Being in The Right Place at The Right Time to Lend a Helping Hand

Sometimes being able to lend a helping hand is simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


Always encourage kids to do their best.

This is exactly what happened to my friend I a few days ago. After sharing a chat and catching up on each other’s latest news we headed out to our local shops. At this point I will mention that we live in Cairo, Egypt where life has been a little unsettled of late and street walks have been avoided for obvious reasons. However in our local area life at this time had become quite calm, and in fact it except for being a little less crowded on the streets  was virtually as we’d previously known it!

As we made our way out onto the streets we noticed a little boy standing alone looking somewhat tentative at the entrance of a pathway we were about to enter. Other children were playing nearby but he stood alone. It appeared he had somewhere to go, but wasn’t! Maybe he was waiting for someone to join him, I thought? But no, that was not the case. As I walked directly next to him he immediately began walking in step with me; and he walked so close to me that we were almost touching!

Right away  both my friend and I realized that the little boy who was about eight or nine years old was afraid, and just wanted someone to walk beside him to make him feel safe. Initially he didn’t say a word as we walked, so I smiled at him and asked him how he was, and he said fine. I wanted him to know that it was quite OK that he was with us.

It wasn’t long before we turned a corner – one obviously he didn’t need to turn to get to where he was going. He stopped, and again was afraid, so he hastily changed direction and walked toward my friend and me.  My friend whose Arabic is much better than mine began a conversation with the young boy. We both knew he was afraid to walk alone, but was even more afraid to ask us to walk him where he was going.  It took very little effort on my friend’s part to convince the young boy to agree to the suggestion that we walk with him to where he needed to be before we continued on with our errands.

His little face lit up with a smile as bright as the sun as soon as this plan was agreed upon. As we turned to make our way in the direction he wished to go he eagerly held my friend, Rahsa’s hand until he reached his a destination. Greatly relieved that he had arrived safely he eagerly ran up the stairs of the building he was about to enter.

Being able to help this little boy, whose name we didn’t ask, was the hi-light of our day – we had so clearly been in exactly the right place at the right time on that day.

Of course we are all always exactly in the right place at the right time, but it is not always as clearly evident as it was on this helping hand day!

In life kids achieve so much simply because they believe they can.

In life kids achieve so much simply because they believe they can.

In closing I would like to add in regard to the young boy’s fear that he could only have been so afraid because of fear based warnings echoed to him from an adult; yet sadly no adult was with him to safely walk him to his nearby destination. I agree it is wise to caution a child to take care at all times, but never to feed them so much fear that it paralyzes them into stationary stillness. It is our jobs as adults to guide and protect children. If we are aware of danger is lurking on our streets – which it wasn’t that day – we have two choices to offer children; one is not to allow them to go outdoors until the danger has passed, and the other is to walk beside them, or assign another trusted adult to do so, as their protector in order to keep them safe!

I believe that at no time should any adult ever fill a child’s mind to overflowing with fear, of any kind, to the extent that it virtually paralyzes them and then send them out alone, without any rational guidance to deal with their newly implanted fear! Heaven knows the world has an abundance of adults afraid to face their own fear – why on earth would any adult want to pass that type of restricted lifestyle onto a child!

It truly is time to stop over-feeding crippling adult fears to young fearless warrior children who by their very nature trust that they have the ability to both capably survive and achieve whatever their heart desires in life.

The greatest thing any of us have to fear in life is fear itself, for once we allow fear take hold of us, we, like the little boy on the street become its paralyzed prisoner and are incapable of moving forward toward either any desired life destination or our God choreographed life purpose destination.

Kerry Guy

Come On, Follow the Lead of The Pied Piper…..

Each day when I wake I’m never quite sure what message life will lovingly convey to me. Today this is what life said and as I listened to life I wondered why I myself had not realised this before.

There is always a moment when life says NOW is the perfect time to remember….

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This morning as I pondered many of the world’s present situations my thoughts suddenly flowed to the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Suddenly I realized the immense worth of this very old children’s story to everyone throughout the world today.

It speaks so very clearly of the power of adding beautiful energetic sounds to life.
If enough of us do this, we can’t help but lure out of hiding all the underground vermin presently attempting to lead us into fear and control our lives, and once we do this, I believe that eventually the vermin won’t be able to help but drown in their own shame.

A great teacher once told me to look beyond that which is surfacely written in children’s nursery rhymes and stories, for she assured me there is always a powerful underlying message in regard to the opposing powers of ‘Good and Evil’ for each and every one of us adults to comprehend in such writings.

This I have come to believe is so very true –

After all the Pied Piper of Hamelin peacefully played a tune led the rats, who fought like dogs and killed the cats, and bit the babies in the cradles, and ate the cheeses out of the vats, and licked the soup from the cooks’ own ladles, and split open the kegs of salted sprats, and made nests inside men’s Sunday hats, and even spoiled the women’s chats, by drowning their speaking with shrieking and squeaking in fifty different sharps and flats, to their own self-destruction.

Each of us can do so very much to create better world simply by in some way daily singing a loving tune to life, – after all it is a proven fact that High Energy, which is of the Energy of Good always overpowers Low Energy which is the Energy of Evil.

No matter what the problem in life – the solution is always housed in the energy of love.

Kerry Guy

Everything in Life has Divine Purpose


“Everything in life has Divine purpose” – how often have we all heard this phrase and at times preferred to doubt it – especially when encountering a challenging situation!

Today I will write about ‘Arse Holes’ – we all have them, we all have been called them and we have all at times, even if only silently, labeled another as such!

Challenging situations generally involve another person or persons and it is not uncommon to direct the label ‘AH’ to the person or persons who challenge us. Of course there are also times when we label ourselves as such for not having behaved in a certain manner in a certain situation.
I’m sure many of you are questioning how I could write about Divine Purpose in conjunction with ‘Arse Holes’, but please hear me out!
Let’s simply consider what an ‘AH’ actually is in the Divine scheme of human creation – what does an AH actually do? An ‘A H’ provides an exit point for all solid waste in our bodies in order to maintain optimum physical health. All of us who have ever been in hospital for a few days know that the one vital question that is asked of us daily is, “Have you used your bowels today?” This is a question we generally dislike intensely and even more so when we have to reply “No”, for that means our body isn’t functioning as it was designed to – in other words we have some waste products trapped or blocked inside of us – and trapped and blocked they would stay if we didn’t have a Divinely designed outlet for them.

Yes ‘A H’s’ of every kind are in our lives to offer us a means of release from that which no longer serves us in life – God Bless them one and all!

Therefore I see an ‘A H’s’ Divine Purpose as merely being that of a button pusher who effectively pushes personal buttons which enable us to release any unwanted, non-serving trapped emotional waste we debilitatingly carry with us in our daily lives. How great is that!
Similarly being ‘pissed off’ is less intensive yet a more easily flowing form of emotional release or letting go within our lives. My life observations show that we are more frequently ‘pissed off’ that we are confronted with ‘arse hole’ situations but that stands to reason when we consider our body’s normal way of functioning.
A healthy body can only be maintained by living healthy lifestyle which of course means ridding ourselves of that which does not in nourish is – a healthy spirit has the same need.
Yes, everything has Divine Purpose and that most definitely does include being ‘pissed off’ and ‘arse holes’.

~If we want to grow we must let go!~

Kerry Guy

NB# – Rarely do I use such terms as ‘Arse Hole’ or ‘Pissed Off’ in my writing for it’s not my writing style, but these terms are used in daily life by many of us; myself included, and they, like every other term ever used in life do have a much deeper meaning that there recognized surface value!