We Are All Super Heroes


Super Soul Heroe Self

We are all Super Heroes

To meet the Super Man or Super Hero that resides in EVERY Human Self requires merging the Human Soul Self with the Human Mind Self until they balance equally into the expression of Human Mind Body and Soul Self.

Soul magic

A Mind Body and Soul balanced self is perfectly powered whole self

 Once the human self becomes his or her balanced full self he or she taps into their inherent Super Hero God Connected Powered Self and becomes instantly able to match the feats and accomplishments of any recognised Super Hero in their every life endeavour.

An in balance Human Super-Self can, like Superman leap tall buildings of obstruction in a single bound, and can outrun all fears and doubts faster than the most powerful locomotive, and can effortlessly bend steel-like bars of challenge with their bare hands and they can so very easily aerodynamically lift themselves into any desired life serving destinations or acts of life service!

Yes, anything any Super Hero can do; including Superman Superman, Batman, Batwoman, Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Wonderwoman,

super hero power

The hero we seek resides within the self

Wonderman etcetera, etcetera we  Super Humans can also do!

When the mind drops its thoughts into the heart and the heart then taps into the soul we automatically become perfectly balanced humans who shine as our Super Soul Hero whole!

Christopher Reeve was an amazing example of his Super Soul Hero whole – he actually became the Super Man he so brilliantly portrayed in his Super Hero role of Superman after his crippling accident. From that time on until his death he leapt out of the negative of his situation and flew into its equal opposite positive, and powerfully lived his last years on earth with us as an incredible inspiring Soul Super Hero.

Christopher Reeve from his wheelchair dropped his mind thoughts into his heart and tapped into his soul and lived his life as his Super Soul Hero whole while inspiring many others to do the very same.

We are all Super Heroes – The Super Heroes in life we seek to meet actually reside within the self simply waiting to be discovered and soulfully set free.

Superman most certainly did return

I am the powerful force in life I seek to find
I am a God created  tri-une of soul body and mind
When I truly come to know myself as my balanced whole
I am immediately powered by the miraculous magic of my soul

Kerry Guy ©

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