A World at War

Childs Vision

A Childhood Nightmare

As a small child I recall being terrified of the possibility of a 3rd Word War breaking out. I had a regular nightmare of air raids with wounded enemy soldiers knocking at the door of our home for refuge equally as afraid as I was. Air raids I judged were the scariest form of war for they came unexpectedly and there seemed to be nowhere to hide from them – and for the fighter pilots too as death seemed more predictable if a plane was hit than if a foot soldier shot or a boat sunk. Yet in all my fear-filled childhood nightmares no-one ever attacked or injured me.

Childhood fears

Fear is a double edged sword

Then on top of my nightmares I was confronted with Newspaper headline that stated the 3rd world War was imminent because of problems in Cuba. As a small child this terrified me. I discovered this newspaper headline at school  – my parents never shared any disturbing news with  me which back then allowed me to envisage horrific possibilities – I was sure I was going to die a very brutal painful death and very soon.  I was convinced that there was no way I would ever get to enjoy even my teenage years before I died!

‘Yeah!’ to media sensationalism and how is can scar children – a touch of sarcasm there! And also a little ‘Yeah!’ for parents trying to shield children from the reality of life, because trust me, what a child can imagine is generally far worse and more scary than the truth!

A Seed of Fear

News reports increase fear

As I look back at those childhood memories I realize that fear was the only thing that ever hurt me or caused me any anguish or despair, and quite honestly that same truth, many ears on still applies today.  I learned very early in my life only to believe half of what I read in newspapers and I also learned that I never had to see a nightmare through to the end – that I could somehow wake myself up  and rid myself of fear knowing that I was safe and alive and ready to start a new day!

We all experience nightmares and we always will but nightmares aren’t designed to cause us fear: nightmares are designed to teach us to wake up and realize the futility of fear! Fear is the source of every war-like or terrorist act. So unless we choose to ‘wake –up’ in our day to day living in the very same way we so easily can from a sleep induced nightmare we will constantly  live in some larger than balanced degree of fear.  Consequently the more we live in fear the more we discover in life to fear and so our day to day lives can’t help but become an ever increasing hellish nightmare!

The Power of Peace

Peace Can Be – It’s Up to You & Me

As I look at the world around I seriously consider that we are now in fact living the long predicted 3rd World War that I feared so greatly as a child. Our 3rd World War is setting a war precedence in that it is not country against country war; it is much worse! The war many are presently living is one between local governing authorities and their people and another where people are fighting each other within their countries.

These types of war born of greed and a need to be right I consider to be the most hellish destructive unnecessary wars of all time. Those who choose not to wake-up from this self-created human nightmare can’t help but be destroyed in this warring atmosphere. However those who choose to wake-up will move to more peaceful unified higher ground where life will begin anew.  Planet earth will always survive but it’s up to each of us one by one to choose to survive with her or not!

Peace is My Prayer
Kerry Guy©

A Better World is at Hand

Utopia Awaits