We Derive Our Sense of Belonging from the Root/Base Chakra


Many people throughout the world are presently feeling like they don’t fit in or belong exactly where they are.

All is One

This phenomenon indicates attention needs to be given to the Root Chakra – our Base Chakra.

An open or optimally active Base Chakra powers acceptance, which makes us feel at home irrespective of where we are or what life situation we are facing.

An optimally functioning Root/Base Chakras powers a sense of belonging – the understanding that we are exactly where we are mean to be in any given moment to serve not only our personal Highest Good, but also the Highest Good of All.

The aligned sacred truth of Base/Root Chakra is ‘ALL IS ONE’.  As humanity is ascending into awareness of the ALL IS ONE truth and reality anyone who is not aligned with this truth had best head to their Root Chakra to determine why!

The Root Chakra – our Base Chakra is extremely important because it is the support and foundational Chakra of our entire internal spiritual energy Charka System.

We are Energy in Form

Our Root Charka is of primary importance in our lives and this is why I find working with this Chakra in Self Awareness Workshops and Private Guidance Sessions infinitely fascinating and enlightening.

The Base Chakra excites me and therefore powers me with excitement for life.

I am passionate about helping others recognise and utilize inner power and excitement for life.

Its always best o start at the beginning and The 1st Chakra – The Root/Base Chakra is the place to start.

Kerry Guy ©

With Both Eye and Mind Sight We Choose to See Life in Either Shadow or Light


If we’re to be completely honest with the self we have to openly confess it…
Each and every moment in life is as exciting or depressing as we choose to address it….

No matter what age we are, where or how we live it is our attitude toward life that shapes every second of living life.

Every situation we experience in life can be seen from either  a Shadow side or Light side – those who choose to see Light will always see Light even in situations where others are convinced that there shadow is so dark that it houses absolutely no light!

We must be aware that even when shadows appear to be pitch black that they are NOT absence of light.

Shadow, yes even when it appears to be pitch black is merely a shade of light.

Light is ever present in every life situation. The sun the moon and the stars show us this, as they never stop shining. Sure, at times we may not be able to see light shining but we must not lose faith in the irrefutable fact that is it ever present in life.

It is only by denying Light omnipresence in life that our lives and life in general occasionally or continually appears to be dark.


Moments of fear based shadows of illusion are a mere doubt based intrusion designed to at times throw us off of Life’s continual Love Light infusion.

A journey into Darkness is a guiding journey into greater Awareness of Light

Kerry Guy ©

To Fight Change is to Fight Life……

Life is a cyclic process of change.

The Cycle of Life is a Divine Cycle.

We’re born – we grow – we age – we die to be born again.

Every day, unless we fight the growth process of life we change – we gain greater insight and understanding of ourselves all that is, however accepting and working with enhanced views of life is always a personal choice.

Our Body changes with or without our consent, but the less we stress about life the more it embraces chance and the more slowly it ages.

Cosmetic surgery, Make up and even Photoshop are recognised ways people fight the natural process of body change.

Minds that naturally grow and change generally not only accept body changes but actively embrace them knowing full that they serve a specific valuable purpose.

How we feel inside is how we shine outside.

Change an Inherent part of the Beauty of Being

Spirits do not change.

Spirits are the feisty powerful infinitely free aspect of the self.

Spirit is the part of us that we can’t see but need to be in touch with if we are to experience its powerful free flow in our lives.

Spirit is the guiding part of us that completes our understanding of being -our life purpose.

Spirit also powers our faith in ourselves to be that which we were born to be.

For Spirit to work effectively as our life guide it must be equally connected to Mind Body.

We are never absent from our spirit – it is the electricity supply of our being, but we have to connect to it and turn it on to receive its power  in the very same way we have to turn on the power supply to our every home appliance if we want them to work.

When we acceptingly plug into our Personal Power we Grow in Self-Awareness and Life Purpose every second, every minute and every hour

Our TV or Fridge or Computer work in exactly the same way as we do – Their body is their outer casing – Their mind is their internal components – Their spirit is the electricity that soars them into action the second we turn on its  power. No Electricity No TV Reception – No Cold Fridge – No Working Computer.

To fight change is to fight life.

Electricity Powers everyday appliances to ultimately work – Spirit Power; or if you prefer  Soul Power powers humans to ultimately work.

When Soul is Satisfied, Mind and Body Forget their Imagined Needs and the Magic of Acceptance begins to Flow into being within Our Being.

