Repeatedly I’m asked what it exactly is that I do.

Often I reply – for want of a better expression, for I’m not sure that there is such a thing– I’m a Spiritual Psychologist!

However, very simply put I’m a person who helps people to help themselves.

None of my Group Workshops, Private Energy Reading or Healing Sessions alone can ever heal anyone.

But what my every workshop or private session do offer everyone is new approaches to life.

No-one ever seeks me out or comes to hear my words if they aren’t seeking a new more rewarding approach to life.

New life approaches require a new thoughts and that’s where I come it.

I help open doorways of new thought within all those I meet.

If your thoughts are stuck your life will also be stuck.

Your mind thoughts may try to convince you that you are open to the new ideas but you energy will reveal to me whether or not this is true.

Energy does not lie no matter how hard we may try to disguise it.

No- I am not a healer – I am merely someone who introduces others to their own healing ability.

No-one can heal the wounded emotions of the self but the self!

Festering emotional wounds causes emotional dis-ease which if left untreated will eventually lead to the manifestation of a correlated physical disease.

Healing emotional pain is a sure way to either healing or avoiding physical pain.


Kerry Guy ©

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