Ignorance …….

In the absence of fear is ultimate love for life and every living other.


Every time we in the smallest way pollute the earth, air and water of our land
Or in either fear-based hate and negativity toward another raise an  angered hand
We show a fist of blatant disrespect to The Life Creator who is in Eternal Command
Oh how foolish all polluters and greedy, jealous, aggressive haters repeatedly are
If they imagine that toward heaven their behaviour will earn them even one gold star
Once Mother Earth is wrecked humans have no life sustaining home on which to live
And other humans  cannot  show us love and compassion if to them we have none to give
Oh it is a sad, tangled, misguided, fear-based web many human creators on earth presently weave
My prayer is that from this disrespectful  web the foolish hurriedly  pack their ignorant bags and leave.

Kerry Guy ©

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