Bridging Natural Instinct & The Mind


The journey is best lived when natural instincts and mind are harmoniously bridged.

When instincts and mind work as one it’s possible for all life mysteries to come undone.

Every day we journey further in to life even if some days it appears that we are motionless and road blocked. Life cannot be stopped – life is energy in constant motion.  Energy can however at any time be either slowed or increased but it can never be stopped, even in death.

Every form of creation has an optimum energy frequency at which to operate in any given moment, just as every known emotion also has an optimum positive and negative energy frequency of expression. We all know when we are feeling and expressing our best, and on these days we feel joy in all we think, see and do  – we simply love everything about life! But we also all know when we are feeling and expressing our worst, and all mood energy frequencies in between. On these less than positive days our world becomes somewhat shrouded and disconnected from joy and so instead of striding through these days enthusiastically we halfheartedly amble through them listlessly!

Balance will always project from that which does harmoniously connect.

When we give our best to life we feel good and we sense our worthiness in the scheme of life, but when we don’t give our best to life we feel unfulfilled, disheartened and begin to question our worthiness to be. A phrase used by some in these negative moments is ‘I feel like a waste of space – the world would be better off without me!’ This of course is not true as everyone is born into life with divine purpose, but what is true is that the world would be better off without the energy that we generate to life in the those miserable energy depleted  moments.

Instinctively we are joyful life creations so of course when we trust our natural instincts and live accordingly we always operate at our optimum energy frequency just as we did as babies prior to mind’s added influence to our lives.  Everyone’s life challenges begin when the time comes for mind and instincts to begin working together as our partnered life team leaders!

Trying to balance the scales of mind thoughts and natural instinct is a constant life challenge as conditioned social behaviours and beliefs continually try to weigh the scales in favour of mind thoughts! The mind houses our ego, which like everything has both a positive and negative aspect of expression and it’s the flow between these two aspects that causes fluctuation in mind balance. Instinct on the other hand knows how to balances itself naturally.  Further adding to energy fluctuation is the minds desire to be in control whereas instincts relinquish control knowing full well that they naturally know how best to be.

The flow or damming of our everyday life journey is primarily determined by either the balance or imbalance of mind and instinct.

It is however extremely easy to understand our mind / instinct battle when we look at the world around us these days especially if we live in a city  for much of nature has disappeared with mind deigned structures taking its place.

 Trees; which instinctively grow and serve life go, so that in their place mind designed concrete buildings can be put on show.

That which connects naturally flows uninhibitedly

The mind says, ‘We need homes for people right here in this spot and we will not consider beyond what we think – this is a profitable project and it also houses people so it must be!’  The mind in its need to be right forgets what it instinctively knows about trees, which is that without trees there will be no life and without any life there is no need of buildings!


Humans are an intrinsic part of nature but these days the majority of us are living in man-made concrete technological jungles separated from that to which we are intrinsically connected, so of course we are lost and confused – so of course we have come to trust mind creativity over natural flowing instincts. Yes the mind is a wonderful powerful thing with a specific life serving purpose but to trust a mind solely creates a life of imbalance.

We are Mind Body and Soul, and Natural Instincts are Soul Sourced and when our Natural Instincts work in harmony with our Mind they harmoniously guide our Body through the process of trial and error to journey our Every Day Journey at our optimum personal life vibration frequency.

Instincts tell us how to walk our journey naturally, whereas mind offers us options of where to walk as we naturally journey. Any decision based on mid thoughts that leaves us centred in peace has balanced perfectly will with our natural instincts and The Divine for The Divine gifted us our natural instincts for this very purpose. Any decision that leaves us less than centred in peace indicates we mind and instincts are not perfectly in balance and that new thoughts should be considered.

Our instincts never guide us to misery or depression – only a dominant mind can do that –only our mind thoughts can

Bridging Light Illumines Right

build the dam wall that inhibits and controls the natural instinctive flow of our lives. Nonetheless to journey optimally most definitely requires honouring both our mind and natural instincts as invaluable equal operators in our lives – but let me stress that it is  only when we are centred in peace that they are in perfect balance.


Journey Well
Kerry Guy ©

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