*Please note I have written the following because I care…

second language

Kids cannot be expected to successfully study in a language that they cannot effectively read or fully comprehend.

It’s no surprise to some of my Egyptian friends that I love helping children with their English.
I must point out here after holding in my frustration for quite some time in the hope of making all Egyptian parents who educate their children in English speaking schools that is it ESSENTIAL for your children to read and comprehend English well if they are to achieve their best in their studies.

Repeatedly parents ask me to help children with their English reading and comprehension when after only one or two reading and conversation sessions I become the homework doer for these children who then don’t do as well as well as they could in their quizzes , tests and exams simply because they can’t read an understand the questions correctly.

A high homework mark is part of an exam result but only a small part and in actual fact is worth nothing if a child didn’t do it alone.
I love helping kids but this attitude of many parents I connect with is definitely not allowing me to do that, and at the same time it is holding their children back from being the best student they can. Kids who can’t read and comprehend English well struggle so much that they give up and get labelled as lazy of inattentive students.
Parents Please Remember…
To study in any language a person irrespective of child or adult, must first study and understand the language or they will never fully understand the lesson!

Yes my Arabic is only noos wa noos as we say here, but it is good enough for me to survive in Egypt but if my career and future depended upon my Arabic it is most definitely not good enough for my survival! Please make sure your children’s English is good enough for their survival and if you speak English yourselves please at some stage of each day speak to your children in English. Also I urge those parent who don’t speak English but expect their children to understand and study in English to get at least a basic understanding of the language as well.

Thank You
Kerry Guy

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