Higher Consciousness




I believe that when we start trusting and living from a level of higher consciousness our unseen self steps into the new life situations the instant it knows it is its next life serving place to be.

Our physical lower vibrational self doesn’t move quite so quickly. Our physical self because of the structured 3rd dimensional life style in which it lives stays behind a little to organise and tidy up all that which signifies endings and beginnings at this level. Yet all the while this ‘tidy-up’ is on process our higher-self is fully aware that it has already moved on from the old and into the new in regard to living and fulfilling it’s human on earth life purpose.

When we live from a state of Higher Consciousness we automatically go with the4 flow of life and as we do we let go of all that does not serve us as we flow. There is no platform or storage area for emotional baggage in this state of being.

The Higher we allow ourselves in life to go, the easier in Life’s Flow we Grow.

Kerry Guy