A Little Lie Never Hurt Anyone – Truth or Deception?


Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know in life, and all ye need to know.  -John Keats-

Many still do not see The Beauty of Truth – Those who do acknowledge the Honest Beauty of Life.

I have written on this subject several times and today yet again my mind flowed in this direction – let me now with share my honest flow of thought…….

I grew up as many did and many still are growing being taught that a little lie never hurts anyone,  and I guess in effect that  could by some considered to be true, because in reality a lie doesn’t hurt just anyone – a lie in fact indirectly hurts everyone.

We all Feel what is the wrong or right thought to think – word to speak – or action to take in life, but do we always follow our feelings?

One lie lead to another and another – lies essentially begin a ‘cover-up’ story – meaning that steps must always be retraced!  Looking back to retrace steps becomes essential part of day to day life for liars and ultimately leads to a trip-up which not only affects the original liar but also all those who either knowingly or unknowingly lied along untruth’s deceptive journey.

In a chain of lies eventually all involved liars in Domino Effect tumble injuring many innocent bystanders along the way.

Lies have no size –there is no little lie – a lie is a lie!

Deception and avoidance of telling the truth are also forms of lie.

Lies hurt – Honestly heals –Lies are fear based – Honesty is love based.

Every day in some way we all are presented with the choice to in some way either hurt or heal ourselves, others and life as a whole.

Truth is the path of Love

I am a supporter of truth – Sure I have lied throughout my life journey but at no time has a lie or deception ever helped me avoid pain or any other I tried to save from hurt – in fact they have only increased pain for myself and any other all concerned.

Let’s All Raise our Glasses to Truth for Truth Does Set us free and Personal Freedom, is what we all seek in our journey of life – Men and women have died seeking the path to freedom – Let fight this good fight with peaceful honesty instead of with weapons and violence.

‘To Truth Honesty and Personal Freedom’


As long as we live I’m sure we will meet liars and of course occasionally lie ourselves. Yes in essence we are 100% Divine Spiritual Beings but in form we are human and meant to learn from the error of our ways. Life school is an ongoing house of learning and the lies we tell while studying in this school do – or should – very clearly teach us the ultimate worth of truth.

We weren’t all A+ students in academic school so of course we wont all be A+ students in life school but the great thing about life school is that it doesn’t end until human life does and no-one at any time can be expelled from this learning school except by choice –  which is the choice  not to learn.



Feelings allowed to naturally flow in truth always bloom and grow-

Truth guides each and every one of us into our optimum life serving flow –

If between deception and truth at any time you have to choose –

Choose truth for truth ultimately wins – Deception is a sure way to lose –

Deception in negative ego often thinks over truth that it has won –

But that is one of the biggest deception we can live under our ONE Life Serving Sun!

Heart Guidance is Clear Honest Guidance


Honesty has a positive Domino Effect on life – Lies and Deception have a Negative Domino Effect on life.


Honest Friends are True Friends


Truth is Self-Liberating
Lies are Self-Imprisoning


Kerry Guy ©


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