Everyone Knows

Everyone knows and accepts that the heat of summer will always flows into the cool and cold of winter.

Nature Knows Exactly How to Flow

In this knowing and acceptance we unresistingly allow these temperature extremes to flow in and out of manifestation – we do know the futility or trying to do otherwise.

The human species of which we are all apart is a part of nature and flows and grows in exactly the same way as every other aspect and season of nature.

The only difference between humans and other species of nature is the human ego.

It is ego that encourages us to either acceptingly go with the flow of life, or to resistingly fight the natural flow of life.

Positive ego understands the natural flow of life and accepts that every aspect of nature is energetically connected as one within this natural flow; therefore it is only by the lead of positive ego that our lives can be powerfully lived on life purpose and peaceful.

There is not one facet of nature that does not have a specific Divine Purpose in the infinite natural flow of life.

Life naturally leads us to where we are mean to be.

Negative ego does not trust life’s natural flow. Negative ego thinks that instead of unrestistingly flowing around a problematic life mountain that it must instead forcibly blast its way through it, which inevitably redirects the flow of nature from its Divine Path of Purpose. Nature will then by its very nature fight back, because nature knows that for it to purposely flow it must follow the natural lead of life!

A great life lesson lies in the fact that humans unresistingly accept the infinite unstoppable flow of the seasons even if they don’t like the extremes they present.

What lesson is that you may well ask? That lesson is that no life season lasts forever. Every life season is a passing phase through which we are afforded the opportunity to grow in increased awareness and understanding of how best to cope with both the pleasure and pain of each season. No life season is all pleasure and no life season is all pain, but in any season it is how we live it as to the degree of pleasure or pain we gain from the experience.

The Flow of Being Cannot Be Stopped

Our thoughts create our reality every second that we are in human form. Thoughts, like seasons have a natural flow that we can either allow to flow trustingly, or that we can resistingly attempt to dam.

Just as summer unfailingly flows into winter sadness flows into happiness, injury flows into healing, pain flows into pleasure, loss flow into gain, death flows into life and so on, and so on.

Our personal life is but a moment within the infinite flow of eternity. Eternity cannot be stopped therefore is seems to me that it is absolutely futile to fight the flow of our moment of natural being. When we in complete faith and trust accept each and every passing moment of our brief being as being a part of a Divine Perfect Flow our life naturally and acceptingly, like a river flows into its Divine Life Serving Path of Purpose.

– Flowing leads to purposeful growing – Damming leads to detrimental damnation –

As we accept the moment we accept the self…

Kerry Guy ©

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