Are You a Stuctured Thinker or a Creative Thinker?


We are our Cafe SOUL – Our thinking style creates its menu whole!


Are you a structured think or a creative thinker?

Structured thinkers doubt their ability to create anew and so dare not to try.
Structured thinkers believe that there is a life box of conformity that they dare not step of.
Structured thinkers construct life foundations but rarely build a satisfying life.

Yes- There is a place for structured thought in life!

Creative thinkers trust their ability to create with and give everything a try.
Creative thinkers know not of any life conformity and enthusiastically step into life as they are.
Creative thinkers build a floating life foundation that supports an ever expanding life.

We are creations created to continually create


Structured thinkers are basically stuck – they take a few steps in life but then very quickly return to their structured homes base thoughts.

Creative thinkers are basically free flowing take continual forward step in life often devoid of a home base to offer them solace and safety.

Structured limited thinking alone cannot create life serving advancement, and neither can creative thinking alone as it has no solid foundation on which to take root, stand and grow.

Neither Structured nor Creative thoughts alone can bring optimum life results. Optimum life results depend on learning to effectively balance both trains of thought.

Morals and ethics are great foundational structures on which to build a creative life. High morals and good ethics fuel all self-creation wisely which indirectly lovingly serves the good of all.

We all have moments of structured thinking and self-doubt, and likewise we all have incredible moments of creative thinking and self-confidence. Both are necessary in our lives to help us master balancing intuitive feelings with mind driven ego.


It’s OK to occasionally step into ‘The Box’ as long as we dont’ let ‘The Box’ lock us into any form of restrictive illusion.
In life there is always more than is presently seen or known, but the new often needs a structured way of being applied to life – however even architects know that there are endless ways to successfully create new life structures.


Kerry Guy ©

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