Everything in Life has Divine Purpose


“Everything in life has Divine purpose” – how often have we all heard this phrase and at times preferred to doubt it – especially when encountering a challenging situation!

Today I will write about ‘Arse Holes’ – we all have them, we all have been called them and we have all at times, even if only silently, labeled another as such!

Challenging situations generally involve another person or persons and it is not uncommon to direct the label ‘AH’ to the person or persons who challenge us. Of course there are also times when we label ourselves as such for not having behaved in a certain manner in a certain situation.
I’m sure many of you are questioning how I could write about Divine Purpose in conjunction with ‘Arse Holes’, but please hear me out!
Let’s simply consider what an ‘AH’ actually is in the Divine scheme of human creation – what does an AH actually do? An ‘A H’ provides an exit point for all solid waste in our bodies in order to maintain optimum physical health. All of us who have ever been in hospital for a few days know that the one vital question that is asked of us daily is, “Have you used your bowels today?” This is a question we generally dislike intensely and even more so when we have to reply “No”, for that means our body isn’t functioning as it was designed to – in other words we have some waste products trapped or blocked inside of us – and trapped and blocked they would stay if we didn’t have a Divinely designed outlet for them.

Yes ‘A H’s’ of every kind are in our lives to offer us a means of release from that which no longer serves us in life – God Bless them one and all!

Therefore I see an ‘A H’s’ Divine Purpose as merely being that of a button pusher who effectively pushes personal buttons which enable us to release any unwanted, non-serving trapped emotional waste we debilitatingly carry with us in our daily lives. How great is that!
Similarly being ‘pissed off’ is less intensive yet a more easily flowing form of emotional release or letting go within our lives. My life observations show that we are more frequently ‘pissed off’ that we are confronted with ‘arse hole’ situations but that stands to reason when we consider our body’s normal way of functioning.
A healthy body can only be maintained by living healthy lifestyle which of course means ridding ourselves of that which does not in nourish is – a healthy spirit has the same need.
Yes, everything has Divine Purpose and that most definitely does include being ‘pissed off’ and ‘arse holes’.

~If we want to grow we must let go!~

Kerry Guy

NB# – Rarely do I use such terms as ‘Arse Hole’ or ‘Pissed Off’ in my writing for it’s not my writing style, but these terms are used in daily life by many of us; myself included, and they, like every other term ever used in life do have a much deeper meaning that there recognized surface value!

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