Intuitive Feelings Are Conscious Connection to the Unseen


Which do you honour and follow?

Feelings deserve to be respected – Every situation in life incites feelings


Man has made definite ‘right and wrong’ rules to guide us in regard to what we should and shouldn’t do in life in order to make us feel good about how we live and also connect to God. God on the other hand from whom we can never actually be disconnected from gave us feelings to guide us in the very same way, however God given feelings do not operate in the field of definite right and wrong!

Feelings flow from good to bad, happy to sad, hurt to healed etcetera with numerous variations in between. Each one of us was deliberately

created differently with one exception – that ONE exception is LOVE – Love is the source of all creation and the core of our human being.  Love is the one thing we all commonly house in the exact same frequency potential, but whether or not we all optimize our love energy frequency is of course a personal choice.

As heart feelings guide us we can fully trust unseen support is beside us

God feelings have no boundaries. God feelings flow freely and limitlessly without condemnation or judgment. When God feelings are allow to flow we know full well when we have arrived at a right personal choice, for we immediately center in peace coupled with a sense of inner knowing and joy that all is good in our life because all is as God wants.

Man-made rules are based on conformity and have boundaries which sadly in everyday living are necessary to keep law and order but man-made rules generally make no allowances for either personal God feelings or individual differences and therefore often do not center many us in personal peace. Trying to unwaveringly follow man-made rules can cause us to forget to give credence to our intuitive God guiding feelings.


Incidentally in a perfect world if the majority of human kind lived life based God feelings there would be no need of man-made rules.


Our world invariably grows from the seeds of thought we each sow

When we live in accordance with our God feelings we never step out of harmony with conventional man-made rules and laws – we automatically do what is right and serves good of all – we act as God would act because it is God who is guiding us!

There are no set rules when it comes to living love. The conflict between man-made rules and God feelings is very simple – God feelings are always love based – man-made rules are always fear based.

God doesn’t set rules in place about living love for that would not only destroy the very opportunity of learning about love as we live, but also revoke the gift of free will given to each of us at birth. Free will is not a freedom to do as we please in life – free will is the choice to either live life connected to God energy or Disconnected from God Energy.

Enlightened beings know that balanced being generates optimum being, therefore when we address man-made rules with God given feelings we acceptingly see the balanced purpose of both in daily life.

Kerry Guy ©


Humanity is Awakening to Collective Consciousness


Telepathy is alive and well – My thoughts are your thoughts and your thoughts are my thoughts.

Sharing thoughts can no longer be avoided among open minded people!

For those with open accepting minds there are no life secrets

This morning I was thinking which of course this is nothing new as every day I consider further life possibilities than I those I’ve already accepted. However I also know that there are infinite life possibilities – far more than I alone could ever consider.

Many of us these days are eagerly exploring the limitless possibilities of life and as we do this we are becoming more and more aware of the connected consciousness of humanity.

Telepathy is becoming a trusted vehicle of connection with others as we fully accept the workings of energy and that we are energy in form – as is every life form.

Telepathy assures that the more each of us become informed the more speedily we all become informed – for as each of us are discovering so too are others being informed!

In increased individual higher understanding we are each helping educate and inform every other open minded person on planet earth though by energetic thought frequency – AND there are no educational fees – This is a Fabulous Free God Gifted Service to each other!

This led me to one last thought to ponder more deeply…..

That which fear pulls apart, love can unfailingly piece back together

As the puzzle pieces of human consciousness are beginning to fit together to complete the puzzle of human consciousness could so to the

separated physical puzzle pieces of Mother Earth also be beginning to fit back together as one to reveal the original formation of our earthly home  – the connectedness that led so many to believe the world was flat?

Will we soon understand how our continents and islands separated from their Oneness ?

Did the birth of human ego in its negative form set crack is the stability of th4e foundation of Mother Earth to cause this explosive Big Bang?

Did fear based greedy power hungry thoughts begin the first noticeable physical form of separation on earth?

Maybe – just maybe it did?

Love can move seemingly immovable life mountains – this is a well known fact, therefore love can reconnect that which was once by fear separated.

Can love rejoin our separated continents and islands now so clearly visible on Mother Earth? I somehow doubt it – but love can awaken us to the acceptance of each other.

In acceptance of each other all oceans and manmade borders of separation would no longer be of any significance whatsoever – love is the one power that has the power to hold humanity together as one irrespective of any geographical forms of separation.

Love has the power to unite us peacefully as one

This was my morning flow of thoughts but I’m sure many of you already picked them up telepathically because –

 My thoughts are your thoughts and your thoughts are my thoughts.

