Go With The Flow


Life is a Flow in Which we Grow

Why is it so important to go with the flow of life?
Flowing knows no resistance.
Why is resistance best avoided?
Because resistance is pressure which locks in pain in the moment – and remember the moment is the eternal Now so the longer we persist to resist the more the pressure is required to hold our stubborn non-moving position and then consequently our level of pain in any situation is unnecessarily prolonged and increased.

As I Flow I Allow - As I Allow I Become

People do know this, and in fact some openly say light-heartedly when they are being knowingly stubborn – ‘I Love Pain –There is No Gain without Pain’!

Part of this statement is truth – ‘There is no gain without pain’. Birth itself is painful for Mother Child and Father in some way but especially for the child, but the child flows without resistance into life knowing that birth is a painful but essentially rewarding journey it must take to begin living the life it was created to live.

As soon as a baby is born it immediately forgets both the physical pain of birth and the emotional pain of uncertainty regarding its destination, when it is wrapped in the arms of love.

Like wise a mother’s physical pain immediately flows into joy when she sees her newborn bundle of joy. Giving birth is a wonderful example of Going with the Flow.

A father’s long term emotional pain of anxiousness that both mother and child remain  well throughout the term of pregnancy and during the delivery process also immediately abates and flows into joy the moment he sees his elated partner well and happy and his child for the very first time.

Because I know no resistance I bloom in my full beauty.

Everything new in life is birthed into being. The birth process is a natural flow from beginning to end; it is only when that flow is stopped that we halt the natural process of being. If we can be born unresistingly into life it stands to reason that we can birth any new thing into life in the very same way.

Resistance can be let go of; just as anything non-serving in life can be let go of, but when resistance is held onto in persistence it stops the flow of being and life becomes painful in every way.

Life isn’t meant to be an easy journey. Life is meant to be a learning journey. Learning isn’t always easy. Learning can at times be a real struggle. But learning offers knowledge and knowledge when applied gifts wisdom.

Why is it so important to go with the flow of life?
Because when we go with the Flow we Follow the Light Of Wisdom in all we do, and in The Light of Wisdom Shines The Light of Love, The Light of Hope, The Light of Dreams Coming True, The Light of Everything that is Good and all that is Good is Aligned with God Energy and nothing gets any better than that!

Go With the Flow and in Love Light Grow

Kerry Guy ©

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