Mother Earth Deserves Our Apology


Apology to Mother Earth

Mother Earth I feel the need to openly apologize to you
For all the thoughtless acts and cruel suffering humanity puts you through
You are graciously abundant and do your best to supply humanity’s every need
But your abundance is diminishing because of power hungry materialistic greed
I could list all the atrocities that for the sake of money and power you daily endure
But listing these shameful acts will not invoke acts of compassion leading to a cure
Instead it would insight added anger aggression and hate
Which of course would increase your present suffering state
Mother Earth I here and now sincerely apologize to you
For all we as ONE have unthinkingly put you through
You are our ONE Home and you always give us your best
You are the ONE shelter where we All commune and rest
You feed and clothes us with your incredible natural resources
You nourish us with with fantastic enlivening fresh water courses
Oh Mother Earth your are our amazing irreplaceable home and treasure
I’m so sorry Mother Earth that for so long we have overlooked your true measure
Kerrie Guy ©


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