Every Season of Being is a Beautiful Essential Moment within God’s Life Created Dream

Kerry Guy ©

Are You Living Your Independence?

Are you Independent?

Independently One by One We Are One

With the exception of Siamese Twins we are all born independently yet personal independence is something some never experience.

Independence is a birthright. Some people, like countries have to fight – and I do not been in a war like fashion – for the right to live their independence.

Why doesn’t everyone live their inherent personal independence?

Not everyone trusts that they are powerful independent beings. Independence does not mean disrespecting or disregarding others – it simply means living the life you were born to live.

Everyone has an independent life purpose.

We Are Independent Individual Drops of the One Life Serving Ocean

Every independent life purpose fits perfectly into the combined purpose of life.

We are born individually and independently to do our Individual Independent best to piece together the full understanding of the ONENESS.

When life is viewed as a jigsaw puzzle with each of us being individual necessary pieces of this puzzle it becomes evidently clear that living individual independence is essential if the Puzzle of Life is to be completed in its Divine Perfection.

People who truly feel their right to independence within them echo it through their energy field to the world and present it to the world as unquestionable PERSONAL POWER.

Individual Power is Potent Power

It is only when we individually question our ability to be independent that our individual independence is threatened.



The Garden of Life in its Full Beauty Could Not Be
If Individual Flower Beauty did not Bloom Independently

Kerry Guy ©

Are You a Stuctured Thinker or a Creative Thinker?


We are our Cafe SOUL – Our thinking style creates its menu whole!


Are you a structured think or a creative thinker?

Structured thinkers doubt their ability to create anew and so dare not to try.
Structured thinkers believe that there is a life box of conformity that they dare not step of.
Structured thinkers construct life foundations but rarely build a satisfying life.

Yes- There is a place for structured thought in life!

Creative thinkers trust their ability to create with and give everything a try.
Creative thinkers know not of any life conformity and enthusiastically step into life as they are.
Creative thinkers build a floating life foundation that supports an ever expanding life.

We are creations created to continually create


Structured thinkers are basically stuck – they take a few steps in life but then very quickly return to their structured homes base thoughts.

Creative thinkers are basically free flowing take continual forward step in life often devoid of a home base to offer them solace and safety.

Structured limited thinking alone cannot create life serving advancement, and neither can creative thinking alone as it has no solid foundation on which to take root, stand and grow.

Neither Structured nor Creative thoughts alone can bring optimum life results. Optimum life results depend on learning to effectively balance both trains of thought.

Morals and ethics are great foundational structures on which to build a creative life. High morals and good ethics fuel all self-creation wisely which indirectly lovingly serves the good of all.

We all have moments of structured thinking and self-doubt, and likewise we all have incredible moments of creative thinking and self-confidence. Both are necessary in our lives to help us master balancing intuitive feelings with mind driven ego.


It’s OK to occasionally step into ‘The Box’ as long as we dont’ let ‘The Box’ lock us into any form of restrictive illusion.
In life there is always more than is presently seen or known, but the new often needs a structured way of being applied to life – however even architects know that there are endless ways to successfully create new life structures.


Kerry Guy ©

Tears Have Purpose – It’s OK to Cry

Why Do We Tel People Not to Cry?
Tears are a Natural Part of Life

I just need to cry

Don’t cry – Please don’t cry!
Don’t cry – Boys don’t cry!
Don’t cry – You’re embarrassing me!
Don’t cry – People can see you!
Don’t cry –Don’t be a baby!
Don’t cry – You’re making a fool of yourself!

How often do we hear these repressive phrases still being voiced today in a world where it is a proven fact that repressed feelings are a major cause of relationship breakdowns and stress related emotional and physical illnesses in our daily lives?

How heavily programmed into is it people -especially boys and men – not to openly express their feelings?
How often do we hear women expressing the difficulty their male partner has in expressing his feelings openly?
How often do we hear men say that women are over emotional because they do more readily cry?
How often do we all in general express frustration at others not expressing what they feel?

Now I’m definitely not advocating that people should go around continually crying like pathetic victims but I am saying that this encouraged repression of emotions should be readdressed.

After all there are many types of tears; there are happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears, in pain tears, laughter tears, fear tears, relief tears, excitement tears, over-whelmed tears, loving tears and so on and so on.


Tears are a natural form of expression and should be accepted as such.

