A Message to Egyptians

Thoughts I passed to one I now share with all……..

We Love Our Mother Land Egypt

Be proud that you are Egyptian, and be proud of what Egypt was, and be proud of what it can become but don’t run from your Mother Land when she needs all of her children the most.

Egypt is the Mother of All Egyptians and she has been my Foster Mother for over 11 years -I will not desert her in this time of change, for she has been good to me and now she needs the help all who live here.

These days I regularly hear Egyptians wishing that they could leave Egypt and move to either the UK or the US.  My British/Egyptian friend who shares her time equally between Egypt and the UK could tell those wishing to move abroad how tough life is there. And one just has to follow the world news to see that the US is not trouble free.  I myself am Australian and life in Australia is not as easy as people here so often think.

Life greets us as we greet life. Warm friendly greetings are the best

The whole world is struggling at present and we are all exactly where we are meant to be right now to help repair the whole world – God does not make mistakes where he places people.

Let me assure you that the grass is not greener on the other side of the hill as people often prefer to assume.

Life – no matter where we are, is exactly as we choose to see it. We each create and live our personal worlds according to our personal view of life. Our personal view of the world around is simply a larger view of our personal world.

Perfection can never be until we choose to see aspects of perfection housed in that which already is!

I know it sounds like I’m giving Egyptians and also expatriates who chose to live in Egypt a lecture but I’m not trying to do that I promise – I’m simply trying to open minds to looking at present day life in a new way – a new hopeful way.

When we are hopeful we help to fill the world with hope, and hope always leads us on!

~In life it matters not where I be – It matters how I be wherever I be~

God does not make mistakes where he places people.

Keep faith in the fact that Egypt is a sacred, spiritual, miraculous land. Yes some people who have acted in fear have let Egypt down but that doesn’t mean that Egypt can’t be picked up to be rebuilt bigger, better and stronger than the Pyramids by the fearless – by those who truly appreciate respect honour and love Egypt.


More reasons why I ♥ Egypt


The Spirit of Egypt

Life is as we see it

Aspects of life perfection are always perfectly in place


Kerry Guy ©


All for one and one for all

The Spirit of Egypt 2012


Self Pride Reflects National Pride

In recent bygone years by I repeatedly encouraged people to come to Egypt because of the amazing spirit of Egypt. I would continually explain that as fantastic and awe inspiring as the Pharonic History mapping Pyramids, Temples and Tombs of Egypt are that to me the real wonders of Egypt lay within the spirit of her people! Sadly I no longer encourage people to visit Egypt this way, but I pray that the time returns when I can!

Yes, before the revolution many people were pessimistic and oppressed but rarely were they depressed to the level that the majority appear to be

Inner Light Can Never be Disguised

today. Before the Revolution Egyptians generally made the most of what they had and the best of their day. Egyptian’s hospitable warmth and sense of humour added incredible light to my days here!

Now to a large degree the warmth once consistently experienced on the streets coupled with their lovable cheeky sense of humour has faded. It’s become clearly apparent that as Egyptians wait for the re-birth of their nation that many have become deeply withdrawn and fallen into the heavy negativity of depression.

Change is never easy – everyone should know this! I’m sure we’ve all experienced the initial discomfort that accompanies breaking in a new pair of shoes after we’ve had to discard an old comfortable pair! The principle of changing the state and running of a country is no different than changing a pair of shoes except in size and magnitude – the principle is exactly the same:-

  • A decision is made – These shoes have to go – The Mubarak regime had to go.
  • A new decision is now needed – Which shoes do I choose – Who do we elect?
  • A choice is necessary – A patient search for new shoes – Taking an active part in looking into the policies and characters of all election candidates.
  • A decision is made – We have new shoes trusting our decision knowing that if our new shoes don’t fulfil our expectations that we can at a later date buy another pair but also realizing that we must give the new pair a chance; so we patiently break them in – We have a new government which if it does not after it’s term of office bring a new level of comfort to the country can be replaced.
  • A responsibility to take – How we walk in new shoes as we get used to them is a personal responsibility  –  How we who live in Egypt settle into the lifestyle accompanying the re-birthing of Egypt is a personal responsibility.

