We Are Energy – Life is Energy

It is time that we individually take responsibility for our energy contribution to all that be!

No one can deny that we are energy -The fact that we are energy is a given.

Without the energy of thought the Pyramids would never be.

When we are tired we know our energy is depleted and that we either need to rest or change our lifestyle to replenish it! We know and trust that the energy of the food we place into our bodies affects our health and energy level. Yet today many people still do not place either much credibility or importance on the concept that thoughts  affect energy levels.

Our thoughts not only affect our personal live but the lives of everyone.

Daily, moment by moment, thought by thought we each contribute to the state of the world in which we live – not just our up-close personal world but the world of everyone. We are each like one of the massive blocks of the Great Pyramids of Giza that form the complete design of the pyramids. One by one, or block by block we create the human design of life on earth and whether or not that life is predominantly in peace or turmoil is partially the individual responsibility of each of us!

We are all contributing energy blocks of the One Pyramid of Life

Because of this truth the concept of oneness is so clearly and obviously illustrated to those who trust in the power of energy – the power of the mind – the power of thought and the power of life! There is nothing within creation that does not sourced from energy; even that which appears lifeless has energy which can very easily be seen when placed under a microscope.

The power of prayer is a recognized fact – but what is prayer but a focused thought. The only difference between a thought and a prayer is the belief that a prayer is being directed to God whereas a thought isn’t and can somehow bypass God -WRONG!

Nothing bypasses God Energy because God is the omnipresent All That Is which makes it clearly evident that no thought, from a brief flashing thought to a prolonged focused escapes  God’s attention. Oh and let’s not forget that every prayer is heard and answered!

Once this fact is understood and accepted we cant help but understand, accept and take responsibility for our individual roles in either the present peace or turmoil within our world and the one world of us all.

Energy is life and energy cannot be stopped even in death, for in death we are simply a new form of energy hence ONENESS is truth.

ONENESS is reality – we can no more separate our individual energy from the energy of life than a droop of water can separate itself from the ocean.

Everything and every one is a vibration frequency – Still life, is still life!is reality – we can no more separate our individual energy from the energy of life than a droop of water can separate itself from the ocean.

It is time for each and every one of us to take full responsibility for our individual roles in the life we now live both individually and globally. In form we may appear to be separate from each other but let me inform you that separate form is simply a thought based illusion gifting us a vehicle with which to journey through the experience of life. One of the main purposes during our journey of life is to unmask this separating illusion and come to realization that ALL IS ONE and always will be.


I will close with a quote from Iman Ali. It may not be in complete alignment with my thoughts above, but however I feel it has a powerful message that does directly connect with the energy of my thoughts concerning ONENESS.

A person is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity. ~ Imam Ali

Kerry Guy©

Everything whether it appears to or not is a living active form of energy.


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