Expression immediately ends repression of all kinds and frees us up to flow into life unrestricted in any emotional way – even happiness cannot be maintained 100% of the time – life is a continual flow into new experiences of being.

Prolonged negative repression of can lead to depression and aggression before in frustration it is released in negative expression, for example in anger, physical violence, suicide and other criminal acts or of course as I have previously mentioned emotional or physical illness. Unfortunately all of these examples are predominant in our world today.


Life is not a Rubik’s Cube that needs to be boxed into to a perfect cube- Life is a free-flowing river constantly charting it course in it natural flow.

Where in many crying instances is compassion?

Why not instead of telling people not to cry ask-

Why are you crying – what’s wrong?
Why are you crying – would you like to talk about it?
Why are you crying – do you need some help?

Or in fact simply say – Cry as all you want until you feel better and then I’ll be here if you need me!

Listening is a powerful act of compassion that can turn someone’s life around.

And even when we encounter those who habitually cry in victim mode we must realize that they are actually seeking guidance and attention in an indirect way to help them find a way to express to themselves, that which about themselves they are afraid to confess and address.

People only feel victimized because of lack of attention they give themselves and maybe just maybe we can offer some guidance to help them attempt to their own needs more, but if advice or concern is in any is shunned then simply let them cry. Even those who play victim will only cry until they all cried out.

Tears are not a negative thing when allowed to flow naturally. Anything in life that follows its natural flow naturally flows into its life purpose but anything blocked from its natural life flow is immediately stopped from fulfilling its life purpose and therefore lives life is an unfulfilled state of repression.


Tears of Laughter



#NB. This is just an overall view of my take on tears and repression and I don’t want to extend it beyond this, but I will close with one thought to consider regarding balance between the masculine and feminine in regard to tears.

Yes, some women are over emotional and some men show no emotion whatsoever – I truly believe this still happens to show us that even though most of us are aware that we each house masculine and feminine energies within us  that we still have more work to do to bring them into perfect balance.

Kerry Guy ©

The Three Trees of Life


In life the 3 most renowned symbolic trees that we know of are,

–The Tree of Life – The Tree of Knowledge – and The Family Tree

We are all connected life serving leaves and branches of the One Tree of Life

Life is the One obvious growing thing every human has in common with the other.


Everyone is welcome at life’s One Tree of Knowledge

Life is One unified school of learning that every human was enrolled into at birth.


We are all members of the One Family of Life

Humanity is One Divinely Created Family created to live and learn from each other



No two branches or leaves on any one tree that we ever see in life are alike and neither are any two branches or leaves on THE TREE OF LIFE alike. Every branch and leaf on life trees, and THE TREE OF LIFE individually serve the growth of the whole tree; hence the recognized differences of humanity are all of an individual Divine Design to ultimately grow together as one to serve the collective Divine Design of Life.

Many branches many more leaves but one combined purpose of being

Every branch and every leaf on every tree has a purpose. When a leaf or branch has fulfilled its purpose it naturally dies and falls off the tree – no-one need pull it off or cut it down! Some leaves and branches are diseased on all living life trees in varying degrees but they generally die off so that the tree can survive. It is only because nature has been thrown out of balance by humanity that the diseases which affect trees came to our planet in the first place –The Creator Created Life in Perfect Balance.

THE TREE OF LIFE is still surviving even though in many ways it is diseased. The time has now come for all members – that is all branches and leaves – of our one FAMILY TREE to individually venture to THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE to seek as much awareness as they possibly can and then share it with each other. When information is calmly and patiently accepted as jointly serving and adhered to THE TREE OF LIFE can be restored to its full life serving state of well-being.

As One we are Birthing in to Greater Awareness

It is time to stop ignoring the input of others in life simply because they don’t have a diploma or certificate which qualifies them to have credible information to offer life.

It is time to stop ignoring the input of others simply because they don’t belong to a certain culture creed or set of beliefs that match ours.

The design of life was perfect. The Creator did not create imperfection in any way. The Creator seeded a perfect TREE OF LIFE – The Creator seeded a perfect TREE OF KNOWLEDGE – The Creator seeded a perfect FAMILY TREE.

Humans Being One Tree

The Creator in His infinite wisdom knew that humanity couldn’t live perfection without living the experience of trial and error.  Humanity has been trying for quite some time but unfortunately humanity has in many ways still not seeing the error of it ways.

