No Ticket – No Flight

All air flights require a ticket. None of us can board a ‘plane with the intention of reaching a desired destination without a ticket. Some tickets are First Class, some Business Class while others are Economy Class (sometimes light-heartedly referred to as cattle class). Irrespective of ‘Class’ everyone on the same flight arrives at the same destination.


Some people, for various reasons live their entire lives without ever having taken a ‘plane flight – some for financial reasons, others because of no desire to travel and then there are those who simply fear flight.

However there is one Life Flight we are all destined to take from the very moment we are conceived – yes even before we are born this flight ticket is securely in our hands. It’s our ticket ‘home’.

 Again these tickets seem to have a ‘Class’ system in place. I feel perhaps the ‘Class’ ticket we are designated depends upon personal Karma -both past and present. I further believe that we may be born into life with one ‘Class’ ticket but have the ability to either up-grade or down-grade our ticket in accordance with the way we each live our life; in the very same way some acquire an illness during life which is considered to be a sudden ‘ticket home’ which they manage to miraculously reschedule.

Some people absolutely refuse to accept this ticket at the time it is offered to them sensing that their flight time is most definitely not ‘now’.  Some people instead decide to journey deep within themselves to discover an alternative life route which charters them a longer on earth life journey – many succeed.

There are also people who ‘fearfully fight’ accepting their ticket even when it is the right time to accept it. These are those who fear what awaits them at their ticketed destination for reasons best know by themselves.  Fear of flight, when the time is right causes more personal ‘life turbulence’ and discomfort than any actual storm ridden life flight even can.

 Of course everyone knows that one day will have to accept a ‘ticket home’ that cannot be rescheduled or fearfully refused.  In life, every day through our thoughts, words and deeds, we each and all purchase coupons for our inevitable ‘home flight’.  Our attitude and actions as we live and breathe, I sense, determine the ‘class’ in which we travel.



Life is an endless journey; however, life on earth is not.



We are born into form from formlessness knowing that to formlessness we will return

But I instinctively trust that no fiery hell awaits our formlessness in which to eternally burn

In formlessness I sense that we are eternally the spirited essence of Divine Love Light

But I also sense that we in form we live our Love Light when guided by our inner sight

Love and Light is what we one and all in both form and formlessness authentically be

Being open to our eternal Love light engages the Divine Being that we are for all the world to see


Kerry Guy

Encourage Kids to Dream

As a child I was never encouraged to dream. No adult ever spoke to me about their dreams or said to me, ‘If you really wish hard and believe in yourself then all of your life dreams can come true.’


Because I wasn’t encouraged to dream; I didn’t. I grew up having no big secret hopes or dreams except for wanting to get married and live a happy family farm life. My auntie and uncle had a farm and I just loved farm life so living like them I envisaged to be the ultimate way for me to live, but never did I dream beyond that – I had no idea of the infinite life possibility that dreams offered!

My dream as I dreamed it was never realised as I had hoped. I was married – more than once, and I have two daughters and I had a farm. But as I look back I have to wonder if my family/farm dream was really a dream or was it something I settled to dream?

Life in its Divinely designed flow has taken me on a life journey I honestly would never have had the courage to dream for myself! Life itself over time has taught me not only to dream, but also to dream BIG!!!!!


Now I dare to fearlessly dream way beyond expectation based on my inner feelings – my gut intuition, and as I dream I trust with my whole heart that my intuited feelings are given to me directly from God, for in all honesty they must come from God because He/She/It is the ultimate omnipresence unseen power force and source of life.

Now that I dream without limit in accordance with my feelings rather than within limited mind parameters of possibility miracles simply become a recognised every day aspects of my life. It’s only ever when I let mind sourced doubt creep into my being that I block miracles from manifesting into my day.

I have no regrets that I wasn’t taught to dream as I child as I’ve had a truly incredible journey of life adventure discovering the power of a dream. I’ve had extreme high and lows and midway between both extremes I’ve realised life perfection purpose.

However, I truly believe that myself and many others like me are the pioneers of the power of dream and that it is our soul responsibility to share this magical miraculous power with kids of today. The more we share the Power of  Positive Dreaming with today’s youth the sooner we can bring Love and Light back into its perfect heavenly balance in life on earth.


God created a Garden of Eden on earth to serve humanity eternally – Human’s minds however have almost choked that heavenly garden with noxious polluted fear based power hungry negative thoughts.

It’s time for a new love based collective dream – its time to dream Heaven or as we better know it the Garden of Eden back into living life reality.

Mind fear in many areas of life has almost managed to create loveless areas desert on earth but love heals, nourishes and rebuilds everything that fear in its ignorance destroys. It’s time to trust the power of love and to encourage kids to live the Power of Love and to Dream Big Positive Life Healing Dreams.

We can heal the world and I believe that it is our adult responsibility to both teach this truth to the children of today and to encourage them to live it fearlessly.



~ The Healing Centre We all Seek In life Resides Within the Self~

Kerry Guy

#All photos of my home town where I initially dared not dream big but now every time I visit this  magnificent place I am reminded of the power of dreaming….. KG

Waste Not – Want Not





Here’s something revealing about me that I’m going to tell

And that is that I really don’t handle greed and waste well

My words by some may be considered to be in bad taste

But on this day I won’t be silenced about greed and waste

I see it far too often from people of all levels and walks of life

Who then later complain that life just isn’t treating them right

The rich who waste later say that they need more money be able to comfortably live

While the poor who waste claim they are victimized; that life to them doesn’t enough give

But both who complain must continually take more than they in the moment need

For if they didn’t’ waste and want in their lives would be eradicated with great speed

Now when it comes to greed and waste I’m not just talking about money, food and water

There are many more aspects of life that greed and waste do energetically destroy and slaughter

We human’s waste love in countless ways all the time

And honestly, this is really human’s ultimate crime

To waste love offered, or to greedily take it without in genuinely giving it in return

Immediately creates a hellish way to be living – it’s one that we each do openly spurn

Yes love by many has been repeatedly taken for granted, misinterpreted or misused

These are loveless actions which effectively leave a soul tortured and abused

The Creator created life and all humans in the Divine Essence of Unconditional Love

And The Creator continually rains on all life infinite abundance from heaven above

How I wonder have so many of us humans over time lost sight of this fact?

