PLEASE, Please Your Self!

Pleasing the self can’t help but leading to pleasing everyone else in the life of the self.

Nature Naturally Pleases Itself and is Naturally Pleasing

Make Sure you put yourself as Number ONE in your life.

Yes – I mean it!

Always put – I: Number ONE – Me: Number ONE and Myself: Number ONE

Then the  I, Me, Myself that we each individually are become the ONE complete whole happy contented self that we each inherently be.

And when  the one self as its Balanced Three Perfectly Be it enriches the lives of everyone it encounters and shares its life with!


We can only relate to others as we relate to the self.

Let’s explore this –
How we love and care for the self is exactly how we love and care for everyone else.
So Please, Please Yourself so that you can automatically please others and know that as you please others you please yourself even more.

None of us please ourselves all the time – sometimes we forget!
Sometimes we must forget in order to be able to remember just how special we each actually are and that we are in fact worthy of being pleased by ourselves and by others.

GOD only Creates Perfection.
Therefore I, You, We, Me  please God just by simply being.
Now that is something to be pleased about!!!!

It pays to appreciate the self  but that’s a personal choice. Its up to each of us to as to whether or not we please the self.
So to that I say – Please Yourself, as to whether or not you Please Your Self!



When we appreciate who we are and that we are
We shine as brightly as the brightest cosmic star
When we accept that we are a perfect Divine Creation
We pay our Creator Respect and that is cause for celebration
To belittle our worth in any mind imagined unrealistic  way
Is to shadow the Light that we each have to offer life each day

Kerry Guy©

8 responses to “PLEASE, Please Your Self!

  1. Took me years to understand……but this Credo is soooo important. Thank you for sharing and caring.

    • Thank YOU Nenah for reading my blog…
      It took me years too…
      Then I finally realised that if I feel didn’t I was worthy of love how could I ever expect anyone else to love me….
      I’m so glad we each love ourselves because that simply makes it an automatic response to love each other 🙂

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