What is Love?


Maybe some people think this is an unnecessary question considering that love is what we all are – that love is the pure essence of our individual

Love simply is and that’s all there is too it!

being and our collective one human-race being. Each and everyone of us irrespective our colour, race, religion or creed was created in love, to be love as we live by the Greatest Love of of All; more commonly known as God.

God and Love I see as synonymous therefore in my understanding one can only ever know what love is as well as they know and connect with God – The One Eternal Life Energy Source and Driving Force.

Not everyone of course sees love in this powerful omnipresent way.


How any people on earth limit and label love not truly realizing that Love is All that is?

All is Love and Love is All there is

People love to use the word ‘Love’, but do they truly know what it means and how to live it?

Often the word love is used with the intent of manipulation which is about as far away from love’s authenticity as one can get!!!!!

If enough people – a mere 11% of the world’s population- did presently know the meaning of love and how to live love our world would be a very different place….

Being In Love is very Different from Being Love but until one knows what Love is. One can neither Be Love or Be In Love….
And so it is!!!!!     ……..   Kerry Guy ©

More Love Quotes

I believe that when the day comes that we can fully explain God that we will also be able to fully explain love, for the see the Two as One….
K G ♥

We are all born because we BE LOVED by THE BELOVED….
How strange it then is that some are not loved by the self…..
K G ♥

Self Love Determines Everyone Else Love….
K G ♥

Those who walk in the shadows of fear generally fail to see that beside them which walks in the LIGHT of LOVE….
K G ♥

Love is the core self – Love is not something outside the self….
K G ♥

That we are Love is a given….
That we live our Love is personal decision….
K G ♥

Never forget to be Love, because to forget to be love is to lose the self, and when we lose the self we immediately meet fear…..
K G ♥

Kerry Guy ©

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