How I wonder have so many of us fallen victims to fears mind born attack?

Why I wonder can’t we see, what waste and greed are doing to life both individually and globally?

Why I wonder don’t we take time look into life more deeply so that we can see the effects of this negativity?

I could go on asking how and why fear greed and waste questions indefinitely

But I prefer to close this negative topic and flow back into love and positivity

Today I just had to express my feelings rather than repressively hold them in

Because often held in feelings are where life depression and frustration does begin

I trust that if we each share our inner feeling with each other in love from the heart

That world healing heightened life awareness will occur of we which we can all be a life serving effective part…




To GREEDILY take more food than we need at any time generally leads to either waste, feeling bloated, ill or overweight and then we WANT to either feel well or to lose weight.
To GREEDILY take love offered from another without equally returning it generally leads WANTING love as a person can only give so much love to another without having it returned from another.
To WASTE water, clean air, fertile land by either over use or pollution leaves humanity wanting in countless ways.



Our world is abundant – this is an undeniable fact – there is more than enough of everything on Planet Earth to meet everyone’s needs but there is not enough to meet everyone’s greed. No-one in our world is hungry or homeless because of lack of food water or shelter; people are only hungry or homeless in our world because of a lack of love, which I find completely ironic considering the fact that love is what we are.
Once we come to believe we are love and live the love that we are greed and waste will be a thing of the past and we will be living a state of heaven on earth.

I could go on and about the positive effects of love as opposed to the negative effects of greed and waste but feel its best that I end now with a famous Native American Indian Cree Prophecy which has always sprung to my mind every time I see examples of greed and waste before me.

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.


Kerry Guy

Life is a Movie

Life is a Movie – We are each the Script Writers, Directors, Producers and Role Players of the Life Movie we Live.



There are no wrongs or rights in life. Life equals an ongoing movie in which we are all script writers, producers, directors, photographers and role players. Our thoughts are constantly writing and re-writing the script of the movie of life.

Because we observe numerous life situations daily and are involved in many life situations daily we are continually prompted to consider new ways to rewrite or continue write the script of life as we see it – that is of course unless we have a closed mind about life. A closed mind equals a writer’s block causing our movie of life to go not further than the point at which it’s arrived.

It’s great to be in the movie of life and there are times when it’s even greater to be an observer of the movie of life as we live it. Life after all is about learning and learning requires being openly objective rather than being judgmental or critical. Sometimes we must mentally remove ourselves from a situation to become the observer of our physical self in a situation to be aware of the lesson it has to offer us. It’s common knowledge that we all at times more easily give advice to others than the self, so if we see ourselves and another rather than the self often we find. These are the times we fall into the roles of movie director and producer.

Lately I have been invited into several situations where people have been totally dependent on others in varying ways which led me to write the following flow of thoughts.

I’m not saying that my thoughts are right or wrong; I simply base them upon my personal life experience.



As babies we strive to stand alone.

As babies we trust our inner knowing which tells us that we are meant to stand alone.

As adults we sometimes lose the trust in ourselves alone that we had as children.

In reality we never stand alone, but we can never discover this truth if we continually seek the support of others.

God never gives us any more than we can handle at any given time and more important to remember than that, is that God is ever in us and at our side as we handle all life puts before us.

There is nowhere that God isn’t, which of course means that God Power is our life gifted ever Now Power.

Where we are in the moment attributes to what we are in the moment, and every moment we are in is a moment that God is also in with us and within us.

There is nowhere or no time that God isn’t.

God Power is Solid Rock Power and when we trust our Solid Rock Power we strive to stand alone knowing full well that life ‘rocks’ and that all is good and will continually be good because all is God.

And as we stand alone in the faith that we can stand alone we automatically become aware that because All is God, that All is One which in effect means that we are not only connected to and supported by more than a few close relatives others but that we are in fact in some way connected to and supported by every human other.

Babies know as they grow that to let go is the only way to progress in life’s flow. If as babies we didn’t let go of support as we learned to stand we could never on our own two feet walk into life alone.


It’s only by standing and walking alone that we discover that we are not alone.

Babies know that love is more, so much more than a physical connection to another or close-up view of another.

Babies sense that life is a love fuelled and supported flow.

Babies are fearless because they are love-filled and love–fuelled.

Babies instinctively trust that they will naturally and purposefully grow into life as they are meant to.

Adults often in mind fed fear fall into doubt about their personal ability to alone ‘know and grow’. In doing so adults their connection with their personal God gifted power and thus in lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem fall out of their own life purpose flow.

Babies ooze with self-esteem and self-confidence and naturally accept the moment and live in the moment.

Adults on the other hand at times in forgotten self- awareness unnaturally try to create a moment that they can accept.

Whatever life brings our way is never by accident or without life purpose, and whatever life brings directly our way, whether it is good or what seems to be bad we must remember that we have through our very own thoughts and actions written the script for its appearance in our lives.  However the great thing about the movie of life is that we one and all, and all as one have the God Given Ability to re-write the script of our personal role within the movie of life and to help jointly re-write humanity’s collective role as one in the movie of life.


Yes, One by One we are each and all that powerful – We are life creations constantly creating.

Kerry Guy ❤