What is Spirituality and How Can I Take a Spiritual Journey?

Many people mistake spirituality for religion believing them to be the same thing, but they are not. In fact they are in one very noticeable way completely opposite, for religion divides people into sects and groups while spirituality unites all people of all religions as one. Spirituality breaks down man-made walls of separation not only of religions but in all areas of life.

In the world of spirit all is one.

Spiritual people simply see people. Spiritual people do not question a persons race creed or religion. Spiritual people respect each others right to live life as they choose. Spiritual people know that everyone is created equally and live life from that premise. Spiritual people know that Goodness is Godness and embrace goodness in all that they see and experience in life.

Furthermore spiritual people  by being accepting of all that is connected as one, and being of the understanding that goodness is an inherent part of all creation help heal the wounds of  divisions that exist throughout our planet today born of various power hungry  egotistical human minds that house an insatiable need to be right together with a veracious  hunger to control.

Spirituality is a personal connection to God Sourced Energy.  Connecting with God Sourced Energy is a journey of spirit guided by a sense of inner knowing which we all have – our inner sense of knowing is our intuition. Our intuition is our conscious connection to the unseen world and it is from the unseen world that all creations are born. The unseen world is where miracles are birthed. A spiritual person knows this, and a spiritual person also knows that a spiritual journey requires journeying deep within the unseen aspects of the self in order to fully connect with the unseen world around them.

In life there is much more unseen to discover that there ever is seen.

We are the Miracle Makers and there are millions, billions and zillions of miracles simply waiting to be made!

When I follow the lead of my spirit I am always home.

It is readily accepted that we humans are a compilation body, mind and spirit. The mind is within the body while our spirit resides inside and outside of our body as it intermingles with every other free flowing spirit on earth. The nature of our spirit or soul is infinite – it is the Alpha and Omega of our being.

Some people  have a difficult time accepting the reality of the concept of spirit and its worth and role in our lives because they  can’t see it! Humans at large have become a species that requires  proof and tangibility of existence before they can trust its reality. This can no longer be because the human species as whole is evolving to a higher level of consciousness. It is time to readjust our thinking. Now we must think with the heart and act with the wisdom of the soul.

The time is at hand when trust is a must if humans are to now be their new authentic expression of reality

We are all Human Transmitters. We all transmit our present energy frequencies to life moment by moment. If our present energy frequencies aren’t lifting our spirits to be in alignment with the new earth changes then  we have to readjust our thoughts and and beliefs to accommodate this planetary life changing shift. A spiritual being is an energy aware being. Energy is all we are in our every state of being. We are always energy but we are not always form.

A spiritual journey begins by following hunches rather than logic when making life decisions and letting go of the need of proof and tangibility.

In Spirit I Eternally Am

Once a person begins to connect with God Sourced Energy  of the unseen world suddenly all the  previous so called mysteries of life disappear – suddenly in utmost faith they awaken to new understandings that speak of the limitlessness of life possibilities and the connectedness of every living species on our planet.

Suddenly in a deep sense of faith and trust life unfolds in miraculous ways that it previously couldn’t because of a limited stuck belief system. Spiritual people know that in faith and trust they can achieve anything they believe they can and that so can everyone else. And spiritual people know that a spiritual journey is a connected journey and that as we each individually grow in life understanding so to does everyone else.

We make look separate a and we may live what appears to be separated but in the world of spirit we are one and as one we all journey together.

What is spirituality?
Spirituality is an awareness of spirit and that in spirit all is one!
How do we take a spiritual journey?
We simply be, and as we be we go within and the deeper we go within the more we come to know the reality that we authentically be- that is the eternal reality that we cannot see!

Kerry Guy ©

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