Change is a Constant Part of Being

It’s futile to fight change because….

Change is an inherent part of being….

Change Always Is….

Change incorporates an ebb and flow of being….
Often people fight the idea of who they feel they should be for the sake of fitting into life’s imagined box of conformity….

Its best to always just BE and unafraid accept that always that as we all Be we are Being exactly in the moment what we are meant to be  to grow into our wholeness and God Given authenticity…

Just as a scientist experiments until he or she arrives at an optimum outcome we too should all be afforded the opportunity to do the very same with our lives until we arrive at a point that feels GOOD for us in every cell of our being….
For when we feel GOOD about how we BE without any hint of shame or embarrassment we can be certain we are OK and living what is right for us by God.

Shame and embarrassment are clear indications we need to keep experimenting with who we are and how we live our being….

As I Grow I Change – I Can Be no Other Way

I have changed many times in my life as I have grown and become more enlightened in my ever increasing heightened maturity (I refuse to say aging years 🙂 … I don’t believe we age I believe we only grow to facilitate our journey back to God)

Change is a part of being – Change is natural.
A tree changes numerous times until it reaches its fullness and even then it continues changing in smaller unnoticeable ways each and every moment it lives.

Because life is constant change in motion life is always best lived simply going with the flow of its Divine Wonder and natural God Designed perfection…

~Life has an innate Divine Flow; it is in this Flow that we naturally Divinely Grow~
~Never fight the Flow of Being Unless an Unauthentic You. You Hope to be Seeing~

Kerry Guy©

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