Live the Power of Love

All religions are essentially teachings designed to connect the human energy to the highest energy of creation and existence and that highest energy is of course LOVE.

Love is Life

Love is the energy that assures that humanity can live a peaceful harmonious existence on earth if it chooses to! Love, even though it is the source of our being is a choice. Some people do predominantly choose to live life in Love Energy which is Energy of Source, as they fulfill their human experience of being while others don’t.

Love Energy is commonly known, because of religious connotations concerning life’s Highest Energy Frequency as God Energy.

The free will gifted to each of us at birth allows us each the choice of either live life aligned with God/Love/Source Energy or disconnected from it, and we are each free to make this choice in every moment we live breathe and be!

People who connect with Love Energy are Peaceful Purposeful Joyful People – Love fills them with these traits, and because this is what they are full of this is the only way they see and live life.
Everyone Loves being around Love Energized People because they are charismatic and uplifting.
They automatically take us into their Love Energy while we are in their presence.

I Know I Am Love Power

Love Energy fills us with acceptance of all that is. This does mean that we have to accept all this is into our daily lives it simply means we are to be aware of all that it is, and accept that all that it is, is acceptable in the scheme of life. Because life is a perfect plan of creation, everything is in life is perfectly OK, as nothing was, is, or ever will be created without purpose.

It is in our best interest to always acknowledge and accept all that is, simply because acceptance gifts peace while resistance gifts pain. However we never need let all that is all become a part of our lives because not all that is, is in our best interest.

Let’s for a moment consider all that is in life as the huge range of goods on display in a large supermarket – we can see all that is on display and enjoy going to the supermarket but we never buy all that is on display; we only buy that which suits our needs.

Love Energy is the most powerful energy known to mankind. And because Love is that Highest  Energy Frequency possible it is undoubtedly God Energy and that truly is ultimate Energy.

Those who opt to choose to live life acceptingly, predominantly connected to Love /God/Source Energy not only live Peaceful Purposeful Joyful  lives on earth but also pass into their optimum personal energy of soul to live in the very same way for – ‘As we live is as we die.’

We can live life connected to or disconnected from Love Energy.
God is the Source of all that is and The Source of all that is,is Love.

Irrespective of whether we choose to explore our Love/God/Source Energy connection via religion or spirituality we must remember to place importance on the fact that knowing about the Power of Love is worth absolutely nothing unless we of course apply to our daily lives as a daily practice.

When we Trust and Live the Power of Love we Powerfully, Peacefully Joyfully Live Life Perfectly Aligned with our Soul Purpose.

Intelligent people know about the Power of Love – Wise people however apply the Power of Love to Life in all they do.

Kerry Guy ©

2 responses to “Live the Power of Love

  1. Thank you Kerrie, for sharing that with us.

    I loved it, so true. 🙂

    I am a soul of love, joy and happiness 🙂

    Love u one of many, my mentor

    Have a fun fab day 🙂

    Rasha Saber

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