TRUST- Why is it so difficult?

TRUST- Why is it so difficult for so many?

When I trust that which I cant see suddenly I will trust all of me.

Trust in God it seems for many is far easier than trust in man – I have to consider why, when we are all God creations?

Any child is immediately accepted as having the traits of his or her parents so why aren’t humans accepted by each other as all housing the traits of God – the One Father of All?

the faith  of a child

Children trust until they are taught not to!

God we cannot see, yet in God most humans say they have complete trust – and that I must trust .

Is this because we humans allow ourselves to see God only as perfection?

If we are created in God’s image then we too must house the same perfection?

And can’t perfection only be fully experienced by first meeting imperfection?

All light houses shadow – this is a constant element of life as shown my night and day.

Everything has an infinite dual flow to perfectly express its fullness.

The cycle of life is perfect but we must note that it goes downward before it goes upward.

the night and day of being

We Trust the Dark and Light aspects of Day to house each day’s Perfection …. Why then cant we Trust that Dark and Light aspects in each of us are also a perfection reflection?

We all repeatedly claw our way out of hellish –downward situations in life before we head on upward toward heavenly joyous situations and this flow or cycle is constant as long as we live.

The fact cannot be denied that we are All Children of The ONE Creator who is the EnerGy of All that is – The EnerGy that is so fast that is cannot take solid form even for a moment!

We are each simply slowed down sparks of that energy, like sparks that fly off of metal as it is being ground into its smoothness.

God doesn’t need to be ground into smoothness or perfection but humans need to distance themselves from God’s perfection in birth – or as sparks of God,  in order to see they are a part of God perfection.

I think perhaps that for humans to fully trust each other they must begin looking to the Unseen aspects of each other for they are the Pure Essence of God.

Maybe, just maybe mistrust has grown to such a great level on earth because of a human minded fear of not conforming to human expectations rather than living Soul Inspired Knowing  of God being.

Just thoughts that floated into my being and sat peacefully with me as I woke this morning.

Maybe they work for you and maybe they don’t but I feel we are all given thoughts of this type at times and that we should share them for thoughts such as these come from the Unseen aspect of the self – or in other words God for us to ponder in our hearts.

I endlessly embrace every life possibility the EnerGy of The Unseen presents to me for it keeps my zest for learning, living and loving life alive.


Kerry Guy

in love I trust

I cannot see love, but I trust love and I can be love.


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