Egypt Centers Me in Peace

Yes.I am ready to help others explore Egypt once more.

Early Morning Luxor

Before January 25th 2011 I regularly helped people explore Egypt or connected then to people who could help them fulfill their Egypt adventure.
After January 25th 2011 I wondered if I would ever do that again. I often thought of the joy I experienced helping others this way but didn’t put any effort into suggesting to people that they consider Egypt as tour adventure destination or hint that I was still interested in continuing with Egypt adventures as I had done prior to the revolution.
Egypt was and is still going through a huge process of change and I realize that uncertainty in many ways accompanies change. And of course media portrayals of change can generally give outsiders cause for alarm.
Yes life was messy to say the least here and as Egyptian elections draw close there is a little more unrest but nothing like the revolution era. Uncertainty still abounds for Egyptians and all of us living here, yet in that uncertainty among most is a sense of calm coupled with sincere hope for a bright future.

People often ask me how I as an Australian suddenly came to live in Egypt.

I Am the Voice of Eternity

Egypt is an incredible country. I think Egypt speaks in Soul Language because she called me here and she most definitely told me this is where I should stay. She didn’t tell me in a strong domineering way; she spoke to me as she speaks to many foreigners through the whispers of eternity.

Because of the Soul Communicative way of Egypt I wasn’t surprised when recently foreigners started contacting me showing an interest in once again exploring Egypt.

Then before I knew it the universe guided me back to a wonderful connection that would enable me to help others explore Egypt just as I did prior to January 25th 2011.

So once more Egypt guided me back to a place where I love to be of service to others.

I’ve always loved helping others explore The Land of the Pharaohs, but quite a few life situations apart from the Revolution have said to me either; ‘Not Now Kerry’ or ‘Not This Way Kerry’.  Finally I feel that the Right Now and the Right Way have both arrived.
I have no intention of packaging up a Kerry Designed Tour for anyone unless of course they ask me to do so. I will however always show you, or unveil Egypt to you My Way if you choose to have me accompany you on your Egypt Adventure.

My Light Shines

Some of you may still be nervous about an Egypt Holiday Adventure at this time but I must point out that life here isn’t quite as bad as some of the pictures that the media so often paints. Furthermore, when travelling with a reputable tour company your safety is paramount in every way.

I personally – as much as I love it- would not advise anyone to travel to the Sinai area at this point in time.

In regard to how I personally find life here at the moment, I have to honestly say that I rarely encounter anything to cause me any concern. Egyptians are basically kind hearted hospitable people who love interacting with foreigners.

At any time in any country in the world there are always people who live in fear and act accordingly. There is no place in the world where it isn’t necessary to act with commonsense regarding the situations in which we place ourselves.

The Nile is Captivating and Healing

Australian friends of mine have just completed a 3 week holiday here the full length of Egypt and had a trouble-free, fun- filled enjoyable time.

Having said that; it gives me great pride and pleasure to announce my affiliation with Golden Pyramid Travel. Golden Pyramid Travel, a renowned Egyptian travel company has had 26 years experience in successfully serving tourists every need throughout Egypt and more. We have a selection of package tours readily available but can also design the tour of your choice. We can organize your entire Egypt stay or simply cater to your needs day by day.

Please check out our website or contact me directly at any time for more information about an Egypt Soul Stirring Adventure. As you all know I love Egypt and on June 14th 2012 Egypt and I will have had an eleven year live-in love relationship that keeps growing.

Kerry Guy
Photography Kerry Guy

Please inbox me here for further information of contact my friends at Golden Pyramid Travel direct.



The Desert and I Are One

Philae Holds My Heart

The Light That You are is The Light of I Am

In Your Presence I Am Your Captive

There is No End to All That I Am

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