Does Curiosity Fuel the Never Ending Cycle of Life?

The more I question the more I find to question, and the more I question the more I discover the infinite limitlessness of life possibilities.


Do I have proof or scientific evidence for all I write? – No I don’t.

How then do I dare write about that which can’t be proven? I dare because none of us, not even the greatest scientist in the world can disprove my inspired thoughts. Inspired thoughts come from the formless world of spirit – the eternal humanly inexplicable miracle sourcing base home in which every one of us eternally lives our eternal soul essence of self.

Transforming from formless soul to human form cannot be explained by any scientist. All that is known is that two opposites; a male and a female, must essentially come together as one as a means of fertilizing the miracle of a new human one. We know the physics of conception, but the actual miraculous process that takes place between the two physical ingredients known by humans to miraculously create and germinate a  seed of new life into being to this very day remains a Divinely ordained mystery.

I dare write about that which can’t be proven because I believe in the limitlessness of life; I dare because I believe The Divine fuelled me with curiosity so that I would inquisitively look beyond all I see before my eyes into the infinite realms of limitless possibility contained within the unseen world from which we all came. I dare because I sense that delving into the unknown is an integral part of my life purpose, and in fact everyone’s life purpose. I dare because I feel it is my Divinely Given Right and I share because I sense it is not only my responsibility but is everyone’s responsibility to encourage curiosity within others because it is only by seeking that we can find and the more each and all of us fine and share the greater understanding of life we all have everywhere! Life is a journey not a fixed destination and finally I dare because trust that the journey of life is meant to be as interesting and informative as it possibly can be!


Curiosity creates an interesting and exciting life – Apathy creates a routine and mundane life.




Perhaps Curiosity Does Fuel the Never Ending Cycle of Life!

Everything within the universe is sourced from the energy of Divine intention. Each and every one of us was Divinely conceived by the energy of Divine intent and born into being by the Divine force of the Divine Source, therefore in essence we are each and all Divine beings temporarily housed within human form.

Because The Divine is heavenly celestial perfection so too, in essence are we – it can be no other way – however, how we utilize our Divinity on earth is a matter of free will. Our earthly manifestations are as Divine or Earthly as we intend then to be. Divine manifestations are fuelled with good, or God intention – I consider God and good as being synonymous. Earthly intent in this context is fuelled with man-mind made intent, often called the ego.

Please note that I personally have a problem with the constant use of the word ego as a one-sided negative word. I believe that everything has a dual aspect, I don’t believe ego is an exception to this rule for if it were I would not have the confidence to write and publically speak as I do. I sense that self confidence etc is born of positive ego whereas control and the need to be right is the result of negative ego – Positive EGO Embrace God’s Omnipresence whereas negative ego Edges God Out. I apologise for digressing from the topic at hand but I could not have peacefully continued had I not mentioned my thoughts on the ego. Now back to the topic at hand…..

Enquiring Minds

No-one was born without a soul desire to be born – a desire to learn and grow – a desire to gain greater understanding about all that is! Yes, as strange as it may seem I believe that in our soul reality of formlessness we have one overriding question despite our state of peacefulness, and that question is, ‘What more do I need to humanly experience in order to more soulfully grow?’. I believe in soul formlessness we fully accept and comprehend our limitless infinite reality and eternally seek to learn more in order to be more of what we essentially are which an integral part of Love Divine. I believe that in soul are fully aware that we can only learn more about Divine Love by experiencing more of life, thus we crave to be reborn and experience that which is necessary to enhance our ever expansive soul growth.

By nature humans we are curious beings, and because as is above so is below, my logical mind deduces that its equally as feasible that a soul is equally as curious as a mind. Something has to fuel the never ending cycle of life, so maybe just maybe it is curiosity. Maybe, just maybe that was the Divine intent of curiosity within the Divine scheme of creation – maybe curiosity didn’t kill the cat – maybe curiosity inspired the cat to live again?




Kerry Guy

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