Truth Verses Lies – It’s No Competiton!


When our conscience is our guide it guides us toward the truth

To tell a lie or tell the truth
Is a decision making choice we first learned in youth
Telling truth as a child we learned to fear
When angry adults before us were near
Big people had a strange way of showing
The worth of truth when their faces were with anger glowing
Adults today I urge you to youths to never do this
For it screws up their lives and destroys potential moods of adult bliss
Honesty should always be applauded
Even though it is not always immediately rewarded
Honesty when approached from the heart
Always new progressive roads in life does start…
~Kerry Guy~



Aligned with

Lies will always come back to bite you

FEAR born of the mind CRIPPLES the progress of the Mind – Body connection to SOUL…..
If we do not connect with our SOUL – our eternal immortal whole – we will never lead contented fulfilling lives either in the here and now or in the there ever after….
As we live so too do we die….
Love and Fear are an infinite flow but Love and Fear cannot coexist as one at the same time….
We are all faith-filled beings but our faith is only ever in one place at one time and that is either in LOVE based beliefs or Fear based beliefs….
FEAR NOT if you want to Live your Life Progressively in a way that serves not only the self and the self’s family but ALL MANKIND…
We all flow into fear based faith at times simply to remind us off its empty threat and futility….
This is a truth we can learn either learn and accept and live or not….
Fear Not for Honesty is one of the HIGHEST Forms of Love….

Kerry Guy ©

Honesty gifts Inner-Peace

My thoughts on lies and fear arose after reading the following question posted as a facebook status.

Question: Why do people find it easier to believe lies than the truth?!

Always- but Always choose TRUTH no matter what, for that which didn't initially didn't seem to matter when approached with a lie will one day most definitely matter!

I instantly responded with the words above but then – realizing that I hadn’t exactly answered the question followed up with the comments below.

Answer: I should have mentioned that it is easier to believe lies than truth because generally people try to paint a pretty picture with lies afraid – were back to fear again – afraid others won’t be able to handle the truth; but the truth of the matter is that people handle truth much more readily than they accept lies…
Once a lie has been discovered all trust in another is forever gone….
That’s a huge loss in one’s life 😦

Honesty is honestly always, in all ways the best policy. Truth by its very nature  always surfaces in every situation. Lies are illusion and illusion is not real and so cannot last. If it appears that the truth may hurt another then speak it from the heart sandwiched in love. Love unfailingly heals every hurt. None of us want to hurt or be in pain, and none of us want our children to hurt or be in pain so please teach the children well and always be kind to yourself. Let go of lies in order to hold onto love and live in love. KG

Honesty spoken from the heart sandwiched in love is always accepted as it is offered. Love is the most powerful energy on earth and honesty is one of the highest form of love any of us can ever express.

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