Balancing Life


Balanced Being is Best Being

Life is Naturally Perfectly Balanced

I was recently asked, ‘How, when we feel passionate about a subject do we manage to balance our day to day life with our project of passion?’

To balance anything in life requires taking time to BE. Being is simply consciously stilling one’s mind and body in silence while allowing our essence of being to balance itself naturally. All of nature was created in perfect balance, and we are no exception to that rule – for we are nothing more or anything less than a part of nature.  Nature only becomes imbalanced when humans in a form of egotistic ignorance try to control it!

When unrestricted life has an intrinsic natural balanced flow, however in the pressured business of present day life we all, thought by thought

Being is a Natural State of Being

place enormous restrictions on this peaceful, optimum centred state of being.

By taking time to still our minds and silently BE, we automatically Balance our Energy, which means that we centre ourselves between the Practical aspects of Being and the Spiritual aspects of Being. While Being we actually send ego on a deliberate vacation to allow intuition its equal presence in our lives. Intuition knows perfectly well how to reprogram that which has become imbalanced in our lives back into balance.

Intuition does not shun ego for intuition knows full well that in human form that both ‘it’ and ego have equal dual roles to perform as we live our lives, – ego I must point out is not all bad, for ego like everything else in life has an equal positive and negative aspect.

Heart Balance is Perfect Balance

Finding life balance is more easily understood if we consider our internal energy system which is our chakra system. By doing this we very easily discover exactly where balancing the spiritual and practical aspects of the self centres us – we have seven major internal chakras – the three lower chakras power our practical life while the three upper chakras power our spiritual life – centred in between the upper and lower chakras is the heart – need I say more?

The heart always, but always brings everything in our lives into balance. I’ve been asked many times by many people the following question, ‘How do I drop thoughts to my heart?’

 My answer is, ‘Simply breathe and Be.’

The word ‘simply’ immediately freaks a lot of people, for it’s become a conditioned thought that life is far more complicated than it is simple. This naturally means that  those who see life as complex can’t help but have great difficulty accepting the truth that life is infinitely simple, and for them Being and Centring in the Heart will continue to remain a challenge until that alter their thinking.

Irrespective of what our soul inspired passion is and our day to day practical life responsibilities are as long as we take time to BE and Centre in

Balanced Being is Best Being

our Heart Space we will always know to balance our practical and spiritual dualities.

The more regularly we take time to Be the more quickly come to know and accept that everything in life has Divine Purpose. Even though we from a human perspective may not always fully appreciate that purpose we will gradually come to recognise that it is meant to Be. Furthermore we will also intuitively learn to confidently discern between that we are either meant to attach to, or detach from as we do our best to fulfil our purpose of being.

Some of us are here with a purpose to help others and so in order to fulfil this purpose others must obviously live with the purpose of needing help. Some of us are here to help our environment, animals and wildlife, so in order for this purpose to be fulfilled the environment must be in need of help and there must also be animals and wildlife in need of help.  Some of us have a life purpose to help and some of us have a life purpose of needing help – together the needy and the helpful serve each other’s life purpose.

Sometimes it appears that suffering of others is beyond comprehension and breaks our hearts but this happens because many people cannot see subtle signs of suffering and so the picture e must be made clearer if people are to be afforded the opportunity to fulfil their life purpose.

Light Serves Shadow and Shadow Serves Light

As I write this my heart is breaking as I presently have a mother cat – a street cat – living on my balcony with her two kittens. One kitten is a ball of mischievous energy but the other one whom I call ’Feisty’ is very sick and may very soon die. Obviously Feisty is not strong enough to survive on the streets so nature in its compassion is saving her from this hardship. Could I save her? – I probably could if I took her to the vet but I cannot keep another street cat therefore she would have to survive on the streets and she would not, so if I was to take her to the vet  I may well  be causing her prolonged unnecessary suffering .

Animals over time have taught me so much about discernment, detachment and the Divine Law of Nature and the fact that Compassion has many, many faces.

Balancing that which fuels our spirited passion of being with that which fuels our practical purpose of being simply requires taking time to BE.

The more we each take time to BE the more we understand why we BE and all that BE.

Kerry Guy ©

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