Good, Better, Best…

Good, Better, Best; never let it rest until the Good is Better, and the Better’s Best.


Everyone and everything naturally created is naturally good. The Divine Creator only creates that which is good. None of us escape The Creator’s Divine Goodness – We are all Good God Creations. No-one irrespective of colour, race, religion or creed is any better than any other. Anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly in denial about this fundamental truth of life.

Apart from all that which is Divinely Created – because no mortal being; try as he or she might, can improve Divine Perfection – there is no best in life. The Divine, perfectly created every one of us to be the best we can be at birth. Within our birthed perfection is imperfection. Personal imperfection has a specific life purpose; for if it did not the Divine Free Will we were similarly gifted at birth would have no useful life purpose. Purpose is the reason for everything that has been, and will be created into being.

Divine Free Will is the tool which automates life striving – how we use this powerful tool is a matter of Personal Choice.  Intuition and Natural Instincts are also foundational life serving tools. When Intuition, Natural Instinct and Personal Choice are used optimally in harmony with Divine Free Will they form the four ultimate foundational corner stones of personal life creation.

Notice that both Instinct and Intuition begin with ‘In ‘ indicating the necessity of going within to the self to optimally work with Divine Free Will and Personal Choice –  it is only by going within the self that we can truly come to know the self and sense our Divine Goodness and Life Purpose.

Essentially everyone in life is striving to better their inherent goodness in the hope of returning to their heavenly soul best – that which they were before they were birthed into their mind and body new born baby earthly best.

We are all born our baby best.

We are all born our baby best.

Those who do not in life, take time to meet their soul, never get to live their life striving best whole.

Everyone is created equally Good – No-one is any Better than any other – Everyone can daily strive to be Better than they were the day before and reach their present personal Best – but a final Best can never be as long as we humanly be because we can always do better and be better.

Death is not an end of life – it is simply the culmination of earthly best being that perfectly initiates Divine Becoming.

Life always offers more – if it didn’t its allure would end. We should all wake up each day eager to do our Best to Better the Good that we equally are, fully aware that we Better we each become the Better we all Become as One – such is the Divine Equality of Life.

Kerry Guy