What is the button pushing I speak of some of you may ask?

Buttons are staring and ending points.

The Button Pushing I speak of is that thought word or deed that immediately insights either an extremely definitive positive or negative reaction for another.

We all repeatedly push each other’s buttons.

We’re meant to push each other’s buttons.

Pushed buttons continually avail us to the opportunity to delve deeper into the exploration of the self one button push at a time.

We regularly push each other’s buttons

Button Pushing is part of the infinite flow of relationships.

Sometimes we intentionally attempt to push specific buttons in another.

Occasionally we deliberately target a reaction from another however for the most part when we target a reaction we are usually targeting a positive or loving reaction, but not always!

Sometimes we do push buttons to insight anger.

Anger is extremely revealing, therefore a burst anger can at times be required for each of us to reveal our truth in the moment –  not to other,  but essentially to the self .

A short burst of anger is healthy as it allows us to release repressed feelings and emotions.
For the most part we have been conditioned to repress feelings for fear of hurting or disappointing another when in fact all we actually do in our state of repression is disappoint and hurt the self.

Pushed buttons can release repressed emotions

It’s in the breath of release that the pain of pent up anger does cease.

In general we don’t deliberately push buttons to insight negativity in another.
Negative responses often come as a shock when button have been unsuspectingly pushed.
For the most part we all keep our true Positive and Negative Buttons a secret.
We all tend to hide aspects of our authentic self from the self, so we most certainly won’t eagerly reveal them to someone else.
When we unsuspectingly push a button in another that insights a response almost equal to the fire of hell we can be very sure we have pushed a bottom that has a source of extreme pain.

Anger at a core level is never directed to another.

Button Pushing is a possible healing catalyst.

Anger is a mask to hide pain.
Anger is a cry for love and understanding.
Anger is generally a cry from the self to the self to behave or think in a more differently in a given situation or relationship.

Everyone is sourced from love.  Love is who and what we are, and Love is ever Patient and Kind.
Anger is fear based, and emotions that are fear based distance themselves from love and so in anger we disconnect from the self and that hurts, and in fact prolonged anger rips us from our soul and when that happens the pain is excruciating.
When we are experiencing this excruciating pain the best thing to do is pray that someone comes along to push a button within us that can once more reconnect us with the love that we eternally are.

Pushing buttons always either starts or stops an action or reaction.
When our negative buttons are pushed by others it’s perfectly OK and actually healthy to have a short burst of anger, but we must also be aware that a gift of healing is being offered to us in the moment in a most unsuspecting and probably undesirable way imaginable!

My advice in these instances is to have the outburst and then calmly flow into the gifted healing.


In ever arena of life from politics to parenting, from religion to education –  in fact from every voice that speaks each and every day comes words that push the buttons of someone. How we each react to button pushing is a choice -but please remember that at times we all need to have our negative buttons pushed to help fuel and start on a more positive journey in life. It’s so very easy in life to get stuck in non-productive self- designed comfort zones of being – sometimes we need a push to move us out of our comfort zone into an new unfamiliar far more rewarding zone of adventure and unexpected personal joy and fulfillment.


I love the way animals push my buttons.

Love definitely works in mysterious way but love definitely does always work in all of its mysterious ways.
Kerry Guy ©

Change is a Constant Part of Being

It’s futile to fight change because….

Change is an inherent part of being….

Change Always Is….

Change incorporates an ebb and flow of being….
Often people fight the idea of who they feel they should be for the sake of fitting into life’s imagined box of conformity….

Its best to always just BE and unafraid accept that always that as we all Be we are Being exactly in the moment what we are meant to be  to grow into our wholeness and God Given authenticity…

Just as a scientist experiments until he or she arrives at an optimum outcome we too should all be afforded the opportunity to do the very same with our lives until we arrive at a point that feels GOOD for us in every cell of our being….
For when we feel GOOD about how we BE without any hint of shame or embarrassment we can be certain we are OK and living what is right for us by God.

Shame and embarrassment are clear indications we need to keep experimenting with who we are and how we live our being….

As I Grow I Change – I Can Be no Other Way

I have changed many times in my life as I have grown and become more enlightened in my ever increasing heightened maturity (I refuse to say aging years 🙂 … I don’t believe we age I believe we only grow to facilitate our journey back to God)

Change is a part of being – Change is natural.
A tree changes numerous times until it reaches its fullness and even then it continues changing in smaller unnoticeable ways each and every moment it lives.

Because life is constant change in motion life is always best lived simply going with the flow of its Divine Wonder and natural God Designed perfection…

~Life has an innate Divine Flow; it is in this Flow that we naturally Divinely Grow~
~Never fight the Flow of Being Unless an Unauthentic You. You Hope to be Seeing~

Kerry Guy©


Egypt Centers Me in Peace

Yes.I am ready to help others explore Egypt once more.

