling pollution level!



#I could not end this blog without mentioning the detrimental affects pollution has on Health and Well-Being#

Air pollution does affects our well-being.

Pollution puts our health and fitness at stake.

Pollutants affect people in various ways and levels.

Scientists nowadays have discovered a definite relationship between respiratory diseases and air pollution.


 Exposure to ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO smoke causes many brutal respiratory well-being troubles such as asthma and lung disease cause from  pesticides.

Prolonging exposure to certain air pollutants can even touch creature INFERTILITY according to topical remedial researches on air pollution.

Minor Respiratory Pollution Related Diseases are-THE COMMON COLD, accompanied with symptoms such as SORE THROATS -CONGESTION – RUNNY NOSE – COUGH – IRRITATION OF EYES.

Pollution Related Respiratory Infections – BRONCHITIS – PNEUMONIA, caused by viruses or bacteria. COUGH characterized them, FEVER – CHILLS – DIFFICULTY BREATHING.

Sensitivity to pollutant can Cause Coronary (Heart) Disease.

There are many sites on the internet to research in regard to the affects of pollution on health fitness and well being.

Presently living in the wonderful city of Cairo is not healthy but we have the power because we are the power that has the ability to reverse this unhealthy situation.

Clean Air Earth and Water Equals Healthy Living

Step by Step – Power Play by Power Play – We Can Bring Cairo Back into the Clear Full Sun Light of Day!

“I respects and applaud everyone who is presently doing their best to end Cairo’s horrendous pollution problem.”

Kerry Guy ©

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