It Matters Not What We Create But That We Do Create.

We are All Spiritual Beings Each Having a Human Experience

We are creations who thrive when we create.

Every one of us is an equal expression of Mind Body and Spirit.

To live a balanced fulfilling life requires acknowledging and balancing these three aspects of the self.

Confusion and lack of life direction and life purpose become the way of life for those who lose touch with their spirit in the false belief that they

It’s not fun to feel lost and alone

are simply a mind and body. This two part belief disconnects people from their third and eternal aspect of self which is their spiritual essence.
When people lose touch with their essence of spirit which is their eternal essence –they similarly lose touch with their God essence as they live their human experience. To live life disconnected from The Creator’s Energy automatically disconnects us from personal creative energy which immediately diminishes joy for life because it is only through the act of creation that humans thrive.

It matters not what we create but that we do create.

Creation is not just about creating new human life – that alone leads to overpopulation, and many fear based reactions connected to ‘lack’ are birthed in overpopulated situations.  When lack based beliefs arise in life so too do competitive power struggles which in their extreme lead to wars.

Please notice me

Any mother of a more than one child can confirm the sibling rivalry ‘wars’ that begin because of the belief that a mother or father does not have enough love, affection or time to equally offer every child in the family. Often children misbehave simply to grab a parents love and attention – some even become ill – yes the mind is strong enough to create physical illness in order to get the attention it craves.

We are all great creators!  We were each and all created into life to create as we live life. The theme of life is creation. The very first story of life on earth is the Story of Creation. To think the primary them of life is any different is actually quite foolish.

People can satisfyingly and purposefully create in countless ways; and thank God they do or we would be presently living in Stone Age conditions.

In religious teachings we are taught that God commanded it is a human being responsibility to ‘Go Forth and Multiply’ – this ‘command’ does not simply apply to creating more people. I guess this form of creation has become so popular because it is the easiest form of creation on earth – firstly it’s a natural instinct, secondly it’s relatively easy for most people, and thirdly it’s generally an enjoyable non-challenging way to create.

Yet how we all look in awe at some of the fantastic creations now on earth wondering how on earth anyone could have possibly created them! And how we also more often say when we see new fantastic creations in all areas of life that we could never have done that! Well maybe we couldn’t have created exactly ‘that’ but we are all capable of creating much more than more humans; and we should each be encouraged to trust and live this belief.

Some people do create amazing families, others incredible art, new medicine and surgery technique, wonderful fashion designs, knit adorable

Humans house a natural desire to create

baby clothes, cook dishes that delight every palate, design new computer games, create beautiful gardens, take pride in creating clean streets and homes, create new effective teaching methods, writing quotes, poems a stories, make movies, complete jigsaw or crossword puzzles, even making a good cup of tea and there are those who simply create peace, love and happiness wherever they go.  There is a never-ending list of things we can all create when we approach life as Mind Body and Spirit Beings instead of simply Mind and Body beings.

Spirit is the turbo charged energy boost that powers human lives into passion, which in turn engages the process of fulfilling creative life potential.

It matters not what we create but that we do create.


Creation does not need to be big and nor does it need to be acknowledged by the world. Creation simply needs to be performed and appreciated by the self. When the self appreciates and lives its creative ability it experiences an unsurpassed natural spirited high that no artificial stimulant or material possession can ever come close to imitating. It is only when humans don’t tap into their creative ability that feel like ‘losers’ – and the only reason people do not tap into their creative ability is when they have failed to acknowledge and connect with their spiritual aspect of being.

Anyone disconnected from personal spirit is automatically ‘creative life energy’ depleted because essentially they are disconnected from the Divine Spirit of The Creator – Our One Life Source and Our Driving Life Force.

To live life disconnected from The Creator’s Energy is to attempt to live life Disconnected from Life Energy


Confused people rarely experience personal life ‘highs’ – they realize that something is missing from their lives but they are unsure what because they can’t see what’s missing!

Spirit cannot be seen – spirit can only be sensed.

Sensing the reality of our spirit awakens us to the reality of Divine Spirit and our connection to The Divine – commonly call God. Once we become aware of our Divine God Connection we begin to effectively live our spirituality in human form.


Spirituality is not Religion – Religion is a belief in a shared teaching.  Religion’s ultimate purpose is to connect people to God via its belief system – Spirituality however an individual awareness to personal Divine Connection that can be lived within a religion or not. Some spiritual people avoid religions because of the separating factors that some religious leaders and followers apply to their religion. Religion was never intended to be separating. Religions merely offer people the means of optional routes based on similar understandings to God. God doesn’t go anywhere. God is constant but how each human carves his or her pathway to God is an individual choice and none of us have the right to criticize or judge any other chosen path – to do so defines and limits way to connect with God who is infinite and limitless.


A temporary life ‘High’ or an escape from reality?

In today’s world people so many people especially young to middle age people are clearly showing the world how lost confused and alone they feel in life – totally unsure as to why! They are showing the world that they feel life is tough, challenging and unfulfilling through anger and violence born of frustration in acts of self abuse, physical attacks on others, explicit graffiti, angry music, love of violent movies, excessive bad language, and also with excessive drug or alcohol use and more. Once ‘lost’ people reach a certain age where they no longer have the energy to make a noise about their frustration they simply exist is a mind-made world of misery until they pass from this life hoping that they will arrive in a more heavenly state of being with God after death.


To live the human experience of life detached from our eternal essence of spirit equals a triangle attempting to fool the world that it is complete with only two sides. There is no such thing as two sided triangle, and neither is there any such thing as a two dimensional human being.

A two sided figure can never be a triangle


When the human Mind Body and Spirit work in harmony as One, humans individually create Divine Miracles that serve life and everyone under God’s one life serving sun!


To Live Disconnected from Personal Spirit is to Attempt to Live Life Disconnected from Life and from the Creator of Life.  Disconnected from the Divine Creative Energy of Life Humans Lose Connection with their Ability to Create the Life they were Naturally Born to Live – this is when they seek solace in that which in life is unnatural – and this is also why many humans they never feel a sense of belonging in life.

Within the desert of being resides the oasis of soul

Kerry Guy ©

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