Has the Immortal Self Been Forgotten?

Our Soul is Our Immortal Unseen Self

Soul Light

To forget we are soul leads to living life incomplete not whole.

As man has evolved it seems his focus has been more predominantly placed on that which is seen rather than that which is unseen. Nowadays however there is a resurgence of interest in the unseen world. Modern man finally seems to have realized that something is missing in the way life is presently being lived.

Life should be absolutely wonderful as human intelligence has created marvels and accomplishments beyond many peoples widest dreams yet many people continue to feel ill, incomplete and dissatisfied throughout their life no matter how many material possessions they acquire or how much money they have. Man is now looking for that which he hasn’t yet seen to eradicate this feeling of incompleteness and dissatisfaction – but man will never see what this missing thing is, for that which is missing stems from the unseen world – the world from which all miracles are born – the world from which we all came and the world to which we shall all return!

mind challenge

Soul Wisdom is Absolute

Man can no longer treat his soul with indifference. It is time to journey within and reconnect with the healing power of the soul so that in balanced mind body and soul harmony man can live his life purpose complete, satisfied and whole.

Man, as he has focused on looking for way to best live life on earth has trusted logic to be his sole guide instead of balancing his mind thoughts with his intuition – he has solely focused on trusting mind thoughts instead of  dropping these thoughts to his heart to allow them to flow into feelings. Feelings and emotions are the force field of the soul which houses wisdom absolute. Thoughts are mind based – thoughts allowed in the heart to flow into feelings become soul sourced life guidance.

Soul Awareness is simply a process leading to acknowledging and recognizing our unseen immortal self. As we do this we gain an understanding of how to maintain our mind – body – soul connection to live fulfilling lives that serve not only the self but the entire universe.

Sound complicated?

I’ll simplify it – Our soul is unseen – Everything is unseen until it is seen – It is in the unseen aspects of life that all miraculous creations are born – The unseen houses indefinable immeasurable potent power – God is unseen so in our unseen state we are fully connected to God – Once we trust that our unseen self is eternally connected to God and God Power we become walking, talking fully aware focused miracle makers on earth!

Three words that I consider as being vital in Soul Awareness are,  INTUITION- FAITH -TRUST

Balanced Being

Balanced Mind Body Soul Being is Best

Soul work is an ongoing practice requiring discipline commitment and consistency if we are to successfully live it rather than simply frequently talk about it! But of course as always we have complete free will to either fully apply ourselves, or not to soul work as we do with any other life undertaking. Our free will even though it is open ended actually has only two options –

1 – We choose thoughts and actions that connect us to God or-

2 – We choose thoughts and actions that disconnect us from God.

Over time as I  have previously stated, humans have become conditions to placing faith in that which they can see over that with they can’t see, which sadly if we look at the state of today’s world is working in many areas of life far more destructively than it is effectively.

Countless people are still unnecessarily dying from war, hunger and indifference – Mother Earth is suffering as we, through our disconnection from her carelessly take her for granted while continually polluting her.

What we are presently seeing in our world should very swiftly send us looking to that which we can’t see in order to seek the healing solutions our  world now so desperately needs.

The year 2012 is here – It is time for change!

If we want to change the life we now see we have to change the way we look at it NOW – not tomorrow – not next week, month or year but NOW!

Our souls know how to heal and so too does the soul of Mother Earth – Let’s awaken to our Soul Power and heal together as one for the good of everyone and for all future generations to come. We the people of now are the pathfinders of the future – Unless we are balanced Mind Body and Soul Pathfinders we will simply find more paths like those so many of us are now walking in unfulfilled life dissatisfaction.

Kerry Guy ©

soul awakening

Soul guidance carves paths that purposefully serve all.

2 responses to “Has the Immortal Self Been Forgotten?

    • Thank you Michael……
      I sincerely appreciate your comment….
      I’ve recently started facilitating ‘Gateway to the Soul Workshops in Cairo where I live…..
      I truly feel its time to become more aware of the soul….

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