Sadly over time because of a steady influx of fear based energy into humanity’s psyche it’s become essential to have our homes secure…..

The need for strong impenetrable locks always accompanies the possibility of loss….

As the economic climate of the world firstly grew way out of balance and now is steadily weakening the combined climates of greed and lack are strengthening…..

Some fearfully try to lock up that which they have while others fearfully try to break these locks in order to take that which they fear will not be supplied in their lives!

That’s the locked issue of our monetary and material world….

Even more sadly there is a locked and unlocked Love perspective among much of humanity….

Those who feel insecure within themselves try to secure the love of others to them….

Personal insecurity is born from lack of self-love….

Lack of self-love is born from a lack of love understanding….

When we understand love we immediately realise that we are in fact love and in this knowledge feel totally secure with who we are at any given time….

Realising that we are Love is the strongest life foundational understanding we can have….

Knowing that we are LOVE frees us up to love and to be loved in the infinite flow of loves countless life expressions…

Love is the most impenetrable security system any of us can ever have in our lives for it doesn’t lock doors it instead safely and securely opens doors…..


Trust the Love that YOU Are….

Live the Love that YOU Are….

And you will be totally secure with who YOU Are….

And Loved YOU Will Be by All who know you as YOU Are….

Kerry Guy ©


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