Our Mind – Friend or Foe?



mind friend or foe

Thoughts Power Creation


Our mind can be our greatest friend or our biggest enemy depending on the energy frequency and the  intention of the thoughts we  allow our mind to power  into creation…..
Thoughts fuel creation…
A thought becomes a word then a deed….
Intention is a major factor in our every creative thought and final creation…
Mind thoughts are best dropped to the heart – our soul sensory connection -before being spoken or acted upon….
By dropping our thoughts to the heart we get a balanced soul/mind perspective which then our body can act upon…
Remember we are Mind Body and Soul and should work with the three aspects of ourselves equally….
An out of balance or unequal approach to life can’t help but produce the same result….
These days as humanity is ascending to a higher life purpose we must also consider that our thoughts serve one and all for if they don’t our creation will not be of ultimate service to anyone including the self because we are each and all a soul connected part of one and all….


drop thoughts to the heart

Always Balance Mind Thoughts with Heart Knowing. Hearts Know - Minds Think They Know!

~Positive Heart Mind Thoughts that Serve One and All are the One Sure Road to Serve the Good and God of All.
~When we serve God all is Good, for God created each of us in His image which is  intrinsically Good.
~Man – I believe – can no longer be a successful lone Island in God’s One Sea of LOVE.
~In God’s Sea of Love for calmness to prevail we must Live the One Vibrational EnerGy that Love is!

be positive

Positive Thoughts that Serve the Good of All, Serve the God of All.


Together as One when we focus on Living the One Vibration of Love
Life will appear More Miraculous that we can ever Dream heaven Above!

Kerry Guy©

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