Everyone’s Afraid Sometimes

Many of us are confused about fear.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard people say they aren’t afraid when their actions very clearly display otherwise.

Every thought word or deed in life stems from either the energy base of love or fear. Fear is a much deeper emotion than the image shivering nervous wreck begin held at gun point, or a screaming child facing an equally screaming dog, or the threat of impending war etc.


Fear is Fueling Energy Aligned with Regression.


Fear locks us in life situations. Fear holds us captive. Fear is the greatest terrorist on earth and fear is housed within our mind. Fear is a thought that we each and all negatively fuel at times which holds us locked in potential energy which we refuse to allow to shift into moving active serving kinetic energy.


When our energy is aligned with God Energy we completely let go of fear and tap into wisdom. We can never partially let go of fear, so we must never fool ourselves into thinking that we can- we either do or we don’t let go of fear.

We all have root fears we need to overcome and when we do the feeling is indescribable as we realize we truly are powerful unstoppable beings.


The four root fears that generally hold us back in life are…

  1. Fear that we are not good enough ….
  2. Fear that we are not worthy of love….
  3. Fear that we are unsafe and lack security…..
  4. Fear of death – I personally think number 4 encompasses numbers 1, 2 & 3 because they represent a combined fear to live life fully as intended, and so anyone who is afraid to live is also afraid to die. No soul dies peacefully if it realizes that it hasn’t lived fully.


Yes we are all afraid of many things in life but our fears usually stem from these root fears which at a root level cause us immense but totally unnecessary pain. Any time we can’t move forward in life we must be aware that the only thing preventing our life progress is fear.


Fear holds us captive while Love sets us Free

When ever I am asked what the definition of love is I immediately respond….



Kerry Guy
Photography also Kerry Guy


2 responses to “Everyone’s Afraid Sometimes

  1. I like how you used pictures of hot air balloons in talking about fear – my fiance and I were talking about them last night and how scary it would be to go up in one!

    • Hi Christina 🙂
      I used them on impulse as I guess some people would have a related fear to them.
      I don’t I love them. I find it an immensely free spirited feeling to be in them.

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