The Spirit of Egypt 2012


Self Pride Reflects National Pride

In recent bygone years by I repeatedly encouraged people to come to Egypt because of the amazing spirit of Egypt. I would continually explain that as fantastic and awe inspiring as the Pharonic History mapping Pyramids, Temples and Tombs of Egypt are that to me the real wonders of Egypt lay within the spirit of her people! Sadly I no longer encourage people to visit Egypt this way, but I pray that the time returns when I can!

Yes, before the revolution many people were pessimistic and oppressed but rarely were they depressed to the level that the majority appear to be

Inner Light Can Never be Disguised

today. Before the Revolution Egyptians generally made the most of what they had and the best of their day. Egyptian’s hospitable warmth and sense of humour added incredible light to my days here!

Now to a large degree the warmth once consistently experienced on the streets coupled with their lovable cheeky sense of humour has faded. It’s become clearly apparent that as Egyptians wait for the re-birth of their nation that many have become deeply withdrawn and fallen into the heavy negativity of depression.

Change is never easy – everyone should know this! I’m sure we’ve all experienced the initial discomfort that accompanies breaking in a new pair of shoes after we’ve had to discard an old comfortable pair! The principle of changing the state and running of a country is no different than changing a pair of shoes except in size and magnitude – the principle is exactly the same:-

  • A decision is made – These shoes have to go – The Mubarak regime had to go.
  • A new decision is now needed – Which shoes do I choose – Who do we elect?
  • A choice is necessary – A patient search for new shoes – Taking an active part in looking into the policies and characters of all election candidates.
  • A decision is made – We have new shoes trusting our decision knowing that if our new shoes don’t fulfil our expectations that we can at a later date buy another pair but also realizing that we must give the new pair a chance; so we patiently break them in – We have a new government which if it does not after it’s term of office bring a new level of comfort to the country can be replaced.
  • A responsibility to take – How we walk in new shoes as we get used to them is a personal responsibility  –  How we who live in Egypt settle into the lifestyle accompanying the re-birthing of Egypt is a personal responsibility.

Joyful Spirits Effectively Bring Joy to Life

Yes I’m sure many will feel my ‘new shoes’ comparison is either too simplistic or absolutely ridiculous to be given and credibility– but that’s ok as we are all entitled to our opinions.
I simply used this example to help stress the responsibility we each and all possess in regard to how we approach the discomfort that invariably accompanies change in our lives. Change is never easy – change always houses a level of discomfort. In life change is ever present because change is an inherent part of life. To fight change is to fight life! It’s always best to accept change and go with its flow, for change in motion unrestricted or unopposed will like a river always follow  it’s God Given Course to arrive at its rightful destination.

Every day that we live and breathe by the Grace of God, we each have the choice to live either sad, miserable lives or happy optimistic lives irrespective of whether are choices are in relationship to a new pair of shoes or the re-birthing of a nation.

New Egypt is Ready to Rise

The Law of Attraction is Exact – Like Attracts Like; therefore – Pessimism Breeds Pessimism – Optimism Breeds Optimism!

Negative thinking can never achieve positive results.

Individual thoughts naturally flow into the collective pool of human thoughts – thoughts become words and words then become deeds based on the over-riding thoughts of the collective mass.


We who live in Egypt today are each and all by our every thought in part responsible for the lack of joy, hope, and spiritedness in Egypt today. The thoughts of a nation do in effect shape the nation.

The Thoughts We Each Think Feed the River of Life From Which We All Drink

We are all responsible for our thoughts, and the good news is that just like in fairytale stories the energy of Good will always overcome the energy of Evil. Good energy is born from Good Love based Thoughts which are God Powered Thoughts. Evil energy, on the other hand is born from Bad Fear base thoughts which are NOT God Powered Thoughts – Fear is the tool of the devil…….

Photography and thoughts – Kerry Guy ©

NB – I have chosen Egypt to be my home for more than eleven years. She has become my adopted Mother Land and I am very proud to call her as such, and I am truly grateful for all she has gifted me during this time and continues to gift me through her pure, powerful, sacred, eternal soul.



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