Humanity for the most part still does not want to see the full equal worth of every branch and leaf on the ONE TREE OF LIFE – The majority of humanity still does not want to acknowledge that all knowledge on the ONE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE serves to nourish every branch and leaf on THE ONE FAMILY TREE OF LIFE!

Yes awareness is coming – Transformation is at hand – but many more branches and leaves are being sacrificed than need be as the world ascends into a new yet very old level of spiritual connected awareness!

We are One FAMILY TREE gifted life serving knowledge from the One TREE OF KNOWLEDGE seeded to support the eternal life of TREE OF LIFE – the eternal Life of the TREE OF LIFE depends on how the leaves and branches of our FAMILY TREE gain and utilize knowledge from THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.

How can separation even be imagined when intrinsically all is one.

Eternal Life for THE TREE OF LIFE for all Future on Earth Generations is in the Hand of all Tree Leaves and Tree Branches who are Now on Earth.

One Divine Soul Connects Life as Whole

Kerry Guy©

A Little Lie Never Hurt Anyone – Truth or Deception?


Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know in life, and all ye need to know.  -John Keats-

Many still do not see The Beauty of Truth – Those who do acknowledge the Honest Beauty of Life.

I have written on this subject several times and today yet again my mind flowed in this direction – let me now with share my honest flow of thought…….

I grew up as many did and many still are growing being taught that a little lie never hurts anyone,  and I guess in effect that  could by some considered to be true, because in reality a lie doesn’t hurt just anyone – a lie in fact indirectly hurts everyone.

We all Feel what is the wrong or right thought to think – word to speak – or action to take in life, but do we always follow our feelings?

One lie lead to another and another – lies essentially begin a ‘cover-up’ story – meaning that steps must always be retraced!  Looking back to retrace steps becomes essential part of day to day life for liars and ultimately leads to a trip-up which not only affects the original liar but also all those who either knowingly or unknowingly lied along untruth’s deceptive journey.

In a chain of lies eventually all involved liars in Domino Effect tumble injuring many innocent bystanders along the way.

Lies have no size –there is no little lie – a lie is a lie!

Deception and avoidance of telling the truth are also forms of lie.

Lies hurt – Honestly heals –Lies are fear based – Honesty is love based.

Every day in some way we all are presented with the choice to in some way either hurt or heal ourselves, others and life as a whole.

Truth is the path of Love

I am a supporter of truth – Sure I have lied throughout my life journey but at no time has a lie or deception ever helped me avoid pain or any other I tried to save from hurt – in fact they have only increased pain for myself and any other all concerned.

Let’s All Raise our Glasses to Truth for Truth Does Set us free and Personal Freedom, is what we all seek in our journey of life – Men and women have died seeking the path to freedom – Let fight this good fight with peaceful honesty instead of with weapons and violence.

‘To Truth Honesty and Personal Freedom’


As long as we live I’m sure we will meet liars and of course occasionally lie ourselves. Yes in essence we are 100% Divine Spiritual Beings but in form we are human and meant to learn from the error of our ways. Life school is an ongoing house of learning and the lies we tell while studying in this school do – or should – very clearly teach us the ultimate worth of truth.

We weren’t all A+ students in academic school so of course we wont all be A+ students in life school but the great thing about life school is that it doesn’t end until human life does and no-one at any time can be expelled from this learning school except by choice –  which is the choice  not to learn.



Feelings allowed to naturally flow in truth always bloom and grow-

Truth guides each and every one of us into our optimum life serving flow –

If between deception and truth at any time you have to choose –

Choose truth for truth ultimately wins – Deception is a sure way to lose –

Deception in negative ego often thinks over truth that it has won –

But that is one of the biggest deception we can live under our ONE Life Serving Sun!

Heart Guidance is Clear Honest Guidance


Honesty has a positive Domino Effect on life – Lies and Deception have a Negative Domino Effect on life.


Honest Friends are True Friends


Truth is Self-Liberating
Lies are Self-Imprisoning


Kerry Guy ©

Balancing Life


Balanced Being is Best Being

Life is Naturally Perfectly Balanced

I was recently asked, ‘How, when we feel passionate about a subject do we manage to balance our day to day life with our project of passion?’

To balance anything in life requires taking time to BE. Being is simply consciously stilling one’s mind and body in silence while allowing our essence of being to balance itself naturally. All of nature was created in perfect balance, and we are no exception to that rule – for we are nothing more or anything less than a part of nature.  Nature only becomes imbalanced when humans in a form of egotistic ignorance try to control it!