Joyful Spirits Effectively Bring Joy to Life

Yes I’m sure many will feel my ‘new shoes’ comparison is either too simplistic or absolutely ridiculous to be given and credibility– but that’s ok as we are all entitled to our opinions.
I simply used this example to help stress the responsibility we each and all possess in regard to how we approach the discomfort that invariably accompanies change in our lives. Change is never easy – change always houses a level of discomfort. In life change is ever present because change is an inherent part of life. To fight change is to fight life! It’s always best to accept change and go with its flow, for change in motion unrestricted or unopposed will like a river always follow  it’s God Given Course to arrive at its rightful destination.

Every day that we live and breathe by the Grace of God, we each have the choice to live either sad, miserable lives or happy optimistic lives irrespective of whether are choices are in relationship to a new pair of shoes or the re-birthing of a nation.

New Egypt is Ready to Rise

The Law of Attraction is Exact – Like Attracts Like; therefore – Pessimism Breeds Pessimism – Optimism Breeds Optimism!

Negative thinking can never achieve positive results.

Individual thoughts naturally flow into the collective pool of human thoughts – thoughts become words and words then become deeds based on the over-riding thoughts of the collective mass.


We who live in Egypt today are each and all by our every thought in part responsible for the lack of joy, hope, and spiritedness in Egypt today. The thoughts of a nation do in effect shape the nation.

The Thoughts We Each Think Feed the River of Life From Which We All Drink

We are all responsible for our thoughts, and the good news is that just like in fairytale stories the energy of Good will always overcome the energy of Evil. Good energy is born from Good Love based Thoughts which are God Powered Thoughts. Evil energy, on the other hand is born from Bad Fear base thoughts which are NOT God Powered Thoughts – Fear is the tool of the devil…….

Photography and thoughts – Kerry Guy ©

NB – I have chosen Egypt to be my home for more than eleven years. She has become my adopted Mother Land and I am very proud to call her as such, and I am truly grateful for all she has gifted me during this time and continues to gift me through her pure, powerful, sacred, eternal soul.



Everyone Knows

Everyone knows and accepts that the heat of summer will always flows into the cool and cold of winter.

Nature Knows Exactly How to Flow

In this knowing and acceptance we unresistingly allow these temperature extremes to flow in and out of manifestation – we do know the futility or trying to do otherwise.

The human species of which we are all apart is a part of nature and flows and grows in exactly the same way as every other aspect and season of nature.

The only difference between humans and other species of nature is the human ego.

It is ego that encourages us to either acceptingly go with the flow of life, or to resistingly fight the natural flow of life.

Positive ego understands the natural flow of life and accepts that every aspect of nature is energetically connected as one within this natural flow; therefore it is only by the lead of positive ego that our lives can be powerfully lived on life purpose and peaceful.

There is not one facet of nature that does not have a specific Divine Purpose in the infinite natural flow of life.

Life naturally leads us to where we are mean to be.

Negative ego does not trust life’s natural flow. Negative ego thinks that instead of unrestistingly flowing around a problematic life mountain that it must instead forcibly blast its way through it, which inevitably redirects the flow of nature from its Divine Path of Purpose. Nature will then by its very nature fight back, because nature knows that for it to purposely flow it must follow the natural lead of life!

A great life lesson lies in the fact that humans unresistingly accept the infinite unstoppable flow of the seasons even if they don’t like the extremes they present.

What lesson is that you may well ask? That lesson is that no life season lasts forever. Every life season is a passing phase through which we are afforded the opportunity to grow in increased awareness and understanding of how best to cope with both the pleasure and pain of each season. No life season is all pleasure and no life season is all pain, but in any season it is how we live it as to the degree of pleasure or pain we gain from the experience.

The Flow of Being Cannot Be Stopped

Our thoughts create our reality every second that we are in human form. Thoughts, like seasons have a natural flow that we can either allow to flow trustingly, or that we can resistingly attempt to dam.

Just as summer unfailingly flows into winter sadness flows into happiness, injury flows into healing, pain flows into pleasure, loss flow into gain, death flows into life and so on, and so on.

