TRUST- Why is it so difficult?

TRUST- Why is it so difficult for so many?

When I trust that which I cant see suddenly I will trust all of me.

Trust in God it seems for many is far easier than trust in man – I have to consider why, when we are all God creations?

Any child is immediately accepted as having the traits of his or her parents so why aren’t humans accepted by each other as all housing the traits of God – the One Father of All?

the faith  of a child

Children trust until they are taught not to!

God we cannot see, yet in God most humans say they have complete trust – and that I must trust .

Is this because we humans allow ourselves to see God only as perfection?

If we are created in God’s image then we too must house the same perfection?

And can’t perfection only be fully experienced by first meeting imperfection?

All light houses shadow – this is a constant element of life as shown my night and day.

Everything has an infinite dual flow to perfectly express its fullness.

The cycle of life is perfect but we must note that it goes downward before it goes upward.

the night and day of being

We Trust the Dark and Light aspects of Day to house each day’s Perfection …. Why then cant we Trust that Dark and Light aspects in each of us are also a perfection reflection?

We all repeatedly claw our way out of hellish –downward situations in life before we head on upward toward heavenly joyous situations and this flow or cycle is constant as long as we live.

The fact cannot be denied that we are All Children of The ONE Creator who is the EnerGy of All that is – The EnerGy that is so fast that is cannot take solid form even for a moment!

We are each simply slowed down sparks of that energy, like sparks that fly off of metal as it is being ground into its smoothness.

God doesn’t need to be ground into smoothness or perfection but humans need to distance themselves from God’s perfection in birth – or as sparks of God,  in order to see they are a part of God perfection.

I think perhaps that for humans to fully trust each other they must begin looking to the Unseen aspects of each other for they are the Pure Essence of God.

Maybe, just maybe mistrust has grown to such a great level on earth because of a human minded fear of not conforming to human expectations rather than living Soul Inspired Knowing  of God being.

Just thoughts that floated into my being and sat peacefully with me as I woke this morning.

Maybe they work for you and maybe they don’t but I feel we are all given thoughts of this type at times and that we should share them for thoughts such as these come from the Unseen aspect of the self – or in other words God for us to ponder in our hearts.

I endlessly embrace every life possibility the EnerGy of The Unseen presents to me for it keeps my zest for learning, living and loving life alive.


Kerry Guy

in love I trust

I cannot see love, but I trust love and I can be love.

Life Building Blocks

What are life building blocks?

Life building blocks are beliefs. Everyone has there own beliefs. Not everyone lives their own beliefs!
How can this be?
This has been happening since time began when Eve believed it would be OK to take a bite of the forbidden fruit.Adam however did not believe it would be OK but took a bite anyway! And since that time someone has always been influencing another thoughts trying to align their beliefs with their own as a means to confirm their beliefs are right!

But who is to say what is right or wrong when one thought leads to another.Maybe Adam and Eve were meant to journey out of the Garden of Eden to explore the infinite possibilities of life?

We are all born with natural instincts which remain an integral part of our being throughout our lives.Our natural instincts work perfectly well to Life Buidling Blockssuccessfully guide us throughout our lives but beliefs of every kind are offered to us from the moment of birth which confuse us leading us to doubt the credibility of our natural instincts.

We hear our parents and grandparents beliefs, our educating teachers beliefs, our political leaders beliefs, our religious leaders beliefs and so on and so on. The media exposes us to its interpretation of the  beliefs of every culture arond the Globe. Internet access delivers a doorway which invites us to explore the beliefs countless races, religions, cultures, traditions, personal identities and more.

We can explore varying belief patterns everyday of our lives. But to shape and build our  lives successfully we need to discover what beliefs best suit our individual lives. How do we know what belief best suits our personal life? How do we choose beliefs that create a solid foundation for our lives?

