Life is a Divine Plan of Perfection

Life is Perfectly Divine
Sadly Man Doesn’t See This All The Time

Differences highlight similarities

It is only through perceived differences that we recognise similarities

In life we perceive numerous differences between each other simply because of our outer appearances, or the languages we speak, or the accents we have, or the beliefs we hold or even because of the food we eat or because of  the cars we do or don’t drive . The purpose of difference is to entice us to seek similarities we all house; not to judge others or to see ourselves as either superior or inferior to each other in any way.

To Judge Another is to Reveal the Self

Our differences offer an invaluable  doorway of communication to each other. How often do we meet a strange unsure of how to begin a conversation?  It is in these moments that we rejoice in each others differences as they are perfect conversation starters

coomincation connection

Communication leads to understanding.

Sometimes however we encounter an accent or spoken language by way of reply that we don’t understand. When this happens we have two clear choices to make :-

  1. We can either choose  the easier of the two choices which is to politely thank the person and walk away in search  of someone to converse with who speaks a language or in a manner that we can more easily understand or…
  2. We can take the more challenging option of trying to make ourselves better understood while also paying more attention to the person we are trying to understand.

By opting for choice number two both parties are immediately offered an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of each other and of life in general.

We all learn and grow from each other and we always learn and grow the most when we have to stretch our understanding skills of each other to a new level. Not understanding others is not always dependent on a spoken language or accent. Misunderstanding each other stems from many aspects of life perceptions and social or cultural back grounds. The only sure way to alleviate such misunderstandings is to communicate with people we don’t understand and to live among lifestyles unfamiliar to us.

Sight and Sound

Life language is more than just a spoken word

I believe the Creator in His or Her or It’s infinite wisdom created us all differently for the specific purpose of learning from each other to such an extent that we finally come to discover the Divine Truth which is that our outer differences simply camouflage our inner similarities.

My life observations have shown me time and time again that many people seek to be different from how they were perfectly created to be in life – for example people with white skin long for olive or brown skin and so they ‘roast’ themselves in the sun in an attempt to become that which they are not. Then there are those with straight hair who long to have curly hair and vice versa, and so they go to the coiffure and have the desired changes made;  or those who have blue eyes and long to have brown eyes or any other colour eyes than the colour they were born with so they go out and buy the colour lens of their choice positive that the appearance they create for themselves will be much more life serving than the one the creator graciously gifted them. Somewhere along the way in the journey of life many people these days have forgotten to trust that Life is a Divine Plan of Creation and how to speak the language of appreciation for who they are and the life they live!

It's our differences that make us lovable to each other

I’m sure if we each appreciate ourselves more just as we are, that we’ll also appreciate others more just as they are. And then suddenly we’ll all be more eager to get to know and understand as many different people as possible in our individual  life times – and that because of our eagerness to get to know and understand each other more we’ll automatically begin breaking down many of the rigid mind-made walls and borders of separation that presently exist between different races, cultures and creeds throughout our planet.

Different languages and accents are an immediate opportunity to make sure we each really listen and pay attention to each other more intently when we speak. So often we only half listen to people who speak the same language and familiar accent as ourselves assuming that we know what they mean or are trying to say. Assumption generally leads to misconception which can further lead to  damaging misunderstanding which may lead to unwarranted aggression.

The language of life is powerful. How we each utilize that power is a choice, but one thing is for certain as we each make our power using choices and that is that Life is a Divine Plan of Perfection awaiting us to live it in the authentic essence of our gifted Divinity.

Kerry Guy

We are all connected branches on the one tree of life


The Lived Language of Life can at Times be Conflicting and Confusing.
How Often Does it Say – I want to look Like Another Whose Culture Colour and Creed I am Repeatedly Abusing.
Is this language trying to say that if I had an enemy’s qualities  I’d live them a better way?
Racism has no place in The Lived Language of Life these days if Peace Love and Oneness on Earth are to come into full play!

Kerry Guy©

‘TOGETHER WE ARE ONE-We are all connected clouds that fade in and out of being in the same sky of life’

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