Our personal life is but a moment within the infinite flow of eternity. Eternity cannot be stopped therefore is seems to me that it is absolutely futile to fight the flow of our moment of natural being. When we in complete faith and trust accept each and every passing moment of our brief being as being a part of a Divine Perfect Flow our life naturally and acceptingly, like a river flows into its Divine Life Serving Path of Purpose.

– Flowing leads to purposeful growing – Damming leads to detrimental damnation –

As we accept the moment we accept the self…

Kerry Guy ©

Peace Love and Understanding

A Predominance of Personal Peace Love and Understanding Will Transform  our Present Divide World into a Unified Peaceful Loving Understanding World – Wars Hatred and Indifference Toward Others Will Effectively and Lastingly Cease and The World Will Live as One.

Only One by One Can We Come to Live as One

I’m sure many reading this will believe that if I believe that the world can live together as one  that I am dreaming an impossible dream.

Once upon a time I would have agreed that to dream of, and to believe in a world that could live as one in peace love and understanding would have been crazy. However I no longer believe this; nowadays I believe that life can be as we each choose to see it and live it based on our own person energy input to life.

Those of us who choose to live peacefully do – Those of us who choose to live life lovingly do – Those of us who choose to live life understandingly do.

Our personal worlds are as we choose them to be thought by thought and action by action, and because like attracts like the way we each choose to live attracts more of the same energy frequencies into our lives.

The state of the world around us depends on the state of the world within us. Several years ago I made the  choice to journey with in myself to

As we believe life to be – life will be!

discover more about myself and as I gained a greater understanding of myself I automatically increased my understanding of others – and as I gained greater inner peace my outer world also became more peaceful- and as I grew to love and accept myself so to did my love and acceptance of life and others grow. As I grew into a new approach to life I suddenly found that I was attracting new similarly minded people into my life.

Yes hate, indifference and cruelty will probably remain in life as long as humanity prevails on earth – but it will only prevail in the lives of those who believe in its existence and therefore energetically live it and attract it into their presence.

Maybe our world will one day become a recognized living separated reality of heaven and hell on earth dependent on personal thoughts and beliefs based on either Love or Fear. Loving thoughts are healing heavenly thoughts. Fear thoughts are diseased hellish thoughts. Heaven or hell like everything else in life are a chosen choice of perception and existence.

I believe this could be so because after all, we were all gifted free will at birth – the free will to either live our lives connected to God Energy – which is Love energy, or to live disconnected from God Energy which immediately plummets us into tormenting restless energy more commonly recognized as the fires of hell.

Kerry Guy ©

We Are Energy – Life is Energy

It is time that we individually take responsibility for our energy contribution to all that be!

No one can deny that we are energy -The fact that we are energy is a given.

Without the energy of thought the Pyramids would never be.

When we are tired we know our energy is depleted and that we either need to rest or change our lifestyle to replenish it! We know and trust that the energy of the food we place into our bodies affects our health and energy level. Yet today many people still do not place either much credibility or importance on the concept that thoughts  affect energy levels.

Our thoughts not only affect our personal live but the lives of everyone.

Daily, moment by moment, thought by thought we each contribute to the state of the world in which we live – not just our up-close personal world but the world of everyone. We are each like one of the massive blocks of the Great Pyramids of Giza that form the complete design of the pyramids. One by one, or block by block we create the human design of life on earth and whether or not that life is predominantly in peace or turmoil is partially the individual responsibility of each of us!

We are all contributing energy blocks of the One Pyramid of Life

Because of this truth the concept of oneness is so clearly and obviously illustrated to those who trust in the power of energy – the power of the mind – the power of thought and the power of life! There is nothing within creation that does not sourced from energy; even that which appears lifeless has energy which can very easily be seen when placed under a microscope.

The power of prayer is a recognized fact – but what is prayer but a focused thought. The only difference between a thought and a prayer is the belief that a prayer is being directed to God whereas a thought isn’t and can somehow bypass God -WRONG!