When unrestricted life has an intrinsic natural balanced flow, however in the pressured business of present day life we all, thought by thought

Being is a Natural State of Being

place enormous restrictions on this peaceful, optimum centred state of being.

By taking time to still our minds and silently BE, we automatically Balance our Energy, which means that we centre ourselves between the Practical aspects of Being and the Spiritual aspects of Being. While Being we actually send ego on a deliberate vacation to allow intuition its equal presence in our lives. Intuition knows perfectly well how to reprogram that which has become imbalanced in our lives back into balance.

Intuition does not shun ego for intuition knows full well that in human form that both ‘it’ and ego have equal dual roles to perform as we live our lives, – ego I must point out is not all bad, for ego like everything else in life has an equal positive and negative aspect.

Heart Balance is Perfect Balance

Finding life balance is more easily understood if we consider our internal energy system which is our chakra system. By doing this we very easily discover exactly where balancing the spiritual and practical aspects of the self centres us – we have seven major internal chakras – the three lower chakras power our practical life while the three upper chakras power our spiritual life – centred in between the upper and lower chakras is the heart – need I say more?

The heart always, but always brings everything in our lives into balance. I’ve been asked many times by many people the following question, ‘How do I drop thoughts to my heart?’

 My answer is, ‘Simply breathe and Be.’

The word ‘simply’ immediately freaks a lot of people, for it’s become a conditioned thought that life is far more complicated than it is simple. This naturally means that  those who see life as complex can’t help but have great difficulty accepting the truth that life is infinitely simple, and for them Being and Centring in the Heart will continue to remain a challenge until that alter their thinking.

Irrespective of what our soul inspired passion is and our day to day practical life responsibilities are as long as we take time to BE and Centre in

Balanced Being is Best Being

our Heart Space we will always know to balance our practical and spiritual dualities.

The more regularly we take time to Be the more quickly come to know and accept that everything in life has Divine Purpose. Even though we from a human perspective may not always fully appreciate that purpose we will gradually come to recognise that it is meant to Be. Furthermore we will also intuitively learn to confidently discern between that we are either meant to attach to, or detach from as we do our best to fulfil our purpose of being.

Some of us are here with a purpose to help others and so in order to fulfil this purpose others must obviously live with the purpose of needing help. Some of us are here to help our environment, animals and wildlife, so in order for this purpose to be fulfilled the environment must be in need of help and there must also be animals and wildlife in need of help.  Some of us have a life purpose to help and some of us have a life purpose of needing help – together the needy and the helpful serve each other’s life purpose.

Sometimes it appears that suffering of others is beyond comprehension and breaks our hearts but this happens because many people cannot see subtle signs of suffering and so the picture e must be made clearer if people are to be afforded the opportunity to fulfil their life purpose.

Light Serves Shadow and Shadow Serves Light

As I write this my heart is breaking as I presently have a mother cat – a street cat – living on my balcony with her two kittens. One kitten is a ball of mischievous energy but the other one whom I call ’Feisty’ is very sick and may very soon die. Obviously Feisty is not strong enough to survive on the streets so nature in its compassion is saving her from this hardship. Could I save her? – I probably could if I took her to the vet but I cannot keep another street cat therefore she would have to survive on the streets and she would not, so if I was to take her to the vet  I may well  be causing her prolonged unnecessary suffering .

Animals over time have taught me so much about discernment, detachment and the Divine Law of Nature and the fact that Compassion has many, many faces.

Balancing that which fuels our spirited passion of being with that which fuels our practical purpose of being simply requires taking time to BE.

The more we each take time to BE the more we understand why we BE and all that BE.

Kerry Guy ©

Ignorance …….

In the absence of fear is ultimate love for life and every living other.


Every time we in the smallest way pollute the earth, air and water of our land
Or in either fear-based hate and negativity toward another raise an  angered hand
We show a fist of blatant disrespect to The Life Creator who is in Eternal Command
Oh how foolish all polluters and greedy, jealous, aggressive haters repeatedly are
If they imagine that toward heaven their behaviour will earn them even one gold star
Once Mother Earth is wrecked humans have no life sustaining home on which to live
And other humans  cannot  show us love and compassion if to them we have none to give
Oh it is a sad, tangled, misguided, fear-based web many human creators on earth presently weave
My prayer is that from this disrespectful  web the foolish hurriedly  pack their ignorant bags and leave.

Kerry Guy ©