Humanity is Awakening to Collective Consciousness


Telepathy is alive and well – My thoughts are your thoughts and your thoughts are my thoughts.

Sharing thoughts can no longer be avoided among open minded people!

For those with open accepting minds there are no life secrets

This morning I was thinking which of course this is nothing new as every day I consider further life possibilities than I those I’ve already accepted. However I also know that there are infinite life possibilities – far more than I alone could ever consider.

Many of us these days are eagerly exploring the limitless possibilities of life and as we do this we are becoming more and more aware of the connected consciousness of humanity.

Telepathy is becoming a trusted vehicle of connection with others as we fully accept the workings of energy and that we are energy in form – as is every life form.

Telepathy assures that the more each of us become informed the more speedily we all become informed – for as each of us are discovering so too are others being informed!

In increased individual higher understanding we are each helping educate and inform every other open minded person on planet earth though by energetic thought frequency – AND there are no educational fees – This is a Fabulous Free God Gifted Service to each other!

This led me to one last thought to ponder more deeply…..

That which fear pulls apart, love can unfailingly piece back together

As the puzzle pieces of human consciousness are beginning to fit together to complete the puzzle of human consciousness could so to the

separated physical puzzle pieces of Mother Earth also be beginning to fit back together as one to reveal the original formation of our earthly home  – the connectedness that led so many to believe the world was flat?

Will we soon understand how our continents and islands separated from their Oneness ?

Did the birth of human ego in its negative form set crack is the stability of th4e foundation of Mother Earth to cause this explosive Big Bang?

Did fear based greedy power hungry thoughts begin the first noticeable physical form of separation on earth?

Maybe – just maybe it did?

Love can move seemingly immovable life mountains – this is a well known fact, therefore love can reconnect that which was once by fear separated.

Can love rejoin our separated continents and islands now so clearly visible on Mother Earth? I somehow doubt it – but love can awaken us to the acceptance of each other.

In acceptance of each other all oceans and manmade borders of separation would no longer be of any significance whatsoever – love is the one power that has the power to hold humanity together as one irrespective of any geographical forms of separation.

Love has the power to unite us peacefully as one

This was my morning flow of thoughts but I’m sure many of you already picked them up telepathically because –

 My thoughts are your thoughts and your thoughts are my thoughts.

Kerry Guy ©



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