Nothing bypasses God Energy because God is the omnipresent All That Is which makes it clearly evident that no thought, from a brief flashing thought to a prolonged focused escapes  God’s attention. Oh and let’s not forget that every prayer is heard and answered!

Once this fact is understood and accepted we cant help but understand, accept and take responsibility for our individual roles in either the present peace or turmoil within our world and the one world of us all.

Energy is life and energy cannot be stopped even in death, for in death we are simply a new form of energy hence ONENESS is truth.

ONENESS is reality – we can no more separate our individual energy from the energy of life than a droop of water can separate itself from the ocean.

Everything and every one is a vibration frequency – Still life, is still life!is reality – we can no more separate our individual energy from the energy of life than a droop of water can separate itself from the ocean.

It is time for each and every one of us to take full responsibility for our individual roles in the life we now live both individually and globally. In form we may appear to be separate from each other but let me inform you that separate form is simply a thought based illusion gifting us a vehicle with which to journey through the experience of life. One of the main purposes during our journey of life is to unmask this separating illusion and come to realization that ALL IS ONE and always will be.


I will close with a quote from Iman Ali. It may not be in complete alignment with my thoughts above, but however I feel it has a powerful message that does directly connect with the energy of my thoughts concerning ONENESS.

A person is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity. ~ Imam Ali

Kerry Guy©

Everything whether it appears to or not is a living active form of energy.

From Love to Fear

What Happened to The Love?

The Relationship with The Self Determines Relationships with Everyone Else

People continually place more importance on relationships with others than one the relationship with the self!
Relationships with others can only mirror the relationship we have with self.
The relationship we have with the self sets the standard for all relationships in our lives; not just friendships or romantic relationship, but all relationships – it is that simple.

Relationships fail or fall apart simply because we haven’t repaired something within the self. Most often we tend to deny that the problem lies

As I see myself is as I see everyone else

with the self preferring to look for outer causes.
Generally people place more interest in others lives because the persona they fear most o know one hundred percent in life is the self.

Self is scary!  To know the self completely requires total honesty. Total honesty is scary!

When  we  dare to journey within the to explore the self openly honestly an lovingly all fear fades as we step back into the essence of love that we are, and as we become aware of our authentic love self we also become aware of everyone else’s authentic love self.

In awareness there is no anger

As I accept me as I am I become aware I am the creator of all that I am as I live  and be as I am.



My attitude as does your and everyone else’s on earth shapes and defines my life and my relationships. My attitude as does your and everyone else’s on earth determines my every favourable or unfavourable result tin life including my relationships.

To be aware of the self is to become accepting of the self, and when we accept the self we realize that we are a continual work in progress as is everyone else in life as we all experience our journeys of life.

Acceptance is born of awareness – Awareness knows no anger

We are all students and teachers to each other so in every relationship or life situation we are at any time encountering we are either living the role of student or teacher. But as in formal education we are all free to choose to be either an attentive student or an effective teacher.  We’ve all skipped classes in life and we’ve all found fault with our teachers and at times we’ve all chosen not to pay not paid attention to lessons offered.  We alone have done this.  We through our choices have created our present reality and will continue to create our present reality all by our self!

Why do relationships fail or flow from love to fear? Simply because we haven’t explored and studied and applied the lesson they offered us to better understand love and accept he self.
And please note that not all relationships are mean to last but all relationships are primarily meant to add to our growth love and understanding of life self and as they do this they enrich awareness of all that is.

One last thing – people usually enter relationships because they admire certain qualities in the others which they believe they themselves lack; but none of us are lacking – we just haven’t yet sought out those admirable qualities within the self. Strangely enough many relationships begin to go sour because of the very same qualities that initially attracted the relationship. These qualities become annoying because they haven’t in some miraculous way attached themselves to the self! The qualities of others we admire cannot be borrowed or shared they must be discovered within and applied to our everyday life.

I relay my light lovingly….

The Relationship with The Self Determines The Self’s Relationships with Everyone Else!

When we spell Relationship ‘RELAY – SHONE –SHIP’ we can very easily see how a relationship can be the relaying vessel that truly makes us shine!

