From Love to Fear

What Happened to The Love?

The Relationship with The Self Determines Relationships with Everyone Else

People continually place more importance on relationships with others than one the relationship with the self!
Relationships with others can only mirror the relationship we have with self.
The relationship we have with the self sets the standard for all relationships in our lives; not just friendships or romantic relationship, but all relationships – it is that simple.

Relationships fail or fall apart simply because we haven’t repaired something within the self. Most often we tend to deny that the problem lies

As I see myself is as I see everyone else

with the self preferring to look for outer causes.
Generally people place more interest in others lives because the persona they fear most o know one hundred percent in life is the self.

Self is scary!  To know the self completely requires total honesty. Total honesty is scary!

When  we  dare to journey within the to explore the self openly honestly an lovingly all fear fades as we step back into the essence of love that we are, and as we become aware of our authentic love self we also become aware of everyone else’s authentic love self.

In awareness there is no anger

As I accept me as I am I become aware I am the creator of all that I am as I live  and be as I am.



My attitude as does your and everyone else’s on earth shapes and defines my life and my relationships. My attitude as does your and everyone else’s on earth determines my every favourable or unfavourable result tin life including my relationships.

To be aware of the self is to become accepting of the self, and when we accept the self we realize that we are a continual work in progress as is everyone else in life as we all experience our journeys of life.

Acceptance is born of awareness – Awareness knows no anger

We are all students and teachers to each other so in every relationship or life situation we are at any time encountering we are either living the role of student or teacher. But as in formal education we are all free to choose to be either an attentive student or an effective teacher.  We’ve all skipped classes in life and we’ve all found fault with our teachers and at times we’ve all chosen not to pay not paid attention to lessons offered.  We alone have done this.  We through our choices have created our present reality and will continue to create our present reality all by our self!

Why do relationships fail or flow from love to fear? Simply because we haven’t explored and studied and applied the lesson they offered us to better understand love and accept he self.
And please note that not all relationships are mean to last but all relationships are primarily meant to add to our growth love and understanding of life self and as they do this they enrich awareness of all that is.

One last thing – people usually enter relationships because they admire certain qualities in the others which they believe they themselves lack; but none of us are lacking – we just haven’t yet sought out those admirable qualities within the self. Strangely enough many relationships begin to go sour because of the very same qualities that initially attracted the relationship. These qualities become annoying because they haven’t in some miraculous way attached themselves to the self! The qualities of others we admire cannot be borrowed or shared they must be discovered within and applied to our everyday life.

I relay my light lovingly….

The Relationship with The Self Determines The Self’s Relationships with Everyone Else!

When we spell Relationship ‘RELAY – SHONE –SHIP’ we can very easily see how a relationship can be the relaying vessel that truly makes us shine!

We are all vessels of being it is up to each of us to relay love to the sell so that we may truly shine!


 Kerry Guy©

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