Good Intentions Meet Suspicion – or Candidates or Spies?

How often do good your intentions meet suspicion?

Never – Ocassionally – Always!

Good Intentions

Q: Why are good intentions greeted this way?

A: I suspect people only see others as they know themselves!

Q: How does it make us feel when we are suspected of housing ulterior motifs?

A: I can only speak for myself but suspect others feel the same.
Initially I feel offended but then I am grateful for the revelation.
Revelations such as this are escape avenues from a potentially
unpleasant challenging situations and possible unpleasant

Good intention quote

This subject is fresh in my mind as my well-meaning friend and I offered out services to a new local kindergarten in Cairo only to be treated with utmost suspicion after sending introductory emails to the kindergarten in question. Normally I would simply dust off behavior such as we received from this establishment – which for obvious reasons will remain nameless, but because kindergartens guide and shape our young children’s minds I felt compelled to speak out about this incident.

I personally have worked as a teacher, teacher supervisor and principal in both kindergartens and primary schools. I love working with kids because as well as continually inspiring me they also keep the kid in me alive. I love adding new flavors to teaching and inspiring kids about life while  building their self-confidence. My friend once worked for me and she is one of the most gifted talented effective loved teachers I know. We both interact  with children from the heart and sent emails from our hearts to this new kindergarten.

However until an employer meets a possible employee I know that he or she cannot possibly assume to know how competent or incompetent a prospective employee is. I did many interviews myself throughout my career and so can vouch for this. Of course no-one could know our value until they met us so I had no problem with normal suspicions about our abilities until were met.Seeds of the future

Both my friend and I were only looking for casual work simply to help the kids as we both realize how important the kindergarten stage of education is. All we wanted to do was help as we both see older kids struggling with their school lessons  due to a weak foundation in English and life understandings. The seeds a good teacher plants in small children grow and remain with them throughout their lives – we all know this from personal experience.

Suspicion grew toward us because we wanted to know the address of the kindergarten before committing ourselves to any work connection with the establishment. The address to this very day remains a secret ???!!!???

My initial introductory email which was sent over a month ago had received no reply and so I simply dismissed the entire issue even though a non-response showed bad business etiquette! However my friend who also had not received a response to her email and is as equally as passionate about helping young children as I am, and a little more stubborn than I decided  to send  a second email on behalf of both of us asking once again for the address of the kindergarten.

This time she received a response offering a phone number contact plus requesting a CV from me before a meeting could be arranged, however unbeknown to the sender he had also included an email that had passed between himself and a fellow administrator which revealed the true nature of both administrators.

Here is that internal email which found its way to us ……

What do you think? Spies or possible candidates?

Kerry did contact us however it never made sense to reply. (I am Kerry)
trust is a must
My friend and I were flabbergasted – SPIES?????? Of course neither of us wish to work at this establishment as we both feel so very strongly that suspicious attitudes such as this are not at all suitable role models for children, and neither are they worthy of building a solid foundation for a credible business.

Children trust and love people so openly. Children don’t become suspicious in life until they are let down and learn to mistrust others exactly as the administrators of this kindergarten do. I’m sure these administrators were once trusting as children who were let down and this is very sad.

One day I pray that this cylic form of suspicion ends and that good intentions are more readily recognized but as my answer states to the first question of this piece; ‘I suspect people only see others as they know themselves!’ This means that to be the moral and ethical role models we hope to be for our children that we adults have got a lot more personal work to do!
I have always believed that the truth always reveals itself and the mistakenly sent email to my friend most certainly showed this to be correct.
Oh, and by the way the sender of the ‘spy suspecting email who felt it made no sense to reply to my email’ did receive a responding email that should awaken him to the cost of his carelessnees and unfounded suspicions.Parents always please take care who you leave you kids with. Caring for kids means a heck of a lot more than just feeding them and making sure they bet the the bathroom as often as necessary. Every Kid Care Person is a role model and as I said the seed planted in young children remain with them a life time.
kindergarten kids

Kerry Guy

5 responses to “Good Intentions Meet Suspicion – or Candidates or Spies?

  1. oh kerry yes, such a shame, this will change, people are conditioned and this is a perfect example of this, Lets just Be the example we wish our world to be like and leave the rest, for when the intent is good the LIFE is too, people have to learn to trust and believe again, what an example of this you both are. BLESSINGS

    • Yes Bev I believe it will change too but I felt I had to speak out this time in the hope of making parents more aware of the environments in which we place our children and of course that environments such as this stem from conditioned behaviour… Its time to be conditioned in a new way 🙂

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