We are all vessels of being it is up to each of us to relay love to the sell so that we may truly shine!


 Kerry Guy©

LIFE – The Living Challenge We Agree To…..


Which Life Path Will I Choose



Most of us at some time in our life ask the following question; ‘How do I find my life purpose?
Very few of us, ever simply walk into our life purpose; in fact I’m not certain that any of us ever do; Mohamed didn’t,  Jesus didn’t , The Buddha didn’t, Gandhi didn’t , Mother Theresa didn’t , Princess Diana didn’t – I know I didn’t, and I’m very sure that you haven’t either or else you wouldn’t be reading my thoughts on this subject!

Like life, life-purpose is something we grow into. The birth process – our journey into being and our initial growth experience, is fraught with challenge from the time of conception until the moment of delivery for both mother and child; yet both mother and child eagerly accept these challenges fully trusting that challenge is a part of the journey and that all challenges can be victoriously overcome.

Birth is the greatest life challenge we ever face.

Yes, I admit that not every birth process is successful from a human perspective but I have leaned to trust that there is always a Divine purpose for all that is. However, in general most births by human standards are successful and because of this I use birth as an example to make my point regarding facing life challenges, and furthermore, facing the challenge of birth the one challenge that we all have in common.
The birth process sets a foundation stone in place for each of us regarding how to best approach challenges throughout our journey of life if we hope to arrive at our on purpose life destination in each and every life experience we encounter. Birth teaches us that the only way to overcome challenge is to face it no matter how dark it may seem if we hope to journey into a new lighter brighter way of living and being.

Once we are birthed into being a constant flow of challenges keep coming our way to help us grow into our full potential and life purpose. Life challenges are like mountain climbing -once a mountain is climbed there is another standing before us waiting to be climbed. The view from a mountain top can only be experienced, seen and felt if the mountain is fully climbed. No matter how much we may want to climb a mountain the fact is that unless we put effort into making the climb we will never know what the journey felt like, or gain the learning experiences it offered along the way, or see the view from the top with our own eyes.

Life is a purpose-filled journey we each choose to be born into, however it is not an exact arrived at destination!

That which life gifts us is ours to receive

Challenges come to us with a very definite purpose. Challenges come to us to enable us to discover how very much we are capable of achieving in life. Life never presents us with a challenge that we cannot handle. If a mindless small blade of grass can crack through a seemingly impenetrable rock surface then just imagine what you and I can achieve if we put our hearts and minds to it!

Roll back the rock of fear based doubt that is blocking the doorway preventing you making changes in your life change that you FEEL you should be making in your life in order to fulfill your life purpose. Shatter the illusions of ‘I can’t’ and ‘I don’t know how or what to do next’ and replace them the reality of ‘I can’ and ‘I do know – I’ve just temporarily forgotten but I will remember and I will find a way!’

Trust living with a life purpose and trust that you can and will live that purpose on purpose. Embrace challenge in the knowledge that it is a certain path of new direction laid of new thoughts that can’t help but lead you closer to your life purpose! And always remember that every day has purpose that there are no wasted moments unless we choose to waste them! Forget about your journey’s destination – stay in the moment – be grateful for the moment all the while trusting that gratitude will fuel joy in your life, and that joy will lead you on further fuelling you with hope and passion for being!

Ignoring a challenge dulls the brilliance of our life journey and halts our flow toward our life purpose. The sense of euphoria that accompanies conquering a personal challenge can only be felt – it cannot be effectively put into words for euphoria such as this connects best with the language of silence which is the voice of God, which is the one voice we need to honour if we are to live our life journey on purpose.

Challenge is an inherent part of being – without challenge how would we grow?

God, through the miracle of birth gives each and every one of us an exemplary kick start into the journey of life and the discovery of our life purpose after which it is our responsibility to journey and discover seemingly alone. God, however never leaves us, but God does leave us alone

When we live life God energy connected we live life on purpose

to make our own life decisions through the gift of free will. We are always free to choose to live life fuelled with either faith in love which is living God Connected, or fuelled with faith in fear which is living God Disconnected.

