Peace Love and Understanding

A Predominance of Personal Peace Love and Understanding Will Transform  our Present Divide World into a Unified Peaceful Loving Understanding World – Wars Hatred and Indifference Toward Others Will Effectively and Lastingly Cease and The World Will Live as One.

Only One by One Can We Come to Live as One

I’m sure many reading this will believe that if I believe that the world can live together as one  that I am dreaming an impossible dream.

Once upon a time I would have agreed that to dream of, and to believe in a world that could live as one in peace love and understanding would have been crazy. However I no longer believe this; nowadays I believe that life can be as we each choose to see it and live it based on our own person energy input to life.

Those of us who choose to live peacefully do – Those of us who choose to live life lovingly do – Those of us who choose to live life understandingly do.

Our personal worlds are as we choose them to be thought by thought and action by action, and because like attracts like the way we each choose to live attracts more of the same energy frequencies into our lives.

The state of the world around us depends on the state of the world within us. Several years ago I made the  choice to journey with in myself to

As we believe life to be – life will be!

discover more about myself and as I gained a greater understanding of myself I automatically increased my understanding of others – and as I gained greater inner peace my outer world also became more peaceful- and as I grew to love and accept myself so to did my love and acceptance of life and others grow. As I grew into a new approach to life I suddenly found that I was attracting new similarly minded people into my life.

Yes hate, indifference and cruelty will probably remain in life as long as humanity prevails on earth – but it will only prevail in the lives of those who believe in its existence and therefore energetically live it and attract it into their presence.

Maybe our world will one day become a recognized living separated reality of heaven and hell on earth dependent on personal thoughts and beliefs based on either Love or Fear. Loving thoughts are healing heavenly thoughts. Fear thoughts are diseased hellish thoughts. Heaven or hell like everything else in life are a chosen choice of perception and existence.

I believe this could be so because after all, we were all gifted free will at birth – the free will to either live our lives connected to God Energy – which is Love energy, or to live disconnected from God Energy which immediately plummets us into tormenting restless energy more commonly recognized as the fires of hell.

Kerry Guy ©

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