In Our Abundant World People are Starving – Why?

People in this world are not starving because of a lack of food or a lack of money.

People are starving because of a lack of LOVE or in other words, because of fear.

More than enough food is available to feed every person on earth and then have some to spare!

However we simply have to look around us to see that food is in abundance on our planet.

One would have to be blind not to see that life does abundantly supply more than enough to feed everyone.

Many people fearfully hoard food and money believing that they themselves may one day be in lack and this belief frightens them above all else!

Money is also clearly abundant as we can see it being spent in countless ways every day


People love to shop - it gives them a high! Some people even become addicted to shopping.

Furthermore, new ultra modern corporate banking, insurance and investment buildings are being constructed every day throughout our planet. These buildings cost millions of dollars to construct and they are constructed on the premise that their building cost will be recouped through money investments alone, so money is definitely not lacking in our world.

Homes are empty because some pockets are too is regularly burned when its considered to be too old!

New apartment buildings cost money to build and it seems money is always available to continually build them; yet so many people throughout our world remain homeless as they don’t have money to buy or even rent an apartment! And ironically many apartments in newly constructed buildings around our planet remain empty because many lack of money in the same way homeless remain homeless because of a lack of money!

How did we as a HUMAN RACE sourced from Love and sustained by Love forget to be Lovingly Humane?



Even well fed, well housed people are staving for love. Material goods and lashings of rich food do not house love, and they never can!

However sharing our worldly possessions and food from the heart with others is love energy in action.
Money is a wonderful powerful creative third dimensional energy tool. Money when used as a tool of love helps create miracles but when it is held onto in greed it creates misery.

Money shared selflessly in love will always be returned ten fold or more in like – this is a God or Universal Law. The unfailing result of this law applies to all who fearlessly apply it with the intention of love fuelled by unwavering faith and trust.

Streets were designed to lead us to new destinations not to be home to some.


I have seen street cats turn their backs on food when loving strokes are simultaneously available. Even a cat chooses love to nourish its spirit rather than food to nourish its body. A street cat knows it will always be able to find food if it looks hard enough but it is not so sure when on the streets it will next find love.

Street people also live by the same philosophy.

I frequently encounter this miraculous reaction to love among the so called ‘poor people’ I meet on many of the Cairo streets I walk. It is this wonderful reaction to love and recognition that repeatedly assures me that most of these ‘poor’ people house riches of the spirit that some wealthy people fail to experience throughout their entire life time!

This street cat shows the quality of the food wasted by people.

Those without an abundance of cash but with an over abundance of  love have frequently offered me their food in return for my love which is most definitely not is generally expected by the masses.

Food given in this spirit has a far richer taste and a greater soul nourishing effect than any food served in the finest restaurant on Earth!

*God supplies more than enough for everyone’s Need on earth but not enough for everyone’s Greed*

By the way please remember that no-one should ever be starving for love during any Holy Season – after all love is the reason for the season.

Not one among us should ever be starving for love. Sadly this present day lack of love in the world has stemmed from lack of love for the self. One must first be filled with love before one can live love and give love to life!

Kerry Guy


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