My personal belief is that we need to build a flexible foundation, which means that we always be open minded to either extending or retracting old beliefs while continually being open to accepting new beliefs as life is ever changing. Life is a constant process of change. First we are not here – then we are here, and then we never know how long we will be here or exactly when we will not be here once again! Life has endless variables so how do we begin to choose our beliefs? How do we discern whether or not others beliefs do or don’t best suit us  to structure our lives in this ever changing experience of life? Dare we choose beliefs of our own? Do we have that right not to conform to existing traditional beliefs?

The wondre of an open mind

The more I open my mind to Life's Wonder -The less in life I stumble and blunder!

The greatest gift that was given to us all at birth was free will. The Creator made us all different to be different, not to be the same. People offer us their beliefs based on their life experiences and we should listen with open minds to their beliefs; after all they like us have free will!

Once we have heard their beliefs and have them settled in our minds we should drop them into our hearts, for our hearts filter all they hear and see through the soul and our soul is our direct link to the Creator. If an offered belief then settles us in peace we can assuredly trust that it will fit well into our floating or flexible Life Belief Foundation. This however that does not mean that it nor all of our own present beliefs will remain as a part of our belief foundation forever. Life as I have previously mentioned is a process of change and because of this our beliefs must accordingly change to best serve us in our life experience. Peace – inner personal peace I consider to be the best guide as to knowing what beliefs do and don’t sit well with each of us – even the slightest inkling of discomfort indicates to me to choose again.

What I have come to fully accept, based on my own life experiences is that when I filter any uncertainty of any kind in my life in my heart I will undoubtedly either arrive at personal peace or personal discontent – discontent I trust tells me; Choose Again!

Perhaps it would have been more fitting for me to have titled this piece ‘Desert Grains of Sand’ instead of ‘Life Building Blocks’ for a grains of sand which are God made, naturally shifts and flow with the changes of life, whereas blocks which are man-made have a sense of permanence and solidarity about them – they are not easily moved – they do not reshape as required to support new growth into better life serving ways -they do release old weary non-serving belief patterns -they are like a dog that won’t let go of a bone! One such belief is the one that war or violence will bring peace! This can never be and it is time that building brick was smashed into smithereens.

In closing I must add on the subject of the belief of the worth of violence and war that if a person holds this belief in publicly warring times that they hold it in every avenue of their life not just in times of political protest etc. It is simply that at these times they feel absolutely no shame at having a belief in violence and in fact feel quite proud that they do; some people in these times are briefly seen as heroes. But this is just a fleeting glimpse of heroism for he or she will soon be forgotten. The people who are real heroes in life are not the ‘Hitlers’ or ‘Gaddafis’ or ‘Bin Laddins’ of this world, The real heroes are the ‘Martin Luther King Jrs’ , the ‘Malcolm Xs’ the ‘Mother Thersas’ the ‘Anne Franks’s’ and the ‘Gandhi’s’ of this world! These heroes had beliefs that bloomed into Humanity Serving Attitudes and serving life and each other is what life is all about – This is what I truly believe! This is one of my most unshakeable buidling block of life! Yes we need some solid buidling blocks to shape our life foundation but we also need grains of sand.

Life is ever changing but life always is, which means that life is constant so therefore we need some solid immovable foundational building bricks together with some movable grain of sand foundational beliefs as a means to bring our life experience into perfect balance! We also need to respect all others and their right to their beliefs when they too are centered in peace with their beliefs and live their lives harmoniously and peacefully with everyone.

beliefs shape attitude

Life Beliefs Bloom into Life Attitudes

Life is presently in a huge, clearly obvious process of change. The beliefs or attitudes we each and all live with as this unstoppable increased level of change proceeds will determine how smooth or bumpy this ride of change will be for us each individually and collectively. My belief is that PEACE based attitudes which are fuelled by LOVE – which is the highest power on earth – are the most serving ones to hold at this time. Its a proven fact that Anger weakens us while Love strengthens us.

attitude cahnges everything

Our Attitude Shapes Our Life