It’s Time for an On Earth Love Eruption


In Cooperation born of Love we can Heal our World and Save Humanity

Every time I see someone hungry I am so grateful for the food I have
Every time I see a homeless person I am so grateful for the home I have
Every time I see a lonely person I am so grateful that I know I’m not alone
Every time I see a sad face I am so grateful that I have a smile to give
Every time I see images of lack in life I realise that we all have love to give

Love Births Hope

Love can move mountains and Love can calm the roughest seas
Love is the cure for all lack, pain, suffering & present day disease

Every time I remember that the Power of Love resides within each of us I know
That God entrusted us to care for each other with this powerful tool as we live our human on earth show
But somehow some of us have forgotten the power of the Power of Love that we have within
I think this happened the very day we let the fear of lack in our lives begin
This fear is detrimental love deflecting non-serving humanity work
Enabling humans their responsibility toward each other to sadly shirk


Love Fulfills Our Every Need

It’s time to remember that we are one in God’s Plan of Creation
And that lack was not a part of His perfectly planned visualization
It’s time once more to appreciate every single thing that life gifts us each and every day
And it’s also time to trust that The Creator will never take the gift of abundance away

So let’s all lend a helping hand and never be afraid to others to give
We may not all have an abundance of money but we all have love to give

Happiness is Love in One of its Many Action

Love is the Only Answer and Love is the One Master Key
That can bring Peace on Earth as it Unites and Saves Humanity
Until humanity actively steps into its pure essence of love, humanity is on a self-designed path of massive self-destruction
And this will not bring joy to earth and nor will it give the Creator any measure of satisfaction
So let me say it one more time very loudly and very clear
That NOW is the time for an ON EARTH LOVE ERUPTION to appear!


Kerry Guy ©

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