Early Morning Luxor

Before January 25th 2011 I regularly helped people explore Egypt or connected then to people who could help them fulfill their Egypt adventure.
After January 25th 2011 I wondered if I would ever do that again. I often thought of the joy I experienced helping others this way but didn’t put any effort into suggesting to people that they consider Egypt as tour adventure destination or hint that I was still interested in continuing with Egypt adventures as I had done prior to the revolution.
Egypt was and is still going through a huge process of change and I realize that uncertainty in many ways accompanies change. And of course media portrayals of change can generally give outsiders cause for alarm.
Yes life was messy to say the least here and as Egyptian elections draw close there is a little more unrest but nothing like the revolution era. Uncertainty still abounds for Egyptians and all of us living here, yet in that uncertainty among most is a sense of calm coupled with sincere hope for a bright future.

People often ask me how I as an Australian suddenly came to live in Egypt.

I Am the Voice of Eternity

Egypt is an incredible country. I think Egypt speaks in Soul Language because she called me here and she most definitely told me this is where I should stay. She didn’t tell me in a strong domineering way; she spoke to me as she speaks to many foreigners through the whispers of eternity.

Because of the Soul Communicative way of Egypt I wasn’t surprised when recently foreigners started contacting me showing an interest in once again exploring Egypt.

Then before I knew it the universe guided me back to a wonderful connection that would enable me to help others explore Egypt just as I did prior to January 25th 2011.

So once more Egypt guided me back to a place where I love to be of service to others.

I’ve always loved helping others explore The Land of the Pharaohs, but quite a few life situations apart from the Revolution have said to me either; ‘Not Now Kerry’ or ‘Not This Way Kerry’.  Finally I feel that the Right Now and the Right Way have both arrived.
I have no intention of packaging up a Kerry Designed Tour for anyone unless of course they ask me to do so. I will however always show you, or unveil Egypt to you My Way if you choose to have me accompany you on your Egypt Adventure.

My Light Shines

Some of you may still be nervous about an Egypt Holiday Adventure at this time but I must point out that life here isn’t quite as bad as some of the pictures that the media so often paints. Furthermore, when travelling with a reputable tour company your safety is paramount in every way.

I personally – as much as I love it- would not advise anyone to travel to the Sinai area at this point in time.

In regard to how I personally find life here at the moment, I have to honestly say that I rarely encounter anything to cause me any concern. Egyptians are basically kind hearted hospitable people who love interacting with foreigners.

At any time in any country in the world there are always people who live in fear and act accordingly. There is no place in the world where it isn’t necessary to act with commonsense regarding the situations in which we place ourselves.

The Nile is Captivating and Healing

Australian friends of mine have just completed a 3 week holiday here the full length of Egypt and had a trouble-free, fun- filled enjoyable time.

Having said that; it gives me great pride and pleasure to announce my affiliation with Golden Pyramid Travel. Golden Pyramid Travel, a renowned Egyptian travel company has had 26 years experience in successfully serving tourists every need throughout Egypt and more. We have a selection of package tours readily available but can also design the tour of your choice. We can organize your entire Egypt stay or simply cater to your needs day by day.

Please check out our website or contact me directly at any time for more information about an Egypt Soul Stirring Adventure. As you all know I love Egypt and on June 14th 2012 Egypt and I will have had an eleven year live-in love relationship that keeps growing.

Kerry Guy
Photography Kerry Guy

Please inbox me here for further information of contact my friends at Golden Pyramid Travel direct.



The Desert and I Are One

Philae Holds My Heart

The Light That You are is The Light of I Am

In Your Presence I Am Your Captive

There is No End to All That I Am

Everyone’s Afraid Sometimes

Many of us are confused about fear.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard people say they aren’t afraid when their actions very clearly display otherwise.

Every thought word or deed in life stems from either the energy base of love or fear. Fear is a much deeper emotion than the image shivering nervous wreck begin held at gun point, or a screaming child facing an equally screaming dog, or the threat of impending war etc.


Fear is Fueling Energy Aligned with Regression.


Fear locks us in life situations. Fear holds us captive. Fear is the greatest terrorist on earth and fear is housed within our mind. Fear is a thought that we each and all negatively fuel at times which holds us locked in potential energy which we refuse to allow to shift into moving active serving kinetic energy.


When our energy is aligned with God Energy we completely let go of fear and tap into wisdom. We can never partially let go of fear, so we must never fool ourselves into thinking that we can- we either do or we don’t let go of fear.

We all have root fears we need to overcome and when we do the feeling is indescribable as we realize we truly are powerful unstoppable beings.


The four root fears that generally hold us back in life are…

  1. Fear that we are not good enough ….
  2. Fear that we are not worthy of love….
  3. Fear that we are unsafe and lack security…..
  4. Fear of death – I personally think number 4 encompasses numbers 1, 2 & 3 because they represent a combined fear to live life fully as intended, and so anyone who is afraid to live is also afraid to die. No soul dies peacefully if it realizes that it hasn’t lived fully.


Yes we are all afraid of many things in life but our fears usually stem from these root fears which at a root level cause us immense but totally unnecessary pain. Any time we can’t move forward in life we must be aware that the only thing preventing our life progress is fear.


Fear holds us captive while Love sets us Free

When ever I am asked what the definition of love is I immediately respond….



Kerry Guy
Photography also Kerry Guy