When we live connected to God in the energy frequencies of love based emotions we embrace challenge knowing full well that it continually journeys us toward our on earth life purpose.

When we live disconnected from God in the lower energy frequencies of fear we shy away from challenge which causes us to live the self created reality of an unfulfilled, lost, futile, dark, depressing life journey which we often pray would end.

Life is a challenge we all agreed to take and so it is up to each of us to honour this sacred agreed we made with God before our life on earth began. There will be no punishment delivered to us from God if we don’t fulfil our agreement but there will of course be an immense feeling of personal shame and failure on the day we pass from this earth realm back to the original home from which we came.

Life is a precious sacred gift with a sacred purpose. Nonetheless, how much of our sacred gift we each choose to unwrap, and how much of our sacred gift we each choose to fearlessly live is a personal on purpose, or off purpose choice.



Challenge presents itself to us every day
Challenge is a constant opportunity to think in a new way
Challenge is a direct gift from God
Challenge our full potential does always prod
Challenge is gift to hold dear and embrace
Challenge is always over come when we trust in God’s grace.


Opening up to new thoughts is always fraught with challenge
But none of which we cannot conquer and manage
New thinking is the only way to live life in a more serving way
To bring our life purpose more clearly into life journeying play
Each of us has a predestined God ordained life on earth purpose
That is of unique invaluable irreplaceable divine life service!


EXERCISES TO HELP FIND OUR LIFE PURPOSE – Simply take time in SILENCE to BE and to FEEL. Silence is the voice of God. Noise is the voice and mind of man. Unless we each take time to

Living on Purpose is a Practice

daily connect with God in stillness and silence to allow our feelings to flow through us we can never discover our life purpose or experience as true sense of inner peace.

In SILENCE we know there is nothing to fear but fear itself and we learn that the second we fall not fear we disconnect from God. Maybe many of us fear silence simply because we fear making a direct connection with God because we sense we aren’t living our lives in a manner that pleases God. Many people in today’s world rely on noise to avoid the presence of God and God guidance in their life. Many people prefer to hear the noise of excuses about why they can’t discover their life purpose rather than trusting the silence that assures them they can!

When we take time to BE alone to BE we Balance Energy -that is, we still our minds and align with the energy of life and God as One. As we BE we realise that instead of being a lone part of all that is, that all is One and that we are a connected, integrated part of Oneness. In the stillness and silence of BEing we trust that God did not create separate life creations but that God in fact created ONE life creation of which we are each a linked irreplaceable invaluable miraculous part.

Silently Be and Begin to Feel Life

Yes we are each miraculous simply because we were born! Life is a miracle and therefore being miraculous as we live in human form is the core essence of our being. The only reason we stop the creation of miracles throughout our life journey is because we stop believing we can!

As infants and young children we truly believe that we were unstoppable miraculous beings able to create anything we dream of creating and being until outer authorities in numerous ways condition us to believing we’re not – that we are limited instead of limitless!

Take time to BE to remember who and what you are!

FEELINGS are the force field of the soul. Feelings align us with the God powered voice of intuition. Feelings that leave us centered in complete PEACE relay the message that we are in fact God connected and on track with our life purpose. Learning to trust our feelings is not always easy as often feelings aren’t at all logical – humans have come to rely on logic as their guide rather than intuition. We must learn to balance logic and intuition and base our final decisions on what feel is best for us. When we allow what we Feel to flow we – ‘Fully Engage the
Energy of Love’, and God is Love.


Balanced Heart – Mind Connections Considered in Silence Deliver Best Life Purpose Guidance



In SILENCE we take time to Sit Illumined in the Love Essence of Now which always Commands Enlightenment.
Taking time to BE essentially Balances Energy.
To trust what we FEEL is to Fully Engage the Energy of Love. (God is Love)


We are all powerful purposeful beings able to conquer any challenge that life itself directly offers us- but take care to always discern between a life challenge and a human negative ego mind-made dare!


The More I Accept my Life Challenges and Silently Be – The more I Feel My Destined Life Purpose Finding Me.


Facing Life Challenges Helps Leads us to Our Life Purpose ….. Kerry Guy ©