My New Website and E-Books  Home Page

Finally the day has come after much effort on my web developer, Girgis’s part and mine to announce that my new website is operational! I asked a lot from Girgis with my new design, and I know I caused him a few headaches as some of the operational functions I asked of him he’d never done before, but nonetheless he consistently persevered until he achieved all I asked of him – and more. Thank you Girgis.

Even though my site is finished Girgis Shenouda and I will endeavour to continually improve it – me with the content I offer and Girgis with its performance. We both welcome all suggestions in either of these areas of the site.
I am proud to say that I have complied 5 E-Books, all of differing writing themes and styles, in pdf file to offer for sale from the site. I realize my books aren’t perfectly edited as I edited them myself. Self-editing I have come to realize is extremely difficult for many reasons, but please note that I have done my present best.

Naturally a lot of my photography is included in my books where it serves illustrative purpose. I could no more compile books without my photography than I could sing without a song in my heart. Every one of these books speaks a part of my truth. I enjoyed writing and compiling each of them.
For many years I doubted my ability to complete a book of worth which of course meant that I didn’t but eventually a day came when I knew that I had to change my belief to change my outcome.

Will I ever have a best seller? I don’t know, and quite honestly it really doesn’t matter – what does matters though is that I keep following my passion in the belief that it does incorporate my life purpose.

A huge thank you all  my my Facebook friends for their amazing support during the years I’ve been on Facebook for you are all in some way instrumental in giving me the confidence to be who I now am, doing what I now so passionately do.

Finally in closing I wish to add, that all of my books do tap spiritual awareness for this is how I live my life. At no time can I contain my thoughts in solely restricted logical terms of black and white for in essence both black and white encompass every colour of the rainbow.

E-Books by Kerry Guy

In Love and Appreciation



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