Kerry Guy ©



Everyone Knows

Everyone knows and accepts that the heat of summer will always flows into the cool and cold of winter.

Nature Knows Exactly How to Flow

In this knowing and acceptance we unresistingly allow these temperature extremes to flow in and out of manifestation – we do know the futility or trying to do otherwise.

The human species of which we are all apart is a part of nature and flows and grows in exactly the same way as every other aspect and season of nature.

The only difference between humans and other species of nature is the human ego.

It is ego that encourages us to either acceptingly go with the flow of life, or to resistingly fight the natural flow of life.

Positive ego understands the natural flow of life and accepts that every aspect of nature is energetically connected as one within this natural flow; therefore it is only by the lead of positive ego that our lives can be powerfully lived on life purpose and peaceful.

There is not one facet of nature that does not have a specific Divine Purpose in the infinite natural flow of life.

Life naturally leads us to where we are mean to be.

Negative ego does not trust life’s natural flow. Negative ego thinks that instead of unrestistingly flowing around a problematic life mountain that it must instead forcibly blast its way through it, which inevitably redirects the flow of nature from its Divine Path of Purpose. Nature will then by its very nature fight back, because nature knows that for it to purposely flow it must follow the natural lead of life!

A great life lesson lies in the fact that humans unresistingly accept the infinite unstoppable flow of the seasons even if they don’t like the extremes they present.

What lesson is that you may well ask? That lesson is that no life season lasts forever. Every life season is a passing phase through which we are afforded the opportunity to grow in increased awareness and understanding of how best to cope with both the pleasure and pain of each season. No life season is all pleasure and no life season is all pain, but in any season it is how we live it as to the degree of pleasure or pain we gain from the experience.

The Flow of Being Cannot Be Stopped

Our thoughts create our reality every second that we are in human form. Thoughts, like seasons have a natural flow that we can either allow to flow trustingly, or that we can resistingly attempt to dam.

Just as summer unfailingly flows into winter sadness flows into happiness, injury flows into healing, pain flows into pleasure, loss flow into gain, death flows into life and so on, and so on.

Our personal life is but a moment within the infinite flow of eternity. Eternity cannot be stopped therefore is seems to me that it is absolutely futile to fight the flow of our moment of natural being. When we in complete faith and trust accept each and every passing moment of our brief being as being a part of a Divine Perfect Flow our life naturally and acceptingly, like a river flows into its Divine Life Serving Path of Purpose.

– Flowing leads to purposeful growing – Damming leads to detrimental damnation –

As we accept the moment we accept the self…

Kerry Guy ©

Peace Love and Understanding

A Predominance of Personal Peace Love and Understanding Will Transform  our Present Divide World into a Unified Peaceful Loving Understanding World – Wars Hatred and Indifference Toward Others Will Effectively and Lastingly Cease and The World Will Live as One.

Only One by One Can We Come to Live as One

I’m sure many reading this will believe that if I believe that the world can live together as one  that I am dreaming an impossible dream.

Once upon a time I would have agreed that to dream of, and to believe in a world that could live as one in peace love and understanding would have been crazy. However I no longer believe this; nowadays I believe that life can be as we each choose to see it and live it based on our own person energy input to life.

Those of us who choose to live peacefully do – Those of us who choose to live life lovingly do – Those of us who choose to live life understandingly do.

Our personal worlds are as we choose them to be thought by thought and action by action, and because like attracts like the way we each choose to live attracts more of the same energy frequencies into our lives.

The state of the world around us depends on the state of the world within us. Several years ago I made the  choice to journey with in myself to

As we believe life to be – life will be!

discover more about myself and as I gained a greater understanding of myself I automatically increased my understanding of others – and as I gained greater inner peace my outer world also became more peaceful- and as I grew to love and accept myself so to did my love and acceptance of life and others grow. As I grew into a new approach to life I suddenly found that I was attracting new similarly minded people into my life.

Yes hate, indifference and cruelty will probably remain in life as long as humanity prevails on earth – but it will only prevail in the lives of those who believe in its existence and therefore energetically live it and attract it into their presence.

Maybe our world will one day become a recognized living separated reality of heaven and hell on earth dependent on personal thoughts and beliefs based on either Love or Fear. Loving thoughts are healing heavenly thoughts. Fear thoughts are diseased hellish thoughts. Heaven or hell like everything else in life are a chosen choice of perception and existence.

I believe this could be so because after all, we were all gifted free will at birth – the free will to either live our lives connected to God Energy – which is Love energy, or to live disconnected from God Energy which immediately plummets us into tormenting restless energy more commonly recognized as the fires of hell.

Kerry Guy ©