Everyone is Both Inspirational and In Need of Inspiration

We all need inspiration at times and where our inspiration comes from is generally a huge surprise. There’s a wise saying which says……

‘Always Look Beyond the Obvious!’

Khaled puts New Thinking into Action Hoping to Inspire Others to do the Same

I began looking beyond the obvious after first watching the movie ‘Patch Adams’. I had never heard of Patch Adams when the movie based on his life was first released but friends invited me to go and see his movie and it turned out to be one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. The quote I mentioned regarding looking beyond the obvious which was stressed in the movie continues to serve me each and every day of my life in many exciting enlightening ways.

A few weeks ago my friend and I were walking in the Cairo Downtown area quite close to Tahrir Square when we met Khaled. Khaled’s attitude was inspirational to say the least.  Khaled lives his belief which is that its time for a new way of thinking. Since the Egyptian Revolution Khaled like many who were involved in the tourist business, has had to find a new productive way to live his life which of course required him to Think in a New Way.

It's time to promote a 'New Way of Thinking'

Tourists in Egypt may has lessened but Khaled’s ideas haven’t – they instead have increased in new innovative, inspiring, supportive ways. Khaled can now be seen most days in Talaat Harb Square where he displays antique memorabilia, art, old coins and anything he feels is of interest and value to others. He and others play music in the evening to all passersby. Music naturally draws  everyone in the rhythm of is melody. Khaled, a Nubian knows the magic of music; he knows the joy it brings to life and the power it has to transform the moods of us all.

Music Promotes New Thoughts

Khaled is not living as he used to – Khaled is not wasting time think about what was – Khaled is living life in the now- Khaled is filled with hope and joy – Khaled is not worrying about what might be, he simply and powerfully lives what is now – Khaled trusts his intuition and realises the power of positive thinking – Khaled doesn’t just talk the talk of thinking in a new way he walks the walk of his new thoughts and the joy he experiences doing that is reflected to all who meet him. Khaled’s smile is warm and engaging, and  it’s not fake – it is honest and true and its light reflects hope of a new better brighter day every day to all those who meet him.

Khaled and others like him are revolutionary – they are bringing about positive change in life that indirectly serves everyone. People like Khaeld don’t wallow in regret; they let go of the past and get on with being by staying centered in the now, and they focus on being the best they can each and every ‘now’ moment that they live. Inspirational people like Khaled bring about lasting change by the most effective natural process of all – they do this through the process of Gratitude – Gratitude for Being and Gratitude for Being able to continue Being and Gratitude for Being able to help others as they Be!

Gratitude is the most Powerful Attitude to Adopt in Life

Gratitude is the Stepping-Stone to Joy

Grateful People are Inspiring People

Everyone leaves a mark in life.

In keeping the topics of inspiration and gratitude I wish to mention the following. I recently posted the following words on facebook because of a response I received from an Egyptian who is not thinking at all  like Khaled.

My post stated,  ‘Happy People Help Create Happiness Wherever they Go so Be happy because it helps make the world a happier place. Find and utilize the Happiness you essentially are.’

RESPONSE: ‘And vice versa Sadness contagious.

I CONTINUED: Sadness is not contagious – sadness only is if you let it be sad, or in other words if you choose it to sad. Higher energy frequencies which happiness is compared to sadness, will always absorbs lower energy into its field of flow, thisis why happiness is contagious.

Khaled's Attitude is Positively Inspiring.

Happiness has a spontaneous contagious effect. Sadness and misery however are chosen locked decisions or states of mind.

Have a Happy Day and remember that if you Decide to be happy and you will be.
Anytime you are feeling sad choose a new thought that makes you glad.

The Mind Loves Misery….
The Heart Loves Happiness….
Drop Mind thoughts into the heart….
This is where though transformation does start….

Think with your heart …..
Act with the wisdom of the soul….
The soul knows the futility of misery….

FURTHER RESPONSE: What is happening in Egypt makes all Egyptians sad.’


I CONTINUED: I am in Egypt and I choose happiness born of hope and I know many Egyptians who also choose happiness and are happy and hopeful. Attitudes of SADNESS hinder Egypt’s progress; they do not help.

If you and others who choose to live in sadness and misery learn and accept this TRUTH then the NEW Egypt you dream of will be born much sooner than it now will be based on all the negative debilitating energy thoughts you are adding to the situation.


Combined sadness can only  hurt Egypt.
Instead of talking about sadness and how bad things are get out onto the streets and do something good for others .
Be that which you hope others- including your government – will be!
Don’t just talk about wanting change – Get out and do something that creates change.



Both Happiness and Sadness are Chosen Choices by us all at any time – it’s that Simple.


Good Deeds are God Deeds

GOOD thoughts and GOOD deeds are GOD Thoughts and Deeds.
Less than Good thoughts and deeds are not God thoughts and deeds.
If YOU want miracles in life you have to start focusing on the GOOD for all that is GOOD is GOD Connected.
And so it is…..
Its your choice …

Do you want to help or hinder your country?
Every Deed Begins with a THOUGHT!


FINAL RESPONSE: Thank you very much, and I wish you every happiness, but we must be influenced by what has ended up in Egypt, and thank God for everything.

I CONCLUDED: What ends up in Egypt will be a result of the predominant attitude of Egyptians. God gives as all free will to either work aligned in His Highest Energy of Goodness or not. Have a wonderful day and think positive happy hopeful thoughts as they really do help.


These are two completely different attitudes toward life. One person is radiating joy to life and one is not, but both were in some way inspirational to me for without both my blog would not be as it is and both attitudes have in some way made me look more deeply into my own life to question whether or not I could be living it in a more positive purposeful way.

Khaled is being the change he wants to see in life.

Oh – and all of you living in or visiting Cairo I urge to you drop in on Khaled and say Hi – You’ll find him on the edge  of Talaat Harb Square in Downtown. Meet a wonderful man who is making a  difference by simply being different by living his life in a positive New Way Powered by Positive New Thoughts. Khaled is Being the change he wants to see in life!

God helps those who help themselves.

Khaled was helping himself and then someone helped him with a gift of stickers to promote his work. Now Khaled will Pay his Gift forward. God works through us as we are the miracles makes. We are all here by God but we are all here by God to serve each other.  And so it is!



We’ve had the revolution now we have to create the change….
I love Egypt and people like Khaled remind me why!!!